Obama To China, “Stop Construction In South China Sea Or……!”

shit stirring in South China Sea


Or what, Obama? What the fuck are YOU going to do if China does not stop construction in the South China Sea? What? Are you going to send the CIA/ISIS ‘moderate’ rebels that were ‘vetted’ by John ‘mad dog’ McCain over to China and fuck China up? Are you going to tell NATO to do to China what the U.S./NATO did to Libya? Are you going to declare war on China just as George W. ‘stupid’ Bush declared war on Iraq? Are you going to hype up some propaganda and outright lies against China just as Bush did with Iraq? Are you going to AGAIN, point out that China is a communist country and that her people have no rights? Newsfuckingflash! The U.S. is a goddamn communist country and the people of the U.S. have no goddamn rights! How many rights did Sandra Bland have? Have many rights did Eric Garner have? Have many rights did Renisha McBride have? Have many rights did Aiyana Jones have? Freddie Gray? Walter Scott? John Crawford? Michael Brown? But you want to tell China to stop construction in the South China Sea but how many goddamn times have you told the racist ass cops to back the fuck up off Black citizens and stop killing our ass? How many times did your former Department of Justice head, Eric Holder step up and go to bat for the Black people that are incarcerated on bullshit charges? And what’s the new coonface doing about the problem of Black mass incarceration? Oh, that’s right! What problem? There ain’t a goddamn problem, not in your motherfucking book. Because you’re looking out for the whites that make a killing off private prisons. How many of them are going to bankroll your ass when you leave the White House?

But hell! I digress! What are you going to do about the $1.23 trillion dollars of U.S. debt that China is holding? Crickets chirping over that one. That’s what I thought. So what now? Are you going to disconnect China’s internet service? Are you going to smack China’s General Secretary, Xi Jinping, with your glove and call him out? Choice of weapons at dawn? Are you going to turn the ships away from America that are filled to the brim with cheap Chinese junk? I didn’t fucking think so because there goes Wal-Mart’s, Targets, Kmart’s, Dollar Trees, Dollar Generals, Family Dollars, China Dollars, Bleed A Dollars sales. AGAIN! What are you going to do to the Chinese if they don’t stop construction in the South China Sea?

Oh, you can intimidate, bully and threaten Germany and France and Canada and almost all other countries and nations, but you sure as hell cannot browbeat China with useless ass threats. Just ask Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Yep, with your sanctions against Russia, you sure showed them. Not only did Russia give over when it came to the situation in Ukraine, but Russia has also turned Edward Snowden over to you, hasn’t he and the Russians aren’t over in Syria helping Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad fight your CIA trained ISIS ‘moderate’ rebel terrorists, are they? Yeah! Russia and China, Iran and North Korea are shaking in their boots and worrying what your mentally ill military whores are going to do if you had the balls to order ‘boots on the ground’ in China, Russia, Iran and North Korea! They’re all quaking in mortal terror because America is shit! Pure unadulterated shit!

You see, China and Russia are not just another Syria and Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan and Yemen and Pakistan. Oh no! You can’t just send in your CIA goons to pay off ‘moderate’ rebels, hand them some weapons and then all hell breaks loose. Yeah! That’s the standard norm for countries like Syria, Libya, Iraq and so forth and so on, but that shit is not going to work with China. No, you’ve got to put some serious thought into what you’re going to do if China refuses to listen to you and they’ve already told you to “Fuck off!”

Beijing said Wednesday US President Barack Obama should not get involved in disputes in the South China Sea, after he demanded an end to artificial island building in the hotly contested region.

“The United States should stop playing up the South China Sea issue, stop heightening tensions in the South China Sea and stop complicating disputes in the South China Sea,” Hong Lei, a foreign ministry spokesman, said at a regular press briefing in Beijing.

And this was in response to Obama’s insistence that China cease with the construction of islands in the South China Sea because according to President Benigno S. Aquino III of the Philippines, the South China Sea is disputed territory and even though the U.S. has a military base in the Philippines, that’s not a problem, but China had better not set up shop there.

My bad! Obama did show the Chinese that he meant business.

On Tuesday, he[Obama] announced $250 million in military contributions to several Asian nations to support their efforts to stand up to China.

“Yep, I am going to throw $250 million taxpayer dollars, I mean….contributions to you guys to encourage you to stand up to that really,really mean bully, China. They are such communists, while we are so democratic. We bomb countries for humanitarian reasons. Just ask Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and I am sure that I have left some sorry ass Middle Eastern country off the list. I would send in the CIA/ISIS guys, but I don’t think the Chinese would fall for THAT. And quite honestly, that is ALWAYS the script for bringing chaos, pandemonium and bedlam to the Middle East. You see, we’re the GOOD guys and never you doubt it! Just ask France! We’re why they just had that really big false-flag ISIS operation go down. The French are bombing the hell out of ISIS now! Soon, we’ll have everyone on board. Gee! This is great! Now if I can just get the entire Asia-Pacific region to go at it, we shall have worldwide chaos, pandemonium and bedlam. And actually, I belong in Bedlam just as soon as the ICC indicts me for war crimes and I get a commuted sentence and then with my connections, I’ll get to do a short stint in Bedlam, come out and make a mint on my speeches. Ain’t life grand?”


And I am to call that lying, hypocritical slithering, corrupt, slimy war criminal sleazebag “president?” Fuck that shit!



18 thoughts on “Obama To China, “Stop Construction In South China Sea Or……!”

