Meanwhile, “The Paris Of The Middle East” Is Forgotten!

flag of Lebanon


My apologies to the people of Beirut that have been forgotten in all of the hoopla over the Paris, France attacks. I understand that the CIA/ISIS deployed suicide bombers and killed dozens and wounded hundreds of people in the city of Beirut. So, please accept this as MY display of solidarity with YOU and though I know it does not rival in any shape or form, the displays of love and peace and “we are with yous’ that Paris has been inundated with, nevertheless, mine is more heartfelt because I am a non-conformist. I think for myself and I don’t jump on the Twitter and Facebook bandwagons. Nor am I just another blind sheep to be led around by the nose. I know what it is like to have your plight ignored and to see how valueless your life is according to the world.


The Islamic State extremist group, which controls parts of neighboring Syria, claimed responsibility for the attack. They are of course, the moderate rebels terrorists that the U.S. trained with the blessings of U.S. taxpayers and don’t worry, you will read more on this. Wait for it.

On Thursday, November 12th, two suicide bombers killed at least 43 people and wounded over 200 in Beirut, Lebanon, but of course, my reader has not been inundated with outpourings of support and ‘hail marys’ and prayers and with stories of world leaders stepping up and with glaring hypocrisy, displayed solidarity with the people of Beirut as  was the case with the people of France, a France that..well, read it while I weep!

14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization

Did you know 14 African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France since their independence till today! Those who do not pay get coups and/or the assassination of their president. the very archaic Ministry of Finance and Budget of France and the Ministry of Foreign affairs of France depend so much on the taxes that they are not only a threat to Africa, but to the French themselves. It’s up to us as African to free ourselves, without asking for permission…African countries are paying the colonial tax only for the last 50 years, so I think one century of payment might be left!”


France is still forcing African countries to pay France for slavery!!! Seriously? And as a descendant of slaves, I am going to stand in solidarity with France? Get the fuck outta here! You dumb ass, stupid American Black sheep are sitting somewhere hash tagging solidarity with non-humans that are to this very day making the countries that you more than likely were abducted from, continue to pay for slavery. And you’re stupid because you don’t even know just what the fuck you’re doing. You never do, because AGAIN, you’re too stupid to even begin to think about first educating yourselves BEFORE you jump on every goddamn bandwagon that floats in a parade down the street right by your stupid and clueless ass!

“JE NE SUIS Paris!”

And so once again, France is in the news. Apparently, the U.S. CIA trained ISIS ‘good rebel terrorist’ group has taken responsibility for the recent attacks in France. Remember this!

Obama seeks $500 million from Congress to help moderate Syrian rebels

President Barack Obama, under pressure from some lawmakers to provide more help to Syria’s opposition, asked the U.S. Congress on Thursday to approve $500 million to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels terrorists seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

A White House statement said Syrian rebels would be “appropriately vetted” before being given assistance, in what amounts to an effort to assuage concerns that some equipment provided to the Syrian opposition might ultimately fall into the hands of U.S. enemies.

Obama has been under strong pressure from some lawmakers, such as Republican Senator John McCain Of Arizona, to increase assistance to the Syrian rebels. Some members of Congress have accused Obama of being passive and indecisive, allowing Assad to repulse the threat to his government.

And France and other countries are wondering why they are under attack by these CIA trained and properly ‘vetted’ terrorists, uh..I mean, rebels? Seriously? John McCain has not yet stepped up and claimed responsibility for the attacks on Paris? I mean, he is the one that called on Obama “to increase assistance to the Syrian terrorists, uh..I mean, Syrian rebels,” that he must have personally vetted to make sure that they would only attack on command against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s rag-tag army; an army that has been fighting these ‘moderate’ rebels for decades.

