A Change Has To Come!

time for change

A change has to come.
I don’t know where from.
But the present situation is untenable
and is most definitely, unsustainable.

Too many people are living foul
while the rich are forever on the prowl
for whatever else they can steal,
and their greatest joy is to kill.

You have only to look at the endless wars
and at the refugees who face closed doors.
Take a look at our militarized police.
Do you really think that shit will cease?

Wake up and rise up!
And put down the Kool-Aid cup.
Our ass is toast and what are we going to do?
Because I am getting screwed and so are you!

What have we to look forward to? Thanksgiving?
How the hell are you even making a living?
The hiring signs I see are all for part-time.
And after you pay your rent, you don’t have a dime.

This is not how it used to be.
But it’s the new norm for you and for me.
You didn’t think that police brutality was real.
And yet every Negro knew the deal.
The videos of murder proved you wrong.
And now you know why Negroes have been protesting for so long.
We were the bad guys or so you thought.
You were not subjected to the system that we fought.

The Black Panthers were all but wiped out.
And the assassination of Malcolm X was political without a doubt.
Martin Luther King Jr., was slain as well.
And the Civil Rights Movement went to hell.
If not, why are we still marching to “No justice! No peace?”
We are not even at the table and when they sliced the pie, we didn’t get a piece.
But you tell yourself that rioting and looting is not the solution.
So what should we do? Recite the words of the Constitution?

One way or another, this shit must end.
And my right to live, I will defend!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

20 thoughts on “A Change Has To Come!

    1. And that has been the status quo for centuries in this shithole, starting with slavery. They blame slavery on the Africans selling their own people into slavery. But what I would like to know is how could I sell ANYONE or anything unless someone was willing to buy him/her or whatever it is I am selling? I am sick to pieces of the whitewashing of history by the criminals that place the blame on every goddamn body else instead of on the monsters that have perpetrated evil upon ALL races of people ALL across this planet. And they are the SAME monsters that are still at it to this very day!

      The ‘slave patrols’ NEVER stopped their patrols, they just changed uniforms. Not a goddamn thing has changed. And now, the ‘new’ solution to stop police brutality is to require them to use body cameras. Eric Garner’s execution was videotaped and can be found all over Youtube, but did that stop his execution? Hell no! And some of those pigs in blue are already outfitted with body cameras and many times, they are not even turned on. So how is that going to solve the problem? It’s not and it’s not meant to.

      I thank you for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hahahahaha but honestly I think the whole family was in on it, so I don’t buy their crushed peanut paste on white bread masquerade about them being outraged and victimized


  1. Excellent poem Shelby and sadly so true ……. Tubularsock’s only hope is that some will continue to keep their eyes on the prize! But hell it’s fucking 2015 “… sup up with that?”


    1. Wassup with it is that ain’t a goddamn thing changed for centuries. That’s wassup! And it ain’t going to as long as it is clearly understood by one and all that we are going to remain ‘controlled’ and that anybody that steps foot out of line is going to get his/her ass dealt with most finally! And if by chance, the shit that went down was taped, why, they’ll just PAY the family off, and in some cases, put a gag order into play and all’s well that ends well. Meanwhile, the innocent dead must writhe in eternal unrest thanks to “No justice. No peace! Hear! Hear!”

      Thank you for your comment Tubularsock!


  2. Great poem. But, it’s frightening how this applies to basically every country in the world. Just replace the two last stances with an item from the aw-so long list of messed up things in this world.


    1. You are right in stating that this could apply to the whole world because the same shit is going down and the world’s people just blindly accept the shit, crawl into leaky boats and promptly drown trying to escape from the shit stirring caused by the warmongers that are laughing at their plight, my plight, yours and everybody else’s. They get their fucking jollies off on that shit. While I am somewhere shedding crocodile tears for the fucked up and for the ‘brutalized before they were murdered’, the shit continues. While I pen poem after poem going on and on over the same damn thing, TPTB sit back and gleefully watch as we sit here with hands seemingly tied and we continue to futilely whisper in feeble protest when ‘We The People’ outnumber them. But, that’s how it is and that is how it shall be.

      I thank you for your comment The Platonic Scientist!


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