Love Yourself, No Matter What!


She looked at the world through a veil of tears.
She felt she’d wasted so many years.
Her enemies hung her out to dry.
They told her, she would never fly.

With broken wings, she fell to the ground
and she never uttered a sound.
She accepted the lies they told.
She bought everything they sold.

She would stop after each false start;
afraid to follow her own heart.
She blamed the shit in her life on fate;
felt she’d waited ‘til it was too late.

Life had surely passed her by.
And she never questioned, “Why?”
But what she failed to understand
is that life can never, ever be planned.

There are pitfalls and highs and lows,
and those you think are friends are foes.
Never settle for second best.
You’ll feel cursed and you’ll feel blessed.

So love yourself, no matter what.
Hold your head up girl and strut!
Turn, “I can’t!” into “Yes, I can!”
And stop listening to the lies of man!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland


There is so much goddamn shit going on in my life right now that I had begun to doubt myself and my strength because as much as I rail against the injustices I see perpetrated against the innocent every single day, I felt impotent. I have let myself become jaded, pessimistic and my attitude became that of a defeatist. I wondered what happened to my fire; to my spirit. Had all that makes me ,me, fled? I truly felt so! Have I recovered? No, but I am working on it! I will pick myself up, dust myself off and so long as there is breath in my body, what weapons are at my disposal, I will use them to fight back. I will not surrender to defeat! Never!

26 thoughts on “Love Yourself, No Matter What!

    1. Bless your heart Skulz! The shit that’s been going down had me on my knees. That is why I had not posted for several weeks. I’m not quite back yet, but I am struggling to get there! When there are so many battles to be fought, it can seem as though I cannot duck the ‘incoming’ blows. I’m fighting my battles, other peoples battles and it has overwhelmed me. I’ve got to realize that I cannot do it all. I must take a step back, care for me and then when I am strong enough, get back into the fray!

      Thank you for giving me that little extra push! I needed it!


  1. The fire still burns from within, Shelby. There is a lot of bad stuff going on and even if you don’t see it, you are holding out a light of hope to others. I want to put more of your great poetry to music because you shake up the soul.


    1. Leslie, there is indeed, a lot of bad stuff going on and it just keeps on coming. I am neck high in bad shit and I need to get it off of me. I am learning that I need to tackle one thing at a time and not try and take it all on at once; that is what is overwhelming. I need to realize that I am not some sort of ‘super heroine’. I am human and therefore, fallible. I want to thank you for your words of encouragement. They mean the world to me. And I most sincerely appreciate your comment on my poetry. It elicited a smile from me and that is quite a rare thing for me to do these days, smile, that is.

      Again, I thank you!

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      1. You are loved, Shelby. You are not alone. Think of it like a relay race. We each move the baton on to the next runner. We may not see the results of our efforts but we must trust that every bit we do is a help for the future.

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      2. That is a wonderful analogy, Leslie and I will surely take it and run with it. God bless you all! Talk about a ‘support system’, you guys are most definitely in my corner and I could not ask for more!

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    1. Dr. Rex, it is indeed! And to love me means to take care of me. I seriously need to start doing that!

      I thank you so very much for your comment and also for the reblog! It is much appreciated because maybe someone else can relate to this one.

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  2. It happens, Shelby. The feeling of impotence at the injustices all around us can get to us. As poets and writers, we have the great opportunity to spread hope when there seems to be none. As Dr. Rex, says, we have to start by loving ourselves and, I would add, with all of our flaws and failings and weaknesses. When we can achieve that, we will see the world and others through complete new lenses. Your poetry will soar with the wind, spread hope, and lift souls out of the darkness. Write on.


    1. Rosaliene, your words of encouragement brought tears to my eyes. I am quite at a loss for words because the support from all of you is just so beautiful and so meaningful. If no one ever thought so, they should know now that words on a screen can touch, deeply. Because it is not about the words, but the heartfelt meaning behind them. I thank you and I hope you have some idea of how much I thank you, all of you!

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  3. Well, Tubularsock says: …….

    love yourself
    what else to do
    and don’t spend time
    listening to the tools

    If you look out
    without an in
    you’ll get run over
    following all that spin

    So focus inward
    calm and cool
    But beat the drum
    and scare those fools!

    Welcome back, Shelby
    Tubularsock missed your heat!

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    1. Tubularsock, I missed your in-depth reporting from the war room, from the underground bunker and from everywhere else! I’ve got so much catching up to do, it is unreal! I thank you for the ‘welcome back’. It is good to be back! I sincerely appreciate your comment!


  4. Shelby,
    Glad to hear from you again. I hope you are rested. Take all the time you need to recover. Things are just starting to pick up, so we all will need to be at full strength. There will be even tougher times that are coming but don’t give up.

    Psalms 94:21,23
    21-They gather themselves together against the soul of the righteous, and condemn the innocent blood.
    23- And he shall bring upon them their own iniquity, and he shall cut them off in their own wickedness;yea, the Lord God shall cut them off


    1. Oh bless your sweet heart N.S. I must admit that I want to just give up and give in and throw in the towel yet again, but there is something that makes me want to keep fighting even though I am so goddamn tired. I cannot go out like a punk ass bitch! This shit is trying to get us to bow down, scurry away and get trampled. I’ll find the strength somehow and you guys are a great help. Thank you!


  5. Shelby, I’m late, late, late! Call me the white rabbit or something … I’ve been swamped myself, hence the way-belated comment. As Leslie says, it’s a relay race, not a sprint. Pacing ourselves, and getting the help and support of our fellow runners is a must. And we in our turn can’t get far without your mighty voice and fiery spirit! Do take care of yourself, and stay with us. As our comrade Jeff would remind us, every voice, and every caring hand is needed in the struggle. – Linda

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    1. Ah, Linda, what to say, what to say! I love you all and I have no idea why you guys seem to care about me so because as everyone can see, I am not the type of person to endear myself to anyone, People only have to read what I write here to see that I am one helluva hothead and that is the understatement of the year. I have most likely hurt some of my readers feelings with my views. I cuss up a shit storm and never apologize for it. I take no prisoners and yet you guys come back here, time and time again and support me. Do all of you need to see if Dr. Bramhall can come out of retirement and re-hang her psychiatrist’s shingle? LOL j/k, uh…I think!

      Linda, you know I love your wit, your style and it certainly comes across that you are one classy lady. So, why are you in here? LOL! j/k again! Linda, thank you SO very much for that heartfelt compliment, it means the world to me, and you as well. Take care of yourself and keep on keeping on!

      I love you guys, I truly do!


      1. Shelby, What can I say? Do you suppose Dr. B. is even now running a clandestine group therapy gig for raving masochists via these pages? Nah — that can’t be it, we, your loyal readers, are one and all very models of sanity. Well, I could be stretching things, but not so much. Hell, I say we love you, get used to it, and it’s cathartic (and also fun) to hear someone else cussing and raving now and then! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it, so there! Be well, or be wild, whatever works! – Linda

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