    1. Skulz, I have long since given up that I will get my wish that the rest of the world will get its act together and wipe this shithole off the map! It is not as if this shithole hasn’t given the rest of the world, plenty of reasons. But for some strange reason, this shithole just continues its business as usual; terrorizing the entire world or threatening other nations and countries, veiled or otherwise. SIGH! What is it going to take, eh? Never mind, that was a rhetorical question that I’ve already answered!

      Thanks for your comment Skulz!


  1. “Newsfuckingflash! The U.S. is a goddamn communist country and the people of the U.S. have no goddamn rights!” — LMFAO!
    O’bomber has got to be the worst hypocritical, clueless dumbfuck of a prez the world has ever seen, 8 yrs of pure nonsense… “Barry’s” no black Christian as he proclaims, more like white muslim fascist on the inside… what a mess! (Sorry, no offense to white muslim fascists.)


    1. Tubularsock was just a bit taken back after you, 1Earth, offended we white-muslim-fascists and compared us to an oreo-muslim-fascist. Is NOTHING sacred anymore?
      Tubularsock realizes that you attempted to cover yourself but that did not work! We white-muslim-fascists are a sensitive lot.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tubularsock, of course I dare not even attempt to speak for 1EarthUnited, but it is a well-established fact that you are many things, but ‘sensitive’, you are NOT, my good sir! Tubularsock sensitive?, that’ll be the day! You’ve a Teflon coating, if anything ’cause nothing sticks to you. I’ve been ‘communing with nature’ and it is ice cold with a wind chill of -2. Brrrrrr! I know just the thing to take the edge off. Bottoms up!


      2. hahaha! why tubes, i had no idea!! and here i thought stoicism was u’r middle name, my bad.
        i would officially like to make a campaign contribution to u’r white-muslim-fascists brotherhood party
        for 2016! 😀
        btw, what political animal are u? republican elephant, democrat donkey… they’re all swine to me.


      3. Well sure Tubularsock is shocked! Yes, Tubularsock said it, “SHOCKED”!

        Shelby, sensitive is Tubularsock’s middle name! And one area of sensitivity is hot and cold. Tubularsock prefers cold but NOT that cold! But he’ll drink to that with you.


      4. 1Earth thank you for the donation to the WMFB. Just put a huge stack of 100’s in a plain brown paper bag with a shipping label addressed to: WMFB, 666 University Avenue, Suite 3, East-West Oakland, CA 66666.
        And then place it under the bus bench a block or two from your house in the dead of night but no later that 4A. Feel free to put a happy face on the bag.

        The WMFB is a brotherhood in the hood not a party. Though we do have parties where we snort Muslim-Cocaine (hence the white part of the name) and dance to wild Muslim-music.

        Tubularsock’s Political Party for Tubularsock’s run for the Presidency in 2016
        is called the Rhino Party 2016 because we are going to horn-in on “their” election! So you can guess the animal if you want.


    2. I have such a way with words, do I not? LOL! But seriously, I must let it rip or I’ll explode and I have never been good at keeping things in. I truly think that the ONLY reason that I have not burst into flames is because I let it out SO goddamn good, it ain’t even funny!

      Yes, he is the worst and sadly, there will be no improvements to follow his filthy, corrupt, lying, hypocritical warmongering nasty ass! And hope has fled the building!

      I thank you for that spot on comment 1EarthUnited!


  2. Obama’s military threat against China is directly affecting New Zealand as our idiot prime minister has signed us up for amphibious war games (aimed at China) with Australia and the US. In my view, this is a really bad idea as China is New Zealand’s main trading partner. If they take offense and stop importing milk powder from us, our economy will be going down the googler pretty damn fast.


    1. And so it would seem that you just cannot catch a break either Dr. Bramhall. Tis a pity that you more than likely thought that by leaving this shithole, you’d leaped out of the fire and headed for greener pastures and it turns out that the long fucked arm of Amerikkka has reached way over to NZ and is continuing to fuck up your life and that of the other Kiwis if this shithole continues down the same fucked up path and it certainly looks like that will be the case. What is wrong with the rest of the world? Why are they so afraid of a shithole that is imploding daily and has made no bones about the fact that it is hell bent on destroying this planet? We are nothing more than 300 million fucked up, apathetic and complacent assholes and this planet has 6 billion people on it. They could get together and wipe us out in no time flat. We don’t even have a large land mass. Seriously? What is the problem with the rest of the world? Never mind! I suppose I’ll have to chalk this up as just another rhetorical question that I, myself answered. SIGH!

      I truly am sorry to know that you guys are going to be adversely impacted by this shit storm of shit that Amerikkka is unleashing all across the globe. I did say, “Hang on, it’s gonna be a rough ride!” Looks like that is the understatement of the century.

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall and take care of yourself!


  3. I honestly don’t know what to make of this other than the fact that Obama is a rotten marionette that’s about to get it’s strings cut very shortly


    1. Yeah! Rotten is an understatement to describe Obama’s depraved, lying, hypocritical and corrupt ass! That half and half ‘hope and change’ bullshitter is beyond the end of enough and he can’t show me the back of his heels soon enough. But the sad fact is that nothing that is going to slither inside the White House will be any better than what’s going to slither out of it. We’re all done for. What the hell we’re sitting over here patiently waiting on is anybody’s guess. But since we choose to be apathetic and complacent, we’ll get exactly what we deserve. And something tells me that it won’t be long now.

      I thank you for your comment nidotopianwarrior. Good to see you!


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