Communing With Nature!



When I am communing with nature, I can forget all of the horrors of this world and concentrate solely on breathing and enjoying the crisp Autumn air. I can enjoy all that nature has to offer. I unplug myself from the reality of wars, drones, hunger, strife, torture, refugees, war crimes, lies, hypocrisy, corrupt politicians, prison, police brutality and the list is endless. I am so tired of getting caught up in the woes of the world. I am so tired of pretending that words that are typed over and over again, will somehow stop drones, feed the hungry, house the homeless refugees and stop police brutality. I have put down my protest sign. I have thrown away all of my pens and poetry will never again flow.

If anyone has been curious about where Shelby Courtland has been, just glance at the picture, in it is where I will be.

Good luck to you all!

P.S. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave you with a lasting reminder!

Fuck This Shit!!!!

Now, have a happy fucking life!

18 thoughts on “Communing With Nature!

      1. I can understand your weariness, Shelby. When you have such intense feelings it is hard on you. I hope you will continue to write. I want to work on some of your other poetry.


    1. Thank you Rosaliene! This is exactly what I need, to as you say, “reconnect.” I had forgotten what it was like to just breathe and enjoy the wonders of nature and for awhile, forget all about my cares, concerns, woes and issues.

      If I continue to ‘commune with nature’ then hopefully, I will ‘stay good’. Again, I thank you for the well-wishes!

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    OMG!!!! It’s fall and I’m almost another year older and hopefully wiser.

    I’m gonna break with my conventional reply and not talk about myself, but instead let’s talk to Ms. Shelby.

    So glad you are “communing” with nature. We need for you to be mentally fit so you can continue with your unflinching look at the world about us. You have this way of making us blush no matter the skin tone.

    So what are you doing out in the woods and open fields? I’ve found that it’s the best place to talk with the most high and listen for a response.

    Anyway, you’ve brought to my sensibilities a more real understanding of this our world. You words have never missed its mark and for that I am thankful. I want this changing of seasons to be a positive in your life. Whatever that entails it’s what I want for you. I want fall to fill you full of reserve so that we may be laced with your verbal assaults and take no prisoner tongue lashings well into the future. I want Ms. Shelby (I love that name) to spit hot fire until she burns down the bullshit walls that we pretend don’t exist. I want Ms. Shelby to change and remain the same all at once.

    We love you sweetie.

    While you’re out and about rustling up all nature has to offer please don’t forget that you are needed and indeed loved right here. Never let our star set on unspoken words and never let the needy continue need.

    You are loved.


    1. Oh HLJ, I am in tears, I am! Your comment was SO beautiful! Darling HLJ, I’ve gone and done it again! I have to ‘lie low’ for awhile because I’ve driven another man, crazy and his folks are gunning for me! I tried this dating thing just one more time and I received a call from the guy’s brother that he was found wandering the streets, repeating my name over and over and they called the police and the ambulance and they took him to a hospital and there he was admitted to the mental ward and has been in there since last month and he’s still screaming my name when he’s not heavily sedated. They are going to try ECT, but they don’t know if that is going to work. I don’t know what happened. He was supposed to take me out for dinner and when he did not show up, I called his phone and left a message. It wasn’t nice. I had no idea the man had gone and bought me an engagement ring.

      I’m a bit depressed over all of this and his family is blaming me. So, I am just going to continue to ‘commune with nature’ and, again, lie low and try and figure out what the hell I’ve done now!

      I don’t think I’ll be ‘spitting any fire for some time to come! It’s gone! And the poems refuse to come also. ‘Spitfire’ Shelby is all done in HLJ! I hope that you can take up where I left off.

      Bless your beautiful heart! You mean the world to me HLJ and so I shall keep my distance. I love you back man! Please believe that!


      1. You know Ms. Shelby, I ain’t scared of you. I’d go out with you right now. I’ve seen the lowest and made it back relatively intact. I’ve played even with death and was rejected. The war that went on inside of my head shoulda been the end of me, but here I be.

        I ain’t scared of you, but you betta watch out for me.


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      2. You are a mess! But I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to you and you know that!

        I’m scared FOR you man! So, I’ll continue to LOVE you from a distance!



  2. Shelby, it appears to Tubularsock that what YOU NEED is a fucking lawn mower! That grass is high!
    And just curious but are those what they call trees? Do they really grow like that without tending?

    And no buses or cars in a row at a stop light?

    What kind of place is this “wilderness”?

    And what’s with the sky? You can see it! That is just not right!

    Well have fun …….. too many birds sounds for Tubularsock.
    Don’t you at least miss the car alarms?

    WHATEVER …….. But thank you for the “FUCK THIS SHIT!” Tubularsock can see a little bit of Shelby is still there ……. thank the gods.