But, remember, Barack Obama has delivered his, “you guys have had a really rough time of it in Paris and my  worthless ass thoughts and prayers are with you and please expect more because we cannot contain what we have unleashed and since you guys are really at ground zero and we here in the U.S. are not, well, now what else can I do but give a lame ass speech about how wrong this all is and please know, people of France, we got yo back. If you folks want to come over and attend a beer summit with me, then please contact my staff and let them know and I’ll try to make myself available to exactly two of you that survived this heinous attack that U.S. shit stirring set in motion. I’m ALL heart, doncha know?! Yes indeed! Now, I’m late for my golf game!”

Oh and lest I forget!

The Empire State Building is dark in sympathy for the people of Paris after more than 120 people were killed in Friday’s series of shootings and explosions.

Saturday marked the second consecutive night the 102-story New York landmark was not lit up.

The 408-foot spire atop One World Trade Center was lit again Saturday night in the colors of the French flag. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the spire will remain lit blue, white and red on Sunday.

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio says an arch in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park was also illuminated with the French colors on Saturday.

But where is the display of solidarity with the people of Beirut? What is the glaring difference between the people that were murdered and wounded by the CIA trained ISIS in Beirut as opposed to those that were murdered and wounded by the CIA trained ISIS in Paris? Their location? Their religion? Their choice of toothbrush? I am just trying to figure out why the people of Beirut are not receiving ANY attention; no constant mainstream media coverage, no social media solidarity or otherwise over what happened to them while the people of France are overwhelmed with displays of support from national monuments going dark, to getting lit the fuck up to Facebook activating for the first time, a feature called, ‘Safety Check for an emergency other than a natural disaster’. “There has to be a first time for trying something new, even in complex and sensitive times, and for us that was Paris,” wrote Alex Schultz, the company’s vice president for growth.

So, since the whole world did not jump on board with displays of solidarity, love and brotherhood for the people of Beirut, there was no reason whatsoever for Facebook to initiate Operation ‘Safety Check’ because those who lost love ones in Beirut, those whose loved ones survived but were transported to the hospital did not need to know if their loved ones were alive and…well…..because no one told the world that #LEBANESELIVESMATTER! No one told the world to jump on the PEACEFORBEIRUT bandwagon! And with the not too distant Charlie Hebdo attack in France, well now, France just cannot catch a break. Neither can Iraq, but that’s irrelevant. Neither can the drone struck in Yemen, but that’s irrelevant. Neither can the dead that got themselves dead because the U.S. military blew up a hospital in Afghanistan, but that’s irrelevant. Neither can dead brides and grooms in Yemen thanks to U.S. drones striking wedding parties, but that’s irrelevant. There is no one telling us to make a big deal over any of these atrocities and so we won’t. Just like with what occurred in Beirut. Nothing to see here, so move along folks. Our sights are set on Paris, France. Climb aboard! No thanks! I’ll pass! France has enough well-wishes and prayers. Now Beirut, Lebanon on the other hand, not so much! Go figure!

24 thoughts on “Meanwhile, “The Paris Of The Middle East” Is Forgotten!

  1. Hi Shelby, check out . There’s an interview with the political author Gearoid O’Colmain about the Paris attacks. I think you’ll find it interesting.


  2. Hey Ms. Shelby, I just blogged about Beirut not 45 minutes ago.

    France is special when it comes to death. We all remember the Charlie Hebdo and at that same time all those Nigerians were killed. Who the world’s attention?


    1. What??!!! Something got YOU to blog again! I gotta go take a look! Wow! And yeah, who cares about those Black assed Nigerians? The world said as one, “Fuck ’em!”

      Thanks HLJ! I’ll head on over and take a look!


      1. So, you’ve got some ‘cloak and dagger’ stuff going on HLJ? Okay! I am going to put on my swirling black cloak, hide my dagger in my high boots, pull my hat down over my eyes AND even put my darkest glasses on and then proceed to hunt for you in the ‘underground’. Let me know when I get close, willya?


  3. That’s exactly right! There can never be peace and justice in the middle east b/c black lives really don’t matter when it comes to the geopolitics of money and power. You better believe the white elites want to keep it that way. WAR = HUGE PROFITS.

