“Welcome To America, Refugees From Syria!”

Tell that to the shits that are the reason why my Negro ass was born in Amerikkka!
Tell that to the shits that are the reason why my Negro ass was born in Amerikkka!


As a descendant of African slaves, I want to take this opportunity to welcome Syria’s refugees to America. May you have a better time of it here in America than my ancestors did. And include those of us who are descendants of slaves, as well. I want you to know that even though Black families are seven times more likely to be homeless than white families, we still hope that you fare better than we do. And even though Blacks make up half of the U.S. homeless population, Syrian refugees, you will promptly step right into housing and what is so great about that is that millions of people are in line waiting on affordable housing to open up. They have been on waiting lists so damn long that many have given up and are homeless. But we have housing available for you, refugees from Syria. Ain’t that sweet?! So, you come right on over here and get at the head of the line, in front of ALL the people that have been waiting for years for affordable housing. Come on over here and we shall roll out the red carpet for you because we have no refugees over here in America. We have no homelessness epidemic here. We have no homeless tent cities in Detroit and in California. We have no Skid Row in Los Angeles because Los Angeles is NOT struggling to manage rising homelessness beyond skid row, now is it?

Homelessness in Los Angeles has spread far beyond the area known as Skid Row. The number of people living on the streets has risen 12 percent in the past two years. And now some parts of the city are struggling to manage big homeless populations they’ve never seen before.

Nope! Skid Row is just a figment of my imagination just as it is a figment of my imagination that homeless people are living underneath Las Vegas. And many are war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and can you believe it? There are homeless children living in these tunnels as well. But refugees from Syria, they welcome you as well.

I want to state how very glad I am that Obama and the other war hawks and warmongers finally deemed it ‘humanitarian’ to host refugees from war-torn countries that were made so by said war hawks and warmongers. Never let it be said that a warmonger does not have a heart even while continuing to make refugees out of innocent men, women and children because these war hawks and warmongers like Obama and John ‘mad dog’ McCain and Lindsey Graham and every other piece of nasty and vile shit that IS the U.S. government is giving up their digs to host these Syrian refugees, are they not? Hell no! They are not! As American citizens, once again, we must overlook our own homeless refugees so that other refugees can come here and thrive and enjoy the good life that is Amerikkka. Never mind that almost two million Black people in Amerikkka call prison, home. Never mind the fact that child poverty in Amerikkka is at its highest point in 20 years, we have more than enough poverty to go around and then some, but we welcome you, refugees from Syria. We welcome you!

Over in Detroit, those poor, mostly Black folks have had their pensions cut thanks to corrupt city managers and criminal politicians, not to mention the massive water shut-offs that could affect 300,000 Detroit citizens.

Detroit’s Water War: a tap shut-off that could impact 300,000 people
“Every day, we’re shown that black lives, black quality of life, black communities, don’t matter,”

It is from this incredible web that a challenge to the water shut-offs is emerging. Community organizations have filed a human rights complaint to the United Nations, demanding Michigan state impose a moratorium on the shut-offs. UN experts have already responded critically.

Yes, refugees from Syria, the situation is so bad that citizens of Detroit appealed to the U.N. for help and for their efforts, they got nothing! But when you come to Amerikkka, you will more than likely have running water. You will not be homeless. Your pension will not get cut. Sweet, ain’t it? And the people of Baltimore, MD are experiencing the same thing and they are Black, also. The only thing that you will have to contend with is that pesky ‘terrorist’ thing. Yes, white Amerikkkans fear Muslims or anyone from the Middle East because their government via the media told them to because there are NO ‘homegrown’ terrorists in Amerikkka. When a racist kills a Black person, that is not terrorism. Racists burning down Black churches is not terrorism. Racists lynching Black people is not terrorism. Racists gunning down Black people as they sit in church is not terrorism. A terrorist has been defined as a ‘person or persons of Middle Eastern origin’. The white good ole boys that call themselves the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Brotherhood, The Aryan Circle and the ‘White Brotherhood Alliance’ and so forth and so on are AGAIN, just good ole boyz having fun. They are not extremist groups. They are protectors of the empire, Amerikkka. They keep us niggaz in our place; these slave patrols alongside the Amerikkkan gestapo pigs. But nevertheless, you won’t have to deal with them, refugees from Syria because they are too busy busting caps all up in Black asses. If you stay out of the South, the Dakotas and Texas, you should be fine; living it up in your nice house with a two-car garage in a nice section of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine; you know, all the states that have less than a 1% Black population count.

