Black Medusa!

medusa 2

She will bewitch you, if you stare.
Behold her beauty, if you dare.
She’s a sultry, Grecian mystery
 straight out of Greek mythology.

Her hair of entwined snakes
 ensnares all the men she dates.
She watches you intently
 from eyes that are unfriendly.

Come closer, she won’t bite.
Never look at her in fright.
They call her Black Medusa
claims she hails from Tuscaloosa.

Though she came from across the sea,
she’s a morbid curiosity.
Do not let her near your heart,
 and don’t stay with her after dark.

She’ll spin slowly in the wind
and her serpents, she’ll defend.
You’ll become her sacrifice
 as the cobra’s strike’s precise.

Turned to stone by Black Medusa
who they say is from Tuscaloosa.
But we all know that not’s true.
She’s just a myth that grew and grew.

But is she?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

I dedicate this one to HungLikeJesus or as I like to call him, “HLJ!” It was born from another poem of mine titled, “To All The Men I’ve Never Loved!”

HLJ called me a “slow motion Medusa” and so this one is for you! HLJ, you said that I could send you my love as long as I stay far, far away from you. So, I’m sending this poem to you, with my love! You were my inspiration!

22 thoughts on “Black Medusa!

    1. Well, not to toot my own horn, but I AM intriguing, beguiling, irresistible, sensual, desirable, captivating, interesting, exotic, passionate, seductive, sultry, exquisite, charming, adorable, engaging, ravishing, stunning, glamorous, alluring, comely and extremely humble. So, see? There is nothing whatsoever special about me. LMAO!!!

      LOL! Thank you for your comment nidotopianwarrior. I am SO bad!


  1. Great post Shelby! I’m sure HLJ will appreciate it. A little back story on Medusa.
    Medusa, was the Afrikan serpent-goddess said to have worn a pouch around her waist containing live snakes that represented wisdom and renewal. She was said to have carried the original Gorgon mask to frighten off the unskilled, and it was painted red to symbolize the power of menstrual blood with “gruesome glaring eyes, bared fanged teeth and, like the Hindu Goddess Kali, a protruding tongue” Goddess Inspired. Her name derived from Egyptian Maat (Truth) “which also gives us the words medicine, mathematics, and Sanskrit medha (female wisdom)”. “The Gorgons were a trinity whose names were Medusa, Stheino, and Eurayle- or Wisdom, Strength, and Universality”. Blacked Out through White Wash

    Afrikan cultures were unfamiliar to the people known as Europeans, and many of the Greek mythological creatures originate from Afrikan civilizations. The snake hair assessment, assuming these people(Greeks) did not know the name of the hairstyle, referred to it as snake hair later creating classic myths depicting a goddess that actually represented truth and was not a villain, into a monster, taught in schools as Greek mythology.
    The original, real life Medusa, supposedly had dreads and the origin of dreads through ancient discoveries existed before the fictional Medusa character was recreated. She was the snake Goddess which is how Europeans formed their version of a monster with hair of snakes, with a face that would turn any man to stone because of fear, which developed from the Gorgon mask she carried with her.

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    1. Prince, you know how ignorant I is and I am always needing up and down on some edumacacion. It’s that inner city school-to-prison pipeline thing. I managed to stay outta prison but my edumacacion just ain’t what it should be. Now you done gone and taught me quite a bit. I like this here Medusa, you’re talking about. I’d proudly walk more than a mile in her shoes, her being from Afrika and all. Why, I’d consider it to be an honor.

      If’n you had clued me in before I wrote this, I would have written it up a bit differently. Not that there ain’t still time. I’d like to do Medusa, proud, if you know what I mean since knowing more about her. I really do thank you for taking the time to post about Medusa. I do love to write about the glories and wonders of the African continent and about her culture and people. Look for more from me along those lines, but with historical truth.

      Again, I thank you as I am always open to learning and you are a veritable fountain of knowledge on all subjects.

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      1. Thanks Shelby. I’m glad you liked the information. I’ve been thinking about doing a post on Medusa. You can always do a revised version of this post. I know many of us were miseducated by Public Fool System. But I had to learn new things once I got out of school. The schools are teaching kids tons of lies. Luckily there are black and African authors out there to reteach us. We just have to WANT to learn the truth about our culture and heritage. And not just accept their version of His-story.

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    1. OH YES! I LOVE that one!! WOW! I should just take mine down and put that one up! You just come on up in here and outdo me by leaps and bounds! LOL!

      And going back to your previous comment, the ‘dreadlock’ thing with the snakes does make sense.

      Caucasians are something else. I’ll never forget. When I was in junior high school, my history teacher, a Caucasian, told me to stand up and turn around and he told the class, “This is what an Egyptian looks like.” I went home and told my mother and to this day, I don’t think the roof has settled on top of that school. I was transferred out of his class and my guidance counselor was a Negro and she called me into her office, sell-out coon head that she was, and she told me that I was wrong for cussing my history teacher out because of the incident. I told her that my mother would be having something to say to her about that. And just let me tell you, hell hath no fury. My mother did indeed, have quite a lot to say to her suck up ass!

      When I was in school, we never did read a word about slavery or anything about how the Negro came to be in Amerikkka. Our history books were so goddamn whitewashed, it was unbelievable! But of course, that was the south for you, not that anywhere else was probably any better.

      So, again, thank you for your comment and for educating me and for that WOW of a picture! I love it!

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      1. Yes it’s a lovely picture. I thought about using it I think it was wrong for your teacher to put you on display like that. However your teacher was correct,. The ancient people of Egpyt(Kemet) were African. I’m a bit surprised he would say that considering many whites like to say they were Arabs of some sort. They never want to give African people credit for the great pyramids,sciences .and great structures they created. They try to downplay all of our achievements. The reality is we had civilizations loooooooooooong before we even had contact with Europeans. This is what they don’t want black kids to know. They want our kids to see themselves as inferior to whites. Which of course is all a bunch of lies. Distorting history is what they do best. That’s why every time they do a film about Egypt…they cast white folks as the Egyptians. Utter nonsense!!!!!


      2. He should have asked my permission because I did have enough sense to know that the slaves that were dragged from Afrika were made to stand naked and be fondled and grabbed and felt-up and inspected and it reminded me of a slave auction. He never had one of those Caucasoid cocksuckers stand up and turn around say, “This is what a slave trader looked like!” He didn’t do any of that, so don’t give him too much credit. That bastard was a piece of shit. Believe me, I know. The things I could tell you. But this is a public format, so I won’t even go there. I’ll just say, he was trash.

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      3. I don’t doubt it. I’m sure he was. Of course we would never do that to any of the white kids. That would be wrong of him right?lol

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  2. OMG!!! I can’t believe you remember that comment. Thank you so much sweetie – I’m grinning from ear to ear. That I could inspire such a powerful piece is humbling indeed and all my love back you and yours.

    Again, thank you so much for keeping me in mind. Everyone wants to be thought of in some kind of way and this is cool with me.


    1. Oh HLJ, I’m blushing! I really am! You’ve got me turning red from head to toe! I’ll never forget that comment of yours. It was SO funny, it made me laugh until the tears freely flowed. If I wasn’t banned in your area, I’d be there looking you up! For real! I love me some HLJ! Yes, I do!


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