To ALL U.S. Military Whores, Eat Shit!



I had to take a short break from Communing With Nature just to celebrate Veterans Day, MY way! And I am not going to be nice about it like Frankie! I am not going to croon to you some nice and cozy, feel good song. I intend to blast your ass and for those of you that have read anything that I’ve written about America’s military whores, then you know that I don’t hold back.

So, we are all set to celebrate Veterans Day, eh? We are going to thank all the veterans that have gone all around the world, fucking innocent people up. Yes indeed, let me thank you for making the warmongers laugh all the way to the goddamn bank. Let me thank you for making refugees out of innocent women and children. Let me thank you for killing innocent people in my name while I paid your goddamn bills with my tax dollars. Yeah, you goddamn sons-of-bitches, I want to thank you by kicking your worthless anus from here to Uranus. I would love to kick the goddamn shit out of each and every one of you, including the military whores that are still at it to this very day.

According to all weather reports, it is going to rain like hell here in the Midwest on Veterans Day, but since I want to show my gratitude and ‘love’ for the nasty ass fucking shits that strut their wide-open asshole all up and down a pothole filled street in this shithole called America, just a’grinning and a’smiling because they killed innocent people in foreign lands, I am going to cook out on the grill. For once, I am going to actually use ‘meat’ or whatever the hell is passing for ‘meat’ these days. I am going to put some goddamn hotdogs on the grill and light ’em up! I am going to burn those goddamn sons-of-bitches to a motherfucking crisp and then I am going to go into town and feed the hungry veterans because I know you’re out there! Obama couldn’t give a shit for you lousy assholes and you fucking know it, but you sign the fuck up anyway. That is why your ass is homeless, hungry and fucked up because after you’re done killing and your mind is now, a battleground, why you is goddamn useless. So, I’m going to do my ‘patriotic’ duty and feed you motherfuckers. See how kind and thoughtful and considerate I is. Now, don’t mind my language ’cause I’m from the south and we’ze unedumacated and all, doncha know. But nevertheless, I know how to burn a dog in celebration of Veterans Day!

Next, I am going to head to the nearest parade and wave my ISIS flag back and forth with gusto! I am going to hold my sign up that says, “The Veterans Administration Deserves An A+ rating!” Wanna know why I am going to give the Veterans Administration such a high rating? Because its doing such a fine job in taking care of you folks. Its doing a terrific job in making sure that you wait in long ass lines to receive care for your post traumatic stress disorder. Its making sure that you need to get on a commercial with cap in hand and beg me for some help because you are fucked up and it is all due to you signing the fuck up to fuck some innocent people up. Yep! Those folks at the Veterans Administration are doing a real good job and they deserve a ‘thank you’ from me! I appreciate ALL that they do in making sure that you worthless ass military whores stay fucked up! You deserve to be fucked up because nobody asked you to sign on the dotted line and protect me from a goddamn thing. If I need protecting, I’ll do it my goddamn self. The world needs protection from YOU filthy ass motherfuckers and now, you’re somewhere trying to look all pitiful and hopeless on commercials for Wounded Warriors and Disabled Vets. Your ass ain’t pitiful. You’re just stupid and I don’t feel sorry for stupid, nor do I help stupid. You stupid military whores would be on your own, if it was left up to me! I have already stated that I begrudge you motherfuckers, a slice of moldy bread and I still mean that! Don’t think I do? Stop by my house begging for some assistance and see just what the fuck you get for your efforts. Yeah! Come by MY way! I wish you whores would!

So, yes, this is indeed my glorious honoring of you evil, depraved, vile rejects from hell! Need some goddamn help? You sure as hell do! But at least for one day, I am going to feed you some burnt up hotdogs! So, BON APPÉTIT, you subhuman filthy ass shits! Oh, and Happy fucking Veterans Day! And now, I’m off to commune with nature, but I will make sure to stop long enough to burn you some goddamn hotdogs on Veterans Day! Let it never be said that I didn’t do my motherfucking ‘patriotic’ duty and feed our warrior heroes! Goddamn, I gagged on that big ass lie!

6 thoughts on “To ALL U.S. Military Whores, Eat Shit!

    1. And Skulz, they are leaving their arms and legs at the damn door and then expect me to get all soppy over their plight and dig deep into my purse, pull out my checkbook and write a check to pay for a goddamn wheelchair for their vile asses. I didn’t ask ’em to fuck innocent people up and so they’ll get no power seat from me. They’ll get no prosthetics from me because a roadside bomb blew their shit up. They had no goddamn business in foreign lands to begin with.

      They sure as hell had best not expect no fucking sympathy from me because the fucked up in the head military whores are whining about the fact that they can’t fucking walk and some more shit. Who the fuck is that on? I didn’t sign ’em up, they did! So they need to suck it up and deal!

      But those worthless fucked up whores will get a burnt up hotdog from me on Veterans Day and I’ll wave the goddamn ISIS flag in their face while serving ’em! Fuck em!

      I thank you for your comment Skulz. It is much appreciated as I am sure you know!

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  1. I am highlighting your comment Dr. Bramhall. But it won’t do any good because we’ve just got SO many goddamn dumb fucks in Amerika that truly believe that they are filled with ‘exceptionalism’ and that our military whore shits can do no wrong. Well, I am trying my damndest to disabuse them of THAT notion. It ain’t working all that well despite my efforts, but every now and then, I just get a hankering to explode on those filthy, vile war criminal whores that whore themselves out for the warmongers. They allow themselves to get pimped out to do the dirty work of fucking innocent people up and then the goddamn warmongers get everyone onboard with it by celebrating that shit. Don’t that just take the goddamn cake? Indeed it does. But tomorrow, I won’t be baking for those military whores that are fucked up, I am burning up some hot dogs and they can just go to hell after my hotdog tray is empty. I wish to hell one of ’em would extend a begging cup to me asking for some damn change. Hell hath no fury. They can fucking go ask Obama for some goddamn change. He’s the one that promised ‘hope and change’! I fucking didn’t!

    Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. I try to counter the propaganda with truth, but I don’t think the truth is well received. But regardless, when they come all up in here, they’re gonna get a heaping helping of it and they ain’t got to like it.


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