I hear that several of you have already settled in Connecticut. Good for you!

Syrian Refugees Come to the U.S. to Find a Place They Did Not Expect

“Why did they bring us if they didn’t want us?” said the 33 year-old husband and father, recalling his initial reaction through an Arabic interpreter. “We are coming to an open country.”
“A country with freedoms,” his wife, 23, said.

“We felt rejected,” her husband said. “We were depressed. How could that be the freedoms that we hear about?”

The couple were driven instead to this Connecticut city of about 130,000 people, joining seven other Syrian refugee families who have come since July. Integrated Refugee and Immigration Services, a nonprofit organization that works with Episcopal Migration Ministries, one of the nine aid agencies contracted with the federal government, had swiftly arranged for their arrival.

Ahhh..don’t feel rejected! At least not until your ass is lying on a slab in the morgue so full of bullet holes, you look like Swiss cheese! Don’t feel rejected until you are driving down the goddamn street, minding your business and a cop stops you and hassles you for no good reason and the next thing you know, you’re found hanging in a jail cell in Texas and word is, “You were depressed, grabbed a handy trash bag and commenced to committing suicide.” “Why oh why did I not put on my turn signal? If I had, I would not be placing this bag over my head and asphyxiating myself!”
Do not feel rejected until your children decide to play in a park with a toy gun and the cops arrive and within two seconds, they are lying dead on the ground. Do not feel rejected until you sell a dime bag of weed to a white guy and you get thirty years for that inside a FOR PROFIT PRISON. Do not feel rejected until the unemployment rate for Syrian refugees is in the double digits. Do not feel rejected until you get called, “Mud people,” attempt to take out a conventional loan to buy a house, have excellent credit, qualify for the conventional loan but get steered to a subprime mortgage loan and lose said home and end up homeless solely because you are Black skinned. And thanks Wells Fargo from all the Black people that are out on the street, thanks to your racist ass lending policies.

So, refugees from Syria, you should do just fine because you are not a descendant of African slaves and therefore, Amerikkka SHOULD welcome you! Please step over or on us. It is what everybody else does. Join the pig force and riddle us with bullets or arrest us on bullshit charges. It is what everybody else does. Discriminate against us when the government gives you enough money to open your own business. It is what everybody else does.

And for anybody that has the nerve to think that I wrote this because I hate Muslims, go fuck yourself! I am writing this because I have been volunteering for years too numerous to count and I am sick and goddamn tired of the hopelessness I have seen and continue to see when we don’t help the homeless refugees in Amerikkka; when we don’t help those who are persecuted here in Amerikkka because of the color of their skin. Where is the goddamn assistance for them? These people have been waiting for someone to recognize their plight and do something to help them. Where were the agencies that quickly came to the aid of these Syrian refugees; the ‘Episcopal Migration Ministries’ when it came to helping this man?

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A fire killed a homeless man Friday in his tent near the Mississippi riverfront north of downtown while he was struggling to keep warm with a propane heater.

A little before midnight on May 29, emergency personnel responded to a report of a burn victim under the Interstate 394 bridge at Dunwoody Avenue, according to police reports. Miller said police told him that a man walking nearby heard screaming and found his father on fire.

Or this man?

His father was taken to the hospital with burns on about 70 percent of his body, Miller said. The lower half of his body had to be amputated, and he was placed under heavy sedation. He was also put on life support.

Who helped him? His goddamn family didn’t even help him, but we have help for Syria’s refugees. Charity begins at home. Why overlook the people that are living like refugees right here in Amerikkka? What? Are these people less important or less worthy of help because they are not from Syria? These people are fighting a war every day, as well. It is called, “The War To Survive!” And it is a war! Ask any homeless person. Ask any Black person that has buried a loved one because of pure, unadulterated racism. Ask the poor in Detroit who are without running water. Ask the poor in Baltimore who are also without running water. Ask the Black men and women who are sitting inside a FOR PROFIT PRISON for selling a dime bag of weed. Ask the unarmed Black men, women and children who have been killed for no reason; no probable cause. Ask them about being refugees in a country that never accepted them as human beings, much less as citizens that enjoyed rights. Ask Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Jordan Baker, D’Andre Berghardt Jr., Tanisha Anderson, Rumain Brisbon, McKenzie Cochran, John Crawford, Denzell Curnell, Michelle Cusseaux, Ezell Ford, Akai Gurley, Dontre Hamilton, Jason Harrison, Darrien Hunt, Marquise Jones, Tamir Rice, Ernest Satterwhite, Yvette Smith, Cameron Tillman, Victor White III, Levar Jones, Vernicia Woodard, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, and the goddamn list is endless. I had to stop somewhere but the racist ass pigs in blue or brown sure as hell don’t. But you won’t have to worry about this happening to YOU, Syrian refugees. Your skin does not have OUR deep melanin!

