If Prayers Were Ever Answered…

I wrote this poem on October 12, 2014 and what has changed? Almost a year later and people are still fleeing war torn lands and can you guess why? It is because of US. Yes, that’s right! It is because of the ole red white and filthy ass blue. The US created ISIS and the fighting that is going down in Syria is a direct result of what the U.S. initiated and instigated and as usual, the innocent die as a result of our CIA shit stirring.

How many Syrian refugees has the U.S. taken in? Do I even need a calculator? I didn’t fucking think so!



To the people of Syria and Iraq,
there is much I want to say.
Though I am a lone wolf,
on your people, I don’t prey.

A haunting melody is haunted
by the innocent of your dead.
Their cries and pleas for mercy
go unheard through a sea of red.

You are not the chosen few,
and therefore, peace will never reign,
as you are again torn by war,
and those who kill you are insane.

The bodies of your dead,
are covered in a shroud.
And those who act like gods,
do worse than is allowed.

As refugees, you are not welcome,
though you’ve done no wrong at all.
You trudge through desert sands,
bereft of hope and so you fall.

Staring up at the merciless sun,
you wonder if you’ll rise again.
Too tired to whimper or to cry,
you close your eyes and say, “Amen!”

But your…

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2 thoughts on “If Prayers Were Ever Answered…

    • Well, I’ve got to hand it to you guys in NZ, you don’t lollygag and drag ass and shrug your shoulders and turn away, you get busy with at least attempting to light a fire underneath that conservative shit of a government. Over here, we just go shopping and buy another bottle of bourbon and down some more valium. We like ignorance because if we can claim ignorance, we can’t be blamed for being ignorant to the shit that our fucked up government starts up in foreign lands that results in hundreds of thousands of refugees needing some place to go. ‘Lady Liberty’ is just a tourist attraction, the poem at her base don’t mean shit!

      People had better not come here all fucking ‘tired and poor’, attempting to huddle near some door that shall forever remain closed and locked to them. Yeah, we’re some real shits, we are! And the sad part is that you can’t even shame this shit over here!

      But good on you guys in NZ! Show US how it’s done!

      Thank you Dr. Bramhall, for your comment!


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