Thanksgiving Day 2015

Eat THIS for Thanksgiving!

Crow's Head Soup

A White Thanksgiving, the Norman Rockwell way where celery seem the only vegetable. I’m dreaming of a white Thanksgiving, in the Norman Rockwell tradition where fruits are gathered around as well as on the table, and roasted flesh is served as the main course.

The Hollow Hallow Tradition of Thanksgiving

By hell, here we are again my friends, family, cohorts, loyal wife, sweet ‘n sexy sister-in-law, Bubba J, Betty-Jo, and lil’ Bubba T — get that finger outta your nose boy — all gathered together for yet another splendid Thanksgiving Day. A time when millions of imprisoned, tortured, and mercilessly plucked and decapitated turkeys grace the loving tables of Mr. and Ms. Goodfolk all across this wondrous land of bilk and money milk and honey; from sea to shining radioactive sea.

Few are the ways we dutiful subjects of Eminent Empire can better express our fondness and appreciation for the Spirit of Thanksgiving than in the sacrificial consumption of a genetically modified, holy wholly innocent winged creature. Thereby…

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One thought on “Thanksgiving Day 2015

  1. In my family, Thanksgiving dinners were always extremely dysfunctional. My grandmother used to invite an African student from the university in the hope the white people would be too ashamed to to argue and trash each other in front of them. It never worked.


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