So, don’t bellyache about you coming to Amerikkka and not receiving the kind of welcome you were expecting. Be thankful for what you can get because all of those Black people named in the aforementioned paragraph did not get the opportunity to choose to come to Amerikkka thanks to these filthy white asses over here fucking up their country, their ancestors were kidnapped and dragged over here to become slaves and they and myself are unwanted. But you’ll fare better than they ever did. Count on it Syrian refugees!

Oh, and lest I forget, the Indians would also like to welcome the refugees from Syria because they too, are doing so great! You see, the plight of the Indigenous Peoples of America is so bad that the United Nations sent a special rapporteur, S. James Anaya to lead an inquiry, the first of its kind. What he found was a range of social ills, high rates of poverty, alcoholism, domestic violence and low educational attainment.

According to S. James Anaya, “these are a product of what’s been referred to as intergenerational trauma spanning decades, really centuries, since the founding of the country and before.”

The Indians would just love for some more folks to illegally enter this country that by rights, should be theirs, but that pesky little problem was solved by a little small pox, firewater, beads and genocide by guess who? The same shits that have turned Syria into a bombed-out shell of a country with people fleeing left and right; refugees of course. Whitey white ass just cannot contain his thirst for ALL things material, nor can he contain his blood lust. It must be sated. Indian blood has been spilled by the ton and that did not stop the white’s thirst for blood. The blood of Negro or Black people has been spilled by the ton and AGAIN, this has done nothing to stop the white man’s thirst for blood. Nothing can stop it! This is why you are refugees; people of Syria, and this is also why you are wondering why you are being rejected by the very same white filth that rendered you, homeless. Let’s see how you fare here at ground zero with us Negroes and  Indians! Yeah! Read the sign to see how well WE are faring here in AmeriKKKa!


Welcome to Amerikkka! Home of the stupid, the racist and the ignorant! And last but not least, the killers!

22 thoughts on ““Welcome To America, Refugees From Syria!”

  1. Shelby, I fear these people coming over are going to be the fodder of cheap labour for the multinationals. Freedom is only a shallow word and up for interpretation.


    1. Well then, they’ll be joining the cheap labor pool that is already here. Temp agencies are the norm and they have mostly part-time jobs with few if any benefits. And with stores announcing closings left and right and workers demanding a $15 living wage, it’s gonna get even uglier than it already is. People cannot survive on $7.25 an hour and unless the Syrian refugees receive some great help from the agencies that have been contracted by the government to get them settled, they’ll wonder why they ever came here in the first place. But one thing I can say is that many people who come here as refugees fare better than those who were born here.

      I live in Minnesota and we have a huge Somali population and they are treated like royalty. They fare better than natural born Amerikkkan citizens. The government starts them off with no debt. They all have housing vouchers for townhomes. They are driving brand new minivans paid for by guess who? There are several high-rise apartment buildings that are rented only to Somalis. Natural born Amerikkkan citizens need not apply. These people didn’t wait on a goddamn thing. They came over here and the red carpet was rolled out for them while citizens of this country that had paid taxes for years, fell on hard times, lost their job and their home, are now sitting somewhere in homeless shelters with their children and this is fair? Hell if it is!

      Thank you for your comment Leslie!


      1. It is happening here too. Out food banks are overflowing and so are our homeless shelters. People will be frezzing to death on the streets this winter. The governmenets had better clue in on what is happening at home.


