“Thank You For Your Service, No Really, Thank You. We ALL Thank You!”

America bombs hospitals, just not in America, not yet.
America bombs hospitals, just not in America, not yet.



Doctors Without Borders would like to take this opportunity on this day to thank America’s veterans for blowing up their hospital. They appreciate the lies that were put out by the hypocrites that shout up and down about how humanitarian they are and then turn right around and blow up a hospital and lie about it. How can something that would blow up a hospital be considered, human? It can’t. Americans are not human. That fact should be quite well known to the humans that have been fucked up by the shits from America.

The people of Iraq would like to take this opportunity on this day to thank America’s veterans for rendering them homeless and for causing them to become refugees who are welcome, nowhere.

The people of Iraq would also like to take this opportunity on this day to thank America for the Abu Ghraib prison torture atrocity; to thank America’s veterans for killing innocent Iraqi men, women and children. Well over a million of Iraq’s people are dead because America’s men and women can’t think for themselves. They listened to the lies of warmongers and promptly suited up and in ‘cold blood’ murdered and tortured over a million Iraqi people and yet we sit somewhere celebrating crimes that psychopaths, war criminals and subhuman beasts have committed against innocent people all around the world.

We celebrate war criminals that should be shot for what they have done, but instead, we host parades, attend solemn ceremonies honoring these war criminals and encourage them to keep at it and up the ante; kill more and more people, turn more and more innocent people into homeless refugees and we thank them for doing this. Every single damn time we ‘thank’ these cowards; these subhuman beasts for ‘keeping America safe’, we as hypocrites encourage war crimes to continue and they will!

And I must not forget that I am quite sure that the people of Afghanistan are taking this opportunity today to celebrate what our war criminal veterans have done to them and to their country; killing innocent people, blowing up hospitals, pissing on dead Afghan corpses, cutting off their body parts and emailing them to fellow war criminal veterans. Yes, this is what we are celebrating. This is what we continue to encourage. Blowing up hospitals is what warriors and heroes do? Pissing on dead bodies is something that warriors and heroes do? Emailing the body parts of the dead is what warriors and heroes do? Yeah, if they’re American and British. That’s right, British, because that shit spawned this shit in America.

What you consider to be a hero is nothing more than a paid whore that lets himself get pimped out to kill innocent people to make warmongers and war hawks rich. You are not celebrating heroics. You are celebrating criminality. You are celebrating whoring. You are celebrating a lie! And what’s more, you know this but because of the lack of morality, decency, values, principles, compassion, love and empathy that makes people human and that is sadly lacking in most Americans, you are all whores because you gladly pimp your sons and your daughters to the warmongers. Why do you do this? Because you are not human, that’s why. Every member of the Taliban is more human than you will ever be. Every member of ISIS is more human than your sorry ass can aspire to be. Every member of any so-called ‘terrorist organization’ that this fucked up government has deemed a threat to this shithole is more human than the 300 million worthless shits that call themselves, American. And quite frankly, this shithole is collapsing in on itself. There is no need to worry about a ‘foreign’ enemy doing a goddamn thing to this hellhole. The Taliban is not causing massive sinkholes. ISIS is not causing earthquakes to shake up areas that had previously had no earthquakes. The alNusra Front is not causing the derailing of trains with crude oil to derail and pollute rivers and streams. No so-called ‘terrorist organization’ has to come over here and fuck shit up because America’s infrastructure is failing of its own accord. America’s lakes and rivers have been polluted by Americans. America’s homeless and hungry have been made so by Americans. Black bodies are piled high in morgues, not because of ISIS or ISIL, but because of racism; systemic and endemic. The Taliban is not feeding America’s opium addiction, the U.S. government via the U.S. military whores are. You American motherfuckers are pure nasty filth; vile and funky shit. That’s what you are and that is why you can celebrate pure evil and death because when you look in the mirror, evil and death is what is looking right back at you! But you can’t stop killing and you actually celebrate torturing and killing innocent people. How sick is that? You’re some real sick shits, you are!

I cannot wait for the day to come when each and every nasty, vile and filthy shit in America will reap what has been sown by America. Enjoy your celebrations and your easy life while you still can but believe me, you are on the ‘Titanic’ and this ‘Titanic’ is just as unsinkable as that other one! Try making what’s to come into a ‘love story’.

Happy Goddamn Veterans Day, you worthless warmongering whorish shits! And, yes indeed, “thank you from all of us around the world that’s been fucked up by you!”

13 thoughts on ““Thank You For Your Service, No Really, Thank You. We ALL Thank You!”

  1. What I find incredibly sad is the enormous number of people who feel pressured to wear poppies on Veterans Day (most don’t even know why they’re wearing them) to celebrate the glorification of war. No one said it quite so well as Bob Marley:

    “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery – none but ourselves can free our minds.”

    A pity so few people listened to him.

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    1. It is unbelievable Dr. Bramhall that with so much technology right at our fingertips giving us the ability to get informed in less than a nanosecond, we choose to continue to walk around with our heads in the clouds being led by a group of psychopathic war criminals who are puppets of warmongers. The sheer stupidity, ignorance and blindness of the Amerikan people is just incredible! I’ve seen nothing to rival it! The stupid shits in this shithole act fucking brain dead, daily despite all hell! I just don’t fucking get it! Why do people continue to WANT to walk around in a goddamn daze? Oh, my bad! Because its SO easy to ignore the shit that’s going down if it’s going down on somebody else’s ass and heaven forbid if they should turn that shit on U.S., We THE People. Well, I cannot wait until Amerikans have no choice but to face their fate, I seriously cannot!

