Trophy World!

save cecil the lion

They look upon me as though I’m game
like ‘Cecil’ in his kingdom.
They shoot me just for sport;
these men so short on wisdom.

This hunter’s paradise
is hell on earth for me.
And the white man with his gun,
to kill would pay a fee.

Can you see the correlation
between Cecil and my ass?
To the white man, we are animals;
we are in the same class.

Hunting season never closes
for the Black man in this land.
Where is the petition to save me
from death at the white man’s hand?

How can you be so blind
to the trophies in the morgue
of all the Negroes killed
by killer cops gone rogue?

We must save the lion.
 So pass the petition, please.
Send it to my mother,
her heartbreak, it will ease.

You see, her son,  was killed
by hunters shooting game.
They shot him just for sport
and never knew his name.

So, pass the petition, please!
Let’s save a lion or two.
But when it comes to me,
a petition just won’t do.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

US, EU: Save Africa’s lions!To US and EU authorities:

As concerned citizens deeply disturbed by the tragic killing of Cecil the lion, we urge you to act swiftly to stop the decline in lion populations across Africa. We call on you to ensure they are classified as an endangered species and ban the import of any hunting trophies that threaten the survival of these majestic animals.

And now, I have a petition!

US, EU: Save Negro lives in America!

As a concerned citizen deeply disturbed by the tragic killings of Negro people in America, I urge you to act swiftly to stop the decline in the Negro population across America. I call on you to ensure they are classified as an endangered species and ban the hunting and killing of Negroes by Caucasians as this threatens the survival of these majestic human beings! I would sincerely appreciate it if you would add the Negro to the endangered species list and act appropriately to put a halt to open hunting season on the Negro population.

signed, Shelby I. Courtland

Anybody else want to sign THIS particular petition? Step right up!

* crickets chirping*

I am getting real tired of this hypocritical shit! Caucasian man with money jets off to Africa, pays a hefty fee, kills ‘Cecil, the lion’ and all hell breaks loose.(Can anyone say, “White privilege?”) “Put that Caucasian motherfucker down and use his own gun to do it!” is basically the cry but when the Caucasian motherfucker hunts the Negro down in America, day in and day out, shoots him/her like they are hunted game, filling up morgues all across America with dead Negro bodies, where are the petitions calling for that shit to cease and desist? You don’t fucking think that the Negro in America is an endangered species? You don’t read the goddamn news? You don’t notice all of the YouTube videos depicting killing chokeholds, Black children getting gunned down in parks, Black women getting mysteriously murdered inside jail cells over a minor traffic infraction? You don’t see any of that, do you? But you do see innocent ‘Cecil, the lion’ don’t you? Because of course ‘Cecil, the lion’ was innocent and all of those hunted down and murdered Negro bodies were somehow deserving of their fate, weren’t they? Yeah! Protect the lions, fuck the Negro! You goddamn pretentious, hypocritical assholes make me want to puke and spit over your goddamn selective ass outrage! Fuck you and fuck your goddamn lame ass petitions!

19 thoughts on “Trophy World!

  1. Very true, petitions not backed up by action don’t accomplish much. It does raise awareness, but more importantly humanity must raise its consciousness to prevent senseless murders, discrimination and bigotry. Strong poem, point well taken!

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  2. The wolfess is here to sign your petition! I’ll admit that it bothered me more than just a little to see what that piece of dung did to Cecil, but I will NEVER get over what George Zimmerman did to Trayvon; or what that worthless cop did to Michael Brown; and don’t even get me started on the crap that killed Sandra Bland … yeah, yeah I know, she supposedly committed suicide in her cell, but I would have to be damn stoooopid to believe a tale that tall! So I’m here to sign your petition and share it on my fb page!

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    1. Wolfess, she was being satirical about the petition… in other words, we can wipe our asses with these worthless petitions, marches, black lives matter movements… if these senseless MURDERS of black citizens continue, what’s the point?


    2. Wolfess, I was indeed bothered by the senseless murder of ‘Cecil, the lion’, but I am more bothered by the senseless murder every single day of people who are considered to be the ‘minority’ in Amerika and they are certainly hell bent on making sure we are ‘minus’ thousands more each year. But let some privileged piece of filth run over to Africa and shoot a lion and there are calls to have him drawn and quartered and petitions from every nation on earth to have the lions declared an ‘endangered species’ when Negroes should have already been on the ‘endangered species’ list. Where are the petitions to get this shit all up off our ass? No goddamn where to be found, that’s where! For the love of…..!!

      I thank you for your comment.


    1. Thank you Kelley! So far, that’s three signatures! Too bad my blog’s readership pales in comparison to that of anything written about ‘Cecil, the lion or we’d have enough signatures to get a viewing of the petition by the White House by now because “BLACKLIVESMATTER!”

      Again, I thank you for your comment Kelley!

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  3. Please add my name to your petition, Shelby. The fact that millions of Americans care more about a lion’s death than that of thousands of human beings is a testament to the ability of the corporate media to mess with our minds.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, as usual, you have said a mouthful and you are right on point! These stupid, goddamn dumb ass, useless ass Amerikans don’t have the sense God gave a goat! They eat up whatever some piece of nasty shit tells them to eat and then they go out and run with it. The goddamn lion wasn’t even killed in Amerika, but Amerikans are out for Cecil, the lion killer’s blood. How dare that privileged white man murder that majestic lion! How fucking dare he! Never mind the murdered Black bodies that they ignored while busily hunting for some petition to sign to stop ‘White Privilege’ from hunting and killing lions just for sport even though that is the exact same shit that is going down in Amerika every single goddamn day, but it’s ONLY Black folks that are getting whacked, so no problem! Who the fuck gives a shit? They ain’t a lion and so they ain’t innocent! I fucking swear! I am pretty sure that I am going to spontaneously combust any minute now! This is exactly why I have to take breaks more often than I used to because I get so goddamn sick and tired of seeing the stupid shit that people take up and run with and the fucking serious shit that’s going down, they fucking ignore! For the love of ……!!!!!!!!!

      Dr. Bramhall, again, I thank you for that spot on comment. I am highlighting it, for all the good, it’ll do!


    1. Thank YOU Linda! Your signature is always appreciated because I know you mean it and it’s heartfelt. If only there were more like you and Dr. Bramhall and Kelley and Tubuarsock and Skulz and Dr. Rex and Leslie and…well, you get the message. I keep saying it Linda, but those that need to hear it, just aren’t listening. You don’t need to hear it because you’ve got a heart and a conscience. It’s the motherfuckers that are on some simple ass shit that I cannot get through to and more’s the goddamn pity. They need to be smacked upside the damn head with 2×4 would be my guess.

      Sigh!! See! This is why I throw my hands up! However, I have ceased to march and protest.

      But Linda, please know that I thank you most sincerely for that spot on comment, I really do!


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