What I Am Thankful For On this Day, Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving my ass


I really had no thought of writing anything on Thanksgiving Day because several of my dear blogger friends took the time to post some wonderful Thanksgiving Day blog posts. And I have already re-blogged them to my heart’s content. But I just want to take this opportunity, and this is off the top of my head, to let them know how appreciative I am to know that there are some people that truly think for themselves. It does my heart good to know that there are some who will not simply conform to the dictates of a fucked up society, but who will indulge themselves in a bit of critical thinking. Try it sometime! It does my heart good to know that there are others like me who refuse to ‘like’ all up and down on some lies that are told to us about Thanksgiving Day and because we are too damn lazy, we refuse to do our own research and dig for the truth even if we have to dig underneath a pile of outrageous lies to find it.

We have a goddamn president that is to this very day, hell bent on preaching the vile ass lies about how some pilgrims came to this continent and loved all up and down on the Indians and he even compared the ‘pilgrims’ to the Syrian refugees. This vicious, chronic, habitual liar had the goddamn nerve to call a band of genocidal, homicidal maniacs, “refugees!” My tongue would have twisted so goddamn bad trying to get that lie out, that it would have eventually twisted itself loose and escaped from my lying ass mouth! We are still sitting somewhere swallowing the lies of warmongers and war hawks who are just as bad as the depraved and vile shits that fucked up the Indians and then commenced to hunting down innocent people in Africa and dragged them here to become slaves. These so-called ‘pilgrims’ were not the salt of the earth; they should have been banned from the earth, as barbaric and brutal as they were and their progeny are still at it to this very day.

Kill! Kill! Kill! How can that ever be defined as benevolent, caring, compassionate, concerned and humanitarian? How can breeding and then killing millions of birds for Thanksgiving Day dinner tables ever be considered, humanitarian? How can consuming that which had a beating heart ever be considered, humanitarian? But that right there tells me something. It tells me that we so-called ‘humans’ have never been synonymous with ‘humanitarian’ for how could we be? We send our own offspring to die in wars started by depraved rejects from hell and we don’t have a problem with that. We know that the ‘animals’ that we consume on a daily basis have stood in piles of filth, stood in their own shit inside a hell and then were butchered as though they were never living tissue with eyes, brains, legs, a stomach; the same organs that we possess. Is it any wonder that the ‘human’ race is destroying itself? No, it is not! Because when we can destroy that which has never done us any harm simply because we want a steak; when we can destroy that which would leap gracefully away from us in fright and terror, we are not ‘human’. We shoot deer for sport. We consider this to be ‘hunting’. What a brave soul we are to ‘hunt’ down something that cannot defend itself against cowardly bastards with hunting rifles. You are not some great game hunter and yet you strut around with your trophies as though you have done something to be proud of. You’re nothing but a coward! You’re not fit to stand there looking all prideful beside the body of a dead lion or a dead deer or whatever else you think it your right to hunt down and kill because you are a depraved piece of filth! A cockroach stands heads and shoulders above your worthless ass!

Now, I am speaking to the hypocritical motherfuckers that went on and on about that big game hunter that went out and shot and killed Cecil, the lion. Why are YOU sitting down to a turkey dinner? Your hypocrisy petticoat is showing. I certainly did call it right when I called you all ‘hypocrites in my post, Trophy World because, indeed, that is what you are. How are you any different from the piece of dead shit that killed your beloved Cecil, the lion? Oh, that’s