“We Are The World!”

body of young boy washed up on beach

His cold little body was washed up on a beach.
Where was the sanctuary he was trying to reach?

He was only three years old; he was a victim of endless war.
If we don’t protect our children, what are we here for?

So, he was not a German and could not shelter there.
He had no Russian passport and so Russia did not care.

Could he shelter in the arms of Lady Liberty?
She preferred that he should drown from sea to shining sea.

The plight of this dead child will not be a wake-up call.
No country wanted him and he could not breach its wall.

The world has been shamed but that won’t last long.
We’re all just hypocrites singing a “We Are The World!” song!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Listen to the lyrics of this song, especially these: “We are the world, WE ARE THE CHILDREN, WE ARE THE ONES WHO MAKE A BRIGHTER DAY(for them, like we did for this little boy???)!” So, yeah, listen and tell me that this is true and I will call you, a LIAR! This song was written back in 1985 and yet it is the year 2015 and WE ARE NOT THE CHILDREN, WE ARE NOT MAKING A BRIGHTER DAY FOR THEM! Tell that to the little boy whose body washed up on a beach because he was a refugee! Tell him that WE ARE THE CHILDREN!

26 thoughts on ““We Are The World!”

    1. Rosaliene, thank you for your comment. We HAVE lost our moral compass. I am so sick and damn tired of borders, borders, borders. Whatever happened to this planet belongs to us all? Why, oh why must we all have papers in order to make another country, our own? With a world in turmoil, the innocent are paying the price and now, everybody and his cousin wants to make donations and is calling out for assistance for refugees AFTER the photo of this little boy had to become a ‘hashtag’. I am so tired of this mess from so-called ‘humans’, it ain’t even funny. But, ‘WE ARE THE WORLD!” Yeah, and I’m Yankee Doodle Dandy!

      Again, I thank you for your comment.


  1. Children are of course a post industrial and expendable commodity. Lose some, crank out more. Humanity has lost all meaning and there is nothing sacrosanct but profiteering. With an emphasis on war profiteering that clearly serves the ruling elite.


    1. Skulz, you are SO right! And what do we do about it? Not a goddamn thing! We blame the innocent for their troubles. We know who benefits from war. We know who the innocent are and we don’t care. It takes a picture of a dead child, washed up on a beach to get a reaction from us, even though we’ve been knowing that what happened to his child is the norm and we simply look the other way because we are too self-absorbed and hooked on social media and wallowing in our own little meaningless lives to even look up and bother about someone else. That is what is wrong with the world. We just don’t give a goddamn about anybody else. I’ve fucking blown a gasket, Skulz. So, I’ve got to stop here!

      I thank you for that spot on comment! Take care!

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  2. I have heard talk of this photo, but never seen it nor felt the need to look for it. Leave it to Ms. Shelby to knock you flat on your ass with the truth. Children. It means nothing being a child in this post-humanistic world. A world where most children live on less than a handful of rice a day. A world that looks at children as nothing more than burdens. A world that looks children as sex objects to be chewed up and swallowed like a fuckin’ Subway sandwich. **pun intended** A world where if you are born female you might not live to see another sunrise and if you do you’ll mostly regret all sunrises. A dead child on the beach is a sign of a world that has it’s priorites in the wrong places. But all these things are well known and I preach to the choir.

    BUT!!!!! I just read a story where that war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu is building a wall to keep refugees out of Israel. In essence, causing more dead children to wash up on beaches. Netanyahu needs to be strung up not only for this last stunt, but for everything else he has done.

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    1. HLJ, I don’t even know where to start! If I get to rambling, just remember that it is because I have blown a gasket, a fuse and my top!. My head is in outer space some goddamn where! But, “We Are The World!” What the fuck does that mean? Does anybody even know? As you can see, Hollyweird with so-called ‘stars’ coming together to sing about children needing donations and help doesn’t do a goddamn thing to get us to realize that we are failing children all over the world. If they’re not OUR children, then we just don’t give a damn. That is quite obvious. Just look at the picture. Here in America, we’ve got children that are driving fancy cars, wearing the latest designer apparel, hooked on heroin because they’re useless with nothing to do all the while children that the U.S. has turned into refugees are in sinking boats trying their best to find a home, somewhere. What the fuck???!!!!

      And I wish with all my might that I could date Netanyahu because you know what happens to any man I get within speaking distance of. The hounds of hell would be feasting on his ass this very minute!

      Thank you for that comment that spoke volumes HLJ!


    1. Nidotopianwarrior, I don’t blame you. Words should have failed me, but I had to say something about this tragedy that need not have happened…..AND…to a three-year old child. But we are SO benevolent, caring, compassionate and concerned about one another and let me stop before I gag over these lies!

      Thank you for your comment!


    1. Thank you for the reblog Dr. Rex! And it is an unacceptable failure and a goddamn shame! How can we even look our children in the eye after having looked at the picture of a dead little body of a three year old whose family was just trying to escape with him from his war torn home to a place of refuge? How can we look at them and say how much we love them and how much they mean to us when ALL of us are of this world. “We ARE The World,” quite obviously means nothing to the vast majority of the people of this world. My anguish knows no bounds. How pitiful he looks. For the love of ……!

      I’ve got to stop. The tears are falling. Again, thank you!

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      1. You are most welcome! Wish you comfort …. we have a long way to go. I don’t see any prompt solution . We are in a sorry state as a society, as the world. We see in that picture so many more like him in war torn counties, in severe poverty, in third world countries. We are we headed? It’s a very sad state … the one we are in! Hugs …. peace!!

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      2. Bless your beautiful heart Dr. Rex! Where we are headed, I don’t think I want to go because it can only get worse. As bad as we think things are now, I cannot see the people of this world, all of a sudden doing a complete about face and disavowing evil, ignorance, hatred, intolerance, contempt and disdain for those who are not of their family.

        I don’t suppose we will ever look at one another as an extension of our own immediate family. To us, it is always a ‘THEM’. That is not how it should be. Someone else’s child, I should treat like he/she is my own.

        Peace? I believe that is a pipe dream.

        But I thank you all the same for hoping for peace.

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      3. Dear Shelby … I totally agree with you. I feel your pain, I feel the desperation in my very bones. My heart weeps for this child & the many others! My cry for peace is a wish! I know it won’t happen. There’s too much profit in war. Too much rampart corruption. As mentioned, no moral compass. How can it change direction? What to do? That is the question … where is the answer?

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    1. Prince, his body washed up on a Turkish beach. It has been reported that he and his family were trying to reach Canada but they were rejected as immigrants. Yeah, good ole ‘neutral Canada.

      Three-year-old Aylan Kurdi and his Syrian-Kurdish family were attempting to cross to the Greek island of Kos in an overcrowded dinghy but he and at least 11 others drowned.
      The family reportedly fled Kobane, a Syrian town that has seen fierce fighting between Kurds and ISIS, for the last year.

      He died, along with his five-year-old brother Galip and their mother Rehan, in a desperate attempt to reach Canada.

      Every time I look at the picture, the tears just flow.

      Thank you for your comments Prince!

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    1. Isn’t it though? The innocent always pay the price for the fucked up shenanigans of adults who cause devastation and disaster and destruction and the beat goes on.

      Thank you for your comment TheOriginalBlackWoman13!


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