    1. Tubularsock, the ‘high grass’ is to cover some ‘other’ grass that I’m growing! Shhhhhhhh…’s supposed to be a secret. It ain’t ‘legal’ to grow it here.

      Yes, Tubularsock, they are trees and yes, they ‘grow like that without tending’. LOL! No buses, no cars, no stoplights, “it’s primitive as can be!” Hee! Hee! I told you that I was out in the middle of nowhere. You did not believe me did ya? And yes, it is a ‘nature’s wilderness’. It is wild and untamed just like me! I cannot stand order, neatness and tidiness and the trimming of nature’s beauty and since I am not civilized, the wildness of the ‘wilderness’ suits me.

      Well, Tubularsock, I do realize that with the smog problem in Cali, you guys hardly get a chance at sky gazing, but you look to your heart’s content at the sky, right here! And no, I do not miss car alarms. If I never hear another one, it would be too soon for me!

      And there is but a miniscule bit of Shelby left, the majority of my fire and spirit and brimstone and hell hath no fury has left the building!

      Pick up the torch as only you can and carry it forward!

      I thank you ever SO much for your comment!


  3. Dear Shelby,

    You have had a fine run with this blog. You have pushed forward biting, insightful poetry and comments on a wide range of the serious matters that are facing the world today. You have more than made your point. This blog has always been a great read. It would be nice to see you release a book as many others have already said. We all would like to see you continue the blog but if you are done, then you don’t need nothing to write another post. If people haven’t started to realize something by now, they will likely never get it.
    I personally loved “You’re My Man and You’re Black” the most. It was nice to hear such a poem at a time of such cool relations publicly between black women and us black men. Though many improvements have to be made, the poem brings hopes of a better time for black couples in general.

    I would have like to have better news for you but the outside world will not improve soon. A lot of the worst things to come have not even been released. Take the time you need with nature to become stronger and refresh yourself. No matter what you do, we want to know that Shelby is still there.

    A lot of what is coming next will target us black people here even more. We are not an ordinary group of people, not at all. There is a reason all this is happening to us. You will find out more as things go along but the answer was always in front of us in a book. Though things will be grim, some will make it through. These bad times will not be the end for us for us as a group.

    Have a good time while communing with nature. Whatever you do, choose well. I want you to make it through to the end and I believe you will.


    1. Of all your comments, N.S., I treasure this one the most! I am of the same mindset as you are, in that there is nothing more that can be said by me that has not already been said. I have pounded my point, time and time again and, again, just as you say, if they haven’t gotten it by now, there is going to be no getting it. I see that and that is why I am done, stick a goddamn fork in me, I am SO goddamn done!

      There is indeed a war being fought here in Amerikkka against us. I see it and in fact, I am fighting it right now. Tell your friends to be extremely wary of what their doctors are doing to them and what hospitals they go to because here in Minnesota, we have a hospital called Hennepin County Medical Center and they are killing Black people. I can say no more because this is a public forum. But again, there is a war being fought against us and it is not just in the form of police brutality and murder of us by them. So, take care of yourself and be wary of everyone, everywhere, especially your health ‘care’ providers. I cannot stress that enough! We are being besieged on ALL fronts and it is to weaken us, break us down and when that doesn’t work, they’re fucking us up even in our doctor’s office. Experimentation on us by these Nazi bastards never ceased. They are still at and this is no conspiracy theory of mine. I know this to be fact. Negro or Black people have no idea what they’re up against and they’ll never listen. They’re too busy on some stupid #BLACKLIVESMATTER bullshit!

      Again, thank you for that most heartfelt comment and likewise, I think that you will make it through. Hell! We’ve been at war since before birth, what’s new? Exactly!

      Stay strong man! Stay strong!


  4. Shelby, Be well and happy, however you must go about it. If you have more to say, we’re here to listen, any time. If not, at least say hello to your fine wild territory for me! You are loved indeed, because we can’t help ourselves — you’re that powerful. In peace, joy, and solidarity always, – Linda

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    1. Linda, as I am sure you know, by now, I am in tears! Thankfully, I buy tissues in bulk, thank goodness for that! You guys, I swear to god, just tear at my heartstrings, you really do! Every time I want to give up and throw in the towel, or take a nosedive off a cliff, you are there to hand the towel back to me and to extend your hand to pull me up. Have mercy! Has anyone ever had a support system like this? Me thinks not! I just wish I could make all of you understand that you are ALL in my heart! And there, you will stay! Tears are indeed, streaming down my face.

      Thank you! Thank you for being YOU! Each and every one of you!


  5. Hey Shelby,what do you think of the whole high speed rail “debate”? There’s a blog entry about it; in it the author says “America is still an immensely wealthy nation that can build a high speed railway if it wants.”

    If amerikkka is so “immensely wealthy”, Y are all these stores shutting down? Y the tent cities going up everywhere?? Somebody needs to wake up and smell the coffee!


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