Injustice Against Anyone Is Injustice Against Everyone.

I am reblogging this because it is extremely important and urgent! What is happening to the people mentioned in this post is beyond the end of enough! We must fight to end this by any means necessary! No one should be brutalized in the manner these people have been. It is also quite obvious from what I’ve seen that Black Lives Don’t Matter to the thugs that have disrespected elderly people, fabricated evidence against innocent people with a true disregard for the law. But because these people are Negroes, this is acceptable? No! It is not! For the love of …..!!!

Thank you The MilitantNegro™ for bringing these atrocities to our attention. My sincere hope is that by being informed; made aware of this, we should be standing together to fight against this happening to anyone else!

4 thoughts on “Injustice Against Anyone Is Injustice Against Everyone.

  1. It also needs to be stressed that without economic justice there is no social justice. Until 300-400 years ago, all our ancestors – both in Europe and Africa – had access to communal land they used to provide for their basic needs. This was stolen from all of us (besides which black people themselves were stolen). It’s insanity to perpetuate the myth that people need to “buy” the right to water and something to eat. As far back as the dawn of civilization, this was provided by the commons.

    In my mind, there will be no justice until the rich give back what they have stolen and restore the commons. Every human being on this planet has a basic right to food, water, shelter, education and health care, whether or not they have the means to pay for it.


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