1. When you kill someone without benefit of a judge and jury, this is extrajudicial assassination, and the US has a long history of extrajudicial assassination of people with dark skin. When I practiced in Seattle in the eighties and nineties, police shootings of unarmed black men were just as common as they are today. The federal authorities also had a nasty habit of murdering social justice campaigners who interfered with business and usual.

    The public shooting of Filipino union organizers Domingo and Viernes (by gunmen linked to the FBI) was widely publicized nationally. The murder of two of my African American clients received far less media attention. The first was a union organizer at the post office and the second exposed the DEA for laundering cocaine money through the auto racing circuit. Naturally there was no homicide investigation in either case.

    In my view, we owe a debt of gratitude to African American youth who are no longer willing to live under this kind of tyranny.


    1. “When I practiced in Seattle in the eighties and nineties, police shootings of unarmed black men were just as common as they are today.”

      Exactly! And yet, we are still marching and protesting right up to the shits that are sanctioning this. Why the fuck don’t we ever learn that we cannot continue to march up to the door of the shits that are killing us, beg them to stop and they will somehow get an epiphany and stop fucking our ass up? We have collectively gone insane! That’s the only explanation I can find for why we are still marching to the beat of the same lame ass tired old drum. I just don’t fucking get it!

      And then I recently read that the woman, Toya Graham, that was proclaimed as the ‘Hero of Baltimore’ during the ‘Freddie Gray riots’ for smacking the shit out of her son for throwing shit is wondering why she is still in the same predicament she was in before she smacked the shit out of her son. She is wondering why she has an eviction notice, can’t pay the rent STILL and is stuck driving addicts to and from treatment centers. Her claim is that she was promised a ‘talk show’ and several high-paying jobs and the whole nine yards and now that her fifteen minutes of fame is over, she ain’t hardly happy about it. Yep! That’s what her bitch ass get because instead of smacking the shit out of her son, she should have been standing beside him, fucking shit up! What the fuck difference does it make as to how we behave? We’re damned regardless of what we do and so since I know that I’m going to get fucked up, either way, I’d just as soon fuck some shit up before it’s my turn. She is a stupid bitch and she is getting exactly what she deserves for stating that “she didn’t want her son to be another Freddie Gray.” Freddie Gray did nothing to cause his death and neither will her son. The only thing he has to do is be Black, that’s enough to get him murdered. So what? Was she trying to smack all the Black off of him? Because that is THE only way that he’d stand a snow ball’s chance in hell of making it to the status of old man in Amerikkka!

      Toya Graham now sits alone at the wheel of a Ford van. She just dropped off 12 addicts at a treatment center on Broadway. She feels unmoored. So much has happened in her life, but so little has changed. She still can’t pay her bills. She still can’t escape the circumstances into which she was born…

      Then, just as quickly as they started, the calls stopped as the national focus swiveled away from Baltimore. The media requests slowed to a trickle. The promised scholarships never materialized. None of the job offers Graham said she fielded led to employment. Under Armour and St. Joseph’s Hospital didn’t return requests for comment. A BET spokesperson said, “We do not have a relationship with her.”

      Today Ms. Graham says she once again has eviction notices on her apartment and her van driving job doesn’t pay much. She’s pretty much back where she was when the world discovered and then forgot about her.

      Not to mention, she had previously been in jail for assault. Go figure! If I was her son, she’d been back in there for the same goddamn thing!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


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