    1. And the motives should be questioned because you can bet that there is some foul ass shit behind having these refugees come to Amerikkka. You can bet that a false-flag operation is in the works and we’ll ALL be on lockdown. Curfews will be put in place. Armored vehicles from Iraq and Afghanistan will become common place and the people who go on and on about FEMA camps will finally be vindicated. The U.S. has been trying for years to initiate new gun control laws by pointing out how many mass shootings occur in Amerikkka as opposed to the rest of the world. But the gun lobbyists are too powerful. But remember the Boston bombing and Boston was put on lockdown and people were told not to leave their homes. Remember the Baltimore riots when a curfew was established and the National Guard was called in to enforce it. We are entering the next phase. Remember Jade Helm in Texas. They’re gearing up for something and the Syrian refugees just may play a part in all of this.

      Chalk this comment up to a ‘conspiracy theory’ of mine, but this shithole has done much more vile shit than what I’ve laid out here. Either way, we are headed for uncharted territory because this shithole is broke and fucked up and they’re already saying that this is not going to be a great holiday season for retail even with gas prices so low. If people are only working part-time and rents are sky high, that doesn’t leave any money left over to pay for expensive toys.

      I have a saying, “Beware of whites bearing gifts!” Just ask the Indians.

      Thank you for your comment Kelley!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like that saying! Or half-whites pressing buttons and holding conferences, like Obama.

        I don’t care for the term conspiracy theory for such smart, well put together ideas like yours, but I totally agree with all of it. These “test runs” are most likely precursors for something much bigger than we’ve experienced in our lifetime.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That goddamn half and half in the White House has helped every damn body else but us. I’ve long since taken off my rose-colored glasses where Obama is concerned and stomped the shit out of them.

        He would help a motherfucking alien from the planet Zetar before he’d lift a goddamn finger to even attempt to get these racist ass pigs up off our ass. Obama and that fucked up Justice Department has done not one single thing about the fact of Black mass incarceration. Millions of Black people are missing but we all know where they are. People talk of secret U.S. prisons all around the world holding suspected Middle Eastern terrorists when we’ve got so many Black people that have been pulled off the streets, never to be seen or heard from again. And then, we’ve got the ones that have been flat-out murdered in broad daylight and that shit is in our face and what the fuck are we gonna do about it? That’s how they roll and no, this is no damn conspiracy theory and I don’t blame you for not liking that term because neither do I. But when you go against the status quo, that’s the label we are given and you are right to take me to task for accepting it. If I could, I’d damn this shithole to hell! You know what I think of Amerikkka because I make no bones about it.

        Again, I thank you for that spot on comment Kelley! It is as right as rain!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You said it. Take care of home first. But we all know that if he actually spoke on the injustices and fake wars and attacks, helped Black people and really made moves to change the climate here for the better, he’d probably be dead by now.

        Thank YOU, Shelby! Glad I’m not wearing this tin hat by myself.


  2. Shelby, your sarcasm is as sharp as a two edged sword. Of course the Syrians are gonna blend right in and have a better time than we do, cause some of them are as white as becky and Aiden


    1. True! The agencies are already seeing to their housing needs. Yes, there are some governors that have told Obama that the Syrian refugees are not wanted in their states, but the Obama Administration will get around that. And yes, the Syrians have a more ‘acceptable’ hue to their skin than we do, so that is a big plus for them. Their only concern will be if skinhead Bubba decides to ‘shoot him a Syrian terrorist’ because you know how ignorant, stupid and brain dead most Amerikkkans are. This shit over here can’t think for themselves and must be told when to wipe their shitty ass or blow their goddamn nose.

      Thank you for the compliment. It is good to know that I am as sharp as I ever was!


    1. Well, I must be doing something right when I get no argument from you Dr. Bramhall. I am taking myself to the head of the class on this one.

      I thank you kindly for that most excellent compliment on this one. I’ll gladly take it and run with it!


  3. There is a lot more to the Syrian refugee situation. All is not as it seems.

    This was a great post by you. I really don’t have anything more to add on this take.


    1. N.S., yes indeed, there is a lot more to this Syrian refugee mess than meets the eye. Obama and crew are NOT humanitarians and the only people who should NOT be aware of that fact is whatever people/aliens are in a distant galaxy somewhere that this shit is hell bent on trying to find AND destroy. They’ve fucked this planet up and is now hell bent on getting NASA to find some other planet for them to fuck up. May they never get the opportunity.

      Thank you for your comment. I am floored by the fact that you can add nothing more. That means I’ve done a great job on this one! Wow!


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