What About Planned Fatherhood?

planned fatherhood

I am going to be a mother
but I am just too young.
The father of my child
just stung me with his tongue.

He told me it was my fault.
Protection was for me to use.
How can I tell my family?
Their love for me, I’ll lose.

Oh where can I turn?
What help is there for me?
I heard about Planned Parenthood,
but will they help me out for free?

What services do they offer?
Should I seek advice from them?
Will they blame me for this shame?
Am I the guilty or the victim?

Answers, I need now
before it is too late.
The man can walk away
and leave me in this state.

Where’s the judgment on his ass?
What about Planned Fatherhood?
It takes two to make a baby!
That should be clearly understood!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

I am getting real tired of this double standard bullshit! It would seem that Planned Parenthood is all about the ‘female’ role in the making of a baby because the female is the one whose life is going to be turned upside down no matter what she decides to do with the baby. If she decides to have the baby and she is either underage or single, she is going to have to figure out what to do and society will look at her as the slut who couldn’t keep her legs closed while the man who had a hand in this, as usual, gets to strut away like a peacock, on to the next.

If she decides to get an abortion, this is frowned upon because “Oh my goodness! I am just so self-righteous and the good book(Bible)that is burning up in my sinful hands due to all MY sins, tells me that I should stone this fallen woman, this slutty, whore who is no better than she should be! My stars! Back in my day, sluts weren’t running loose, opening their legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry that wished to crawl between them. We wore chastity belts until marriage! What is this sinful world coming to?”

Yep, that about covers the ‘christians’ view of an unwed mother-to-be. Nothing whatsoever is said about the ‘father’ who most definitely had a hand in the reason why the female is pregnant. No one is planning to defund ‘Planned Fatherhood’ because in reality, ‘Planned Parenthood’ is all about the ‘female’ in the equation and don’t we ALL know it. Planned PARENTHOOD, my ass! Planned MOTHERHOOD is what it’s ALL about!

Oh, there are probably some pamphlets about the ‘male’s role in conception’ in the offices of Planned Parenthood, sitting somewhere collecting dust on a shelf in the basement, but the primary focus is on care for the female if she decides to carry the child to full-term or with help in aborting the ‘fetus’.

And now, we have many a republican blow-hard threatening government shut-downs over defunding Planned Parenthood, but would the same hell-raising antics be displayed if this was all over an agency called, ‘Planned Fatherhood’ where the male’s reproductive role is the primary focus? Of course not! Those hypocritical conservative bastards would sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up! But women’s rights and agencies that help women with regards to reproduction is always up for grabs and great for capturing headlines and getting the so-called ‘christian right’ all up-in-arms.

Here is an idea republican blow-hards, if you want to stop getting all hypocritically bent-out-of-shape over Planned Parenthood, fetal parts selling, abortions and whatnot, then announce the launch of an historically new concept; that of Planned Fatherhood, placing the emphasis on male contraceptives, male sterilization and male education on birth control and the consequences of going without it. Let’s see how many men line up and head through the doors to take responsibility for their role in the creation of life. Because in here, men don’t get a goddamn free pass, not a bit of it!


Not one man is featured on this site. As usual, contraception or birth control is ALWAYS aimed at the female. Women have come SO far in the year of no lord 2015!

And now that we are all distracted from the REAL issues of child poverty, a school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration, a fucked up infrastructure, failed leadership, partisan politics, drone wars, refugee crises caused by U.S., police brutality, Mid East policy fuck-ups, a homeless epidemic, income inequality, low-wage part-time jobs, a shrinking jobs base and a host of other serious issues, we can continue to rail over the funding of Planned Parenthood and over whether or not Kim Davis is right or wrong in her attempts to deny marriage licenses to gays. Meanwhile, Rome burns.

21 thoughts on “What About Planned Fatherhood?

  1. A woman’s uterus is considered to be occupied territory and under sole ownership of the Republikan Evangelikal Taliklan. That’s three ‘k’s and by design of course. Today’s Homeland Security Directive – be on the lookout for homemade digital clocks and women that won’t spread their legs. That is all. signed ominously, Herr Tomás de Torquemada


    1. Well Skulz, I am going to call those hypocritical bastards out every chance I get. This is all a bunch of hot air that these bastards are blowing out to distract from the fact of debt ceilings being reached, yet again! It is a distraction from what is really going down and as usual, the stupid, zombie, brain dead Amerikkkans jump on board. The script never has to change because it never gets old. Every single goddamn time that shit in congress gets ready to fuck with the budget and the fact that there is no budget because it’s ALL just smoke and mirrors, they pull from underneath their expensive hats, yet another excuse to focus, not on the shit that THEY have fucked up, but on some seemingly huge ass problem that’s really NOT a problem, but will distract the Amerikkkan populace AGAIN from what we fucking need to focus on!

      Why the fuck do I even bother?

      I thank you for your comment! It is right as rain!


      1. You know Skulz, I view it all as a comedy. I don’t even think of this fiasco as a tragedy because the majority of Amerikans beg for exactly what they are getting.

        When ignorance is bliss and hunger is a kiss and homelessness is a wish, then what the hell is there to miss? Not a goddamn thing! We’re ALL doing fine!

        Skulz, I thank you again for your comment.