      And you are right again, it is a pity that ‘so few people listened’ to those wise words of Bob Marley. And quite frankly, they never will!

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall! It is spot on, as usual!


  2. Shelby, Dearest Sister. You pour it out like water on a fire, with each drop I hear the dead cheer, and the guilty squirm. They’ve been way to comfortable, it’s time to shake them up. Just guard our health and don’t let all this twisted crap get to you. Recently noticed a huge difference in the rhetoric used outside the States and what said inside the States about what going on. The world is waking up to the crap, check out this website – http://journal-neo.org/. And about America getting what it deserves, wow what I’m finding is dam interesting, but it’s coming. If you corner an badger it will eventually bite back. In this case it’s not just Russia, but China, Iran, and several other countries as well. I suspect that the US government’s hegemony is close to ending. The writing on the wall is there, they just haven’t read it yet.


    1. I do my best to shake this shit up! I’m not ‘lamestream media and I don’t get their viewership but I’ll take what I can get! Hopefully every voice counts and I’m hoping that mine is one that does.

      As you know, I’ve beseeched the world to put an end to this damnable whore called, Amerikka! This whore needs to die already. Its why the whole world is on fire from one end to the other. And we’re done for over here. If you had just an inkling of the abject misery that IS the Amerikkkan people, you would realize that we’ve already cracked. If you had just a miniscule amount of first-hand knowledge of how many people are strung out on drugs and how bad gang activity is due to the fact that people cannot even afford the street drugs because they’re too goddamn poor to even piss straight, you’d have some idea of how horribly fucked, millions of us are.

      Baltimore Maryland just recorded its 300th homicide of the year and that doesn’t even take into consideration the thousands that were shot but didn’t die. The homelessness epidemic is off the charts. Hell! I even heard that it is not even safe to drink the wine made here in Amerikkka because of the toxic levels of arsenic in the grapes. We’re fucking done for and yet our worthless ass government is still trying to get us to be afraid of the CIA trained ISIS ‘moderate’ rebel groups that was properly ‘vetted’ by congress. We are already self-destructing. Ain’t a goddamn thing ISIS could do to this hellhole that the government via the military whores ain’t already done to this shithole. Pardon my goddamn language, but I’ve had my fill of this shithole! If this shithole hasn’t gone down like the Titanic in about 4 months, I’ll be jumping ship!

      Thank you for your comment Archecotech! Good to see you!

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      1. Shelby, Wow as always. You know I used to live in Mt. Airy, MD., but that was a very long time ago. I still remember vividly being with my parents in downtown Baltimore (in the early 60’s) people would come out of bars and smoke would billow out the door. Once I remember seeing a dead man on the hood of a car with two police officers standing over the top of him. Visually I’ll will never get out of my head. The funny thing was me a sheltered little white boy was coming to buy tropical fish at the fish store. Think this could be a story all in it’s self. Times were so different then as compared today. I hope you do get to jump ship, the question is will you remain in Amerikka or see the big wide wonderful world? Think France would love to have a voice like yours. Pull no punches, take no prisoners, speak the truth, and find peace for the wonderfully big heart of yours. Why do I say that – cause if you didn’t care you wouldn’t say a damn thing like the rest of them, right?

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      2. No, I shall NOT remain in Amerikka and France, I don’t think is my cup of tea. When I leave this shithole, I may have to take a slow boat because nine times out of ten, I may have already landed myself on the ‘No-Fly’ list. Oh well, time will tell. That is why I always have a Plan B,C, D and E. I am getting my passport in order now.

        I used to live in Baltimore, MD and so that is why I keep tabs on that city. I fell in love with Baltimore when I lived there in the mid ’90s and even then, the murder rate was 300+ and for some strange reason, I was not afraid. I walked the streets at all hours, left the bars at 3 a.m. and walked home. I was followed a few times, but never molested or shot. I guess my ‘guardian angel’ was simply thrilled when I left Baltimore. As much as I would love to go back and do what I can, I’m done here in Amerikkka. I am waiting on something to be finalized and then I am moving out of this shithole and I never want to look back.

        There are so many Amerikkkans that are giving up their citizenship, it’s unreal and I long to join their ranks and since I have no convictions, no criminal record and I am skilled in several fields, who knows where I’ll end up but I will of course, try and keep my great and loyal readers in the know when I know.

        Yes, I do care! Sometimes I think I care too much but it is quite obvious to me that Amerikkkans will never awaken from their apathetic and complacent stupor and get with the program that we’re being shitted on and that we have no real rights left. We are only to buy, buy, buy to keep this sinking, stinking shithole barge, afloat. Well, I am tired of these stupid shits not even knowing when they’re almost done for. Sometimes, you have to, as Kenny Rogers sang, “Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” And since there’s nothing to work with over here seeing as most Amerikkkans love to remain ignorant and act brain dead, it’s time for me to ‘walk away’.

        Thank you for your comment!

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