JOURNALISM EXISTS! Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks

Finally! Uncensored news!



You’ll see more truth in 10 minutes from RT in this interview than in 10 years of watching the Fake News in the USA!   RT just made our news look like the disgusting lying pigs they are as they put on Geared O’Colman in Paris!  I’ve never seen this guy before but he really impressed me!  You’ve got to watch this interview and share it around because I’ve never seen somebody destroy the lies about everything so quickly.  In just 10 minutes he brought out the truth that France is knee deep  in Syrian evil as well as funding other terrorists in Africa and the Middle East!

Watch Gearoid rock the truth and notice the difference between RT and our scum media like Faux News.  On Faux, they constantly interrupt their guests especially if they aren’t saying the propaganda properly but here, you get to hear Gerooid O’Colman…

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4 thoughts on “JOURNALISM EXISTS! Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks

  1. Wow, this journalist is extremely eloquent – especially his point about this being a war on dissidents.

    The timing of this particular flag means France will be under martial law for the Paris climate change conference in 2 weeks. International activists had played major protests for this conference – which clearly won’t happen now. If the French even let them in the country, with the abolition of habeus corpus they can simply lock them up without charge until the conference is over.


  2. Well then, no wonder the shit hit the fan and was so conveniently timed. Sigh! And people tell me that they believe they still have rights. I just stare at them with an expression of incredulity and if the situation weren’t so serious, I’d laugh but I find very little to laugh at these days. I gotta tellya Dr. Bramhall, some days I don’t know why I even bother to get out of bed, the shit we are faced with and are supposed to believe, put up with and like is just too damn much for one to stomach.

    Thank you for your comment!


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