    So now what? This French moron Hollande wants to declare war on Syria b/c of ISIS/CIA false flag? I presume this is their 9-11 moment, so they gotta capitalize on this STAT!
    Well you reap what you sow, these terrorist attacks on europe will become more frequent and deadly, more will die b/c that’s what it takes to wake the population up. Ukrainian ppl learn the hard way, their puppet gov’t and sleazebag oligarchs sold them out, they have no choice but to fight back – against their own corrupt gov’t!

    What we really need is a revolution in consciousness, wake up and see thru the lies and deception. Unite and overthrow these psychopathic “leaders” of the Western world, take the power back.

    Shelby, thanks for the education, and setting the record straight!!!!

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    1. And 1EarthUnited, if Hollande declares war on Syria; Russia, China and most likely Iran and even North Korea are going to fuck shit up! Amerikkka started this shit, along with France and Germany went along with it and we all know that the British love licking Amerikkka’s funky ass. Hell if I’d lick the ass of a whore and this worthless whore called, Amerikkka needs to die already.

      Hollande is making a big ass mistake and he’d fucking better re-think his options before he goes off half-cocked because as he is already aware that the CIA trained ISIS, vetted and approved by the U.S. congress and given $500 million dollars AND furnished with U.S. military grade weapons have no problem getting into France and fucking shit up while the U.S. just sits back and issues lame ass solidarity thoughts and prayers that do not a goddamn thing in nipping that shit in the bud. But now that the stable doors have been opened, the horses all have bolted and cannot be rounded up and put back in their stall. They are at large and they are fed the fuck up with western shit stirring.

      We are all on the road to hell! I would say, “Buckle up, it’s gonna be a rough ride,” but a seatbelt can’t stop our headlong flight straight to hell! And what’s more, not many are getting that ‘revolution of the mind’ thing down because if they were, the script would at least change. I hear tell that another passport was dropped by one of the ‘moderate’ rebels. Ho hum! This is getting to be entirely too redundant. First, a passport was found in the wreckage of the 9/11 ‘attack’, then an ID was found at the scene of the Charlie Hebdo attack and now, ANOTHER passport has been located that belongs to one of the moderate terrorists in this latest Paris attack. These IDs and passports are just so damn convenient, it just makes me wonder. These ‘moderate’ rebels, uh…I mean, terrorists ain’t too bright.

      But as always, I try and keep it real and tell it like it is! No bullshit! No propaganda! No smoke and mirrors. Just the flat out real deal.

      I thank you for that spot on comment 1EarthUnited. It is much appreciated.

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      1. 100% agree, these false flag “passports” that magically conveniently appear, it so obviously faked- from 9-11 to Malaysian airliners exploding, Boston bombing to Charlie fake-ass Hebdo, to Porkoshenko showing Russian military passports, how can ppl believe this shit to be real is beyond me!
        I think we’re overdue for ebola or avian flu false flag, some poor smuck would be designated patient zero, lo and behold an ISIS asshole would turn up dead with his passport, lmfao!


  4. No reparations for my people??? So don’t expect any tears from me. All these European countries are screwing over Africa yet they want sympathy from us? Please! They have lost their damn minds! Great post Shelby. Thank you for telling the truth. It needed to be said.

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    1. Ain’t that some goddamn shit, Prince? They seriously expect me to know that they are making African countries pay them for slavery and I am going to shed a big ass tear, moan and some more shit over some mess that I didn’t start? To hell with that! I got MY priorities and they got theirs and THEY ain’t MY priority. I’m my priority because those bastards don’t give a shit for us and the feeling is mutual. I have shed not one goddamn tear. I have not hashtagged a goddamn thing. I’m not on Twitter anyway. And damn it if I’m going to join hands and sing “Kumbaya” for some motherfuckers that wouldn’t even spit on me if I was lying on the goddamn sidewalk burning up. Yeah! We know the goddamn deal and that is why a gnat couldn’t wipe its ass on the amount of solidarity that I have shown for this Paris ‘attack’. cause it’s nil, nada, zero!