  2. Wow, you couldn’t be more right on with this piece. Those sons of bitches love to toss their hypocritical bull around all the while they are sleeping with their interns. They love to say that the “War on Women” is made up, but time and again their attacks on Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights in general prove them wrong. And yes, there should be Planned Fatherhood, but more than likely it would be a ghost town. Great post Shelby.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. As serious as I am about this Dom, your comment elicited laughter from me because I was in stitches over ‘there should be Planned Fatherhood, but more than likely it would be a ghost town’. It really isn’t funny, but for some strange reason, I had to laugh because I could just picture it and I could see the tumble weed and the ‘Planned Fatherhood’ sign waving in the dusty breeze, hanging on by one nail and the hitching post in front of the building would have never been used.

      Yeah, and we can only open our legs under certain conditions, THEIR conditions and when they need an intern’s dress to spill cum on. But I guess that was Bill Clinton’s version of ‘Planned Fatherhood’. Spill the seed on the dress, not into what’s up underneath it and then lie about ‘having sexual relations’! But he’s reformed and sitting proudly in church and Killghazi ‘don’t ride him’ Clinton stood by her hypocritical, lying Dickhead!

      Your comment as well, was spot on! I thank you!


      1. Now you have me laughing…I’m picturing the tumbleweeds blowing down the dusty street, great visual. LOL! But seriously, you are right it really isn’t funny at all. Great spot on post as always my friend.

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    1. We are most definitely in full agreement Rosaliene. It should have been named “Planned Fatherhood.” If everything is ALL about men, then the bastards need to stand up and own up to their role in all of this, but no! Their shit don’t stink! Well, it stinks in here because I uncover it so that everyone can see it and smell it.

      Those nasty ass bastards that are holier than thou just make me want to spit, night and day since they can sit somewhere in pretend, unjustifiable, hypocritical outrage and point the finger at women simply because we show the unmistakable signs of having engaged in sex when we become pregnant while the man is free to get on with his life as though he played no part in it. If men want to act as though the world revolves around them, then they need to accept responsibility for the fact that without their SEED, no baby could be conceived. It’s a damn shame that I’ve got to give the bastards, a sex education class in here, not to mention a class on their lack of a claim on any moral high ground because they’ve got none on which to stand; the pretentious bastards. I could go on and on but I’m afraid that I am SO goddamn mad, I just might spontaneously combust!

      I do however, thank you for that most relevant comment of yours. It was right on point!


      1. Well Rosaliene, I would run for public office myself, but I’ve been involved in too many scandals and my reputation ain’t exactly ‘stellar’. Not to mention that I’ve got a bunch of real ‘skeletons’ in my closet.

        But the really sad fact is that I don’t think there is a ‘politician’ out there that isn’t on the take and is not accepting bribes and kickbacks because they are ALL owned; lock, stock and barrel by the corporations, especially by the corporations that make the weapons to keep stirring up shit all over the world.

        We don’t have a prayer or a hope of finding people that aren’t corrupt in this hellhole and who will not bow before corporations, but will actually put the wellbeing of people, first.

        It’s just wishful thinking, is my opinion, but don’t listen to me. I have become jaded and most cynical.

        Again, I thank you for your comment!


  3. Hear, hear Shelby. It’s about time someone called out these reptilians for their misogynistic attitudes towards reproduction. The Planned Parenthood website is really weird. I know for a fact that most Planned Parenthood clinics offer vasectomies, but the national website makes absolutely no mention of it. I guess misogyny has become so standard in the US that it’s no longer considered politically correct to mention vasectomy as a method of birth control.


    1. ‘Reptilians’, I LIKE that! And thank you for the high-5 on this one. That is why I posted a link to the website because I like to know what I’m talking about BEFORE I post something and since this is not the first time that I have delved into the issues of birth control and the like, I had perused the website long before writing this post. I was not amazed at all to see absolutely nothing whatsoever about vasectomies and no ‘fatherhood’ face of procreation portrayed. Every picture on the website is of a female. If there is anything mentioned about vasectomies, there must be a secret code that we need in order to be able to access information on it.

      Yeah! Why can’t those bastards that pull out that thing they’re so proud of go and get a little ‘snip’ snip’ and voila! No more babies. This goddamn double stand shit must cease! And women need to come together and put an end to this blatant and outrageous attack on our rights. I understand that we are all individuals but when men seem hell bent on mitigating their fucking part in conception, it’s time to put the bastards in check. See how they like THAT shit!

      They always want the female to take care of the birth control situation as though that shit is all on us. No it’s not! And I for one, am tired to pieces of women getting shot down every goddamn day over some shit that men play a role in. Like I stated, the bastards ain’t getting a free pass on MY watch! Never will that happen!

      And again, Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment! You guys have been right on time with the comments on this one, I must say!


  4. Shelby, And the congregation says a hearty “amen!” Great post as always!
    Do “real men” not get vasectomies? Here in the medieval US Midwest, perhaps not. Although I nearly had a stroke (trying not to howl with laughter) one night as my sister and cousin utterly embarrassed their spouses by reminding them how terrified both men had been when having their little procedures. I was pleasantly shocked to learn that a few men are in fact responsible citizens. Of course, they don’t seem the self-righteous sort anyway. There’s the thing — the damned hypocrites so adamantly opposed to abortion, or to women having any rights as far as I can see, should themselves have been some of that notorious fetal tissue they’re so indignant about … possibly they’d have done a little good in the world as such — they’re a liability to it as they are! Thanks for another beautifully-crafted rant, squarely hitting a most deserving target! – Linda


  5. Back in another lifetime I went to Planned Parenthood to get my birth control … they have pills for guys so they can get hard; and pills (etc) for women so that when HIS pill works he won’t have to worry about going to the Planned Fatherhood office. I think it’s past time we women get to take the little blue pill and the guys get to make sure that NOBODY gets pregnant, but that would require that the FJ think with the RIGHT head; like that’s EVER gonna happen!


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