      Prince, I thank you much for your spot on comment!

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      1. So true Shelby! They must really think we’re gullible. We have to stop falling for this nonsense. We have our own affairs to take care of. We have to stop shedding so many tears for others.

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      2. You’re not falling for this shit and neither am I. We’ve got our hands full in trying to get racist ass cops up off of our ass here in Amerikkka, so hell if I’ve got the time or the inclination to indulge in a fit of hand wringing and sobbing over AGAIN, something that I didn’t put in to play. Of course I have no say in what my tax dollars fund, but that shit’s not on me because I can protest all day and all night and still my tax dollars get spent on shit that I don’t approve.

        It is quite obvious that hell will freeze over before BLACKLIVESMATTER and since that is the case then no other lives matter to me. They can take that ‘we are one’ bullshit and shove it up their ass! I ain’t buying it!

        Again, thanks for your comment Prince!

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  5. Ahhh, for one, your honesty is always EXTRA refreshing after the media’s onslaught of lies. These people are tireless… yet lack creativity when it comes to these “terrorist attack” stories. Yet the masses gobble it up. We have too many sheep quick to hop on a bandwagon before applying a moment of critical thinking [or common sense, in many cases]. It’s really getting old. People need to wake the fuck up.


    1. And the sad fact, Kelley, is that those that set this shit in motion know that the majority of brain dead, zombified Amerikkkans will continue to fall for the propaganda; the outright lies and disinformation that is spread around like manure, daily. And in all actuality, it is manure; pure and stinking shit that these apathetic and complacent motherfuckers scoop up and chow down on and apparently, just love eating shit sam’iches. I don’t eat shit and so they can take that bullshit and shove it right back up their ass because I’m having none of it and that is why I stated when I wrote this, that I am a non-conformist and I think for myself. These stupid shits need to be led around by their goddamn nose and apparently, couldn’t find their own shitty asshole without first initiating GPS to try and locate it because the stench of shit is also coming from their mouth. Garbage in, garbage out!

      And as you can see, I try! I really do and that is why I get so frustrated because people no longer think for themselves, even when the obvious is right in front of them. SIGH! I throw my hands up and shake my head!

      Kelley, thank you so much for your comment! You hit a homerun!

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  6. I’m so sick of hearing and reading the media lies about the recent false flag attack in France I have a throbbing headache. All news with no information. Not only was the Beirut bombing of Hezbollah totally ignored, but so was the Vienna Peace Conference aimed at ending the civil war in Syria. No wonder Americans can no longer tell the difference between news and infotainment – so sad to see the French going down that road as well.


    1. You and me both Dr. Bramhall. I just try and counter the lies the only way I can. But I feel that it is no use. You see how easy it is for the people of the world to be so easily led by the nose. We already know that Amerikans are brain dead and are as close to being zombies as anyone can get. So, I’m not really even thinking that I can get through to the stupid shits over here. If not for so many people from other countries and nations that read this blog, I really would say, “Fuck it!” But like you say, even the French are buying into the bullshit and lapping propaganda and outrageous lies right on up. It’s mindboggling to say the least that so many people are so easily taken in or in other words, so easily influenced into believing whatever they’re told. Is it something in the air? I mean, we know the food supply is fucked up, the world over. We know that pollution from China is wafting all around the planet. We know that fracking here in the U.S. has caused all kinds of problems. Hell! I hear tell that autism is on the rise so much that it’s become an epidemic and the prevalence of it is being chalked up to what is in the foods we eat. I don’t know. I’m just trying to figure out or understand why so many people are so easily manipulated and I am trying to come up with a common denominator.

      Oh, well! I throw my goddamn hands up! I can’t figure it out!

      But I do thank you for your comment. Always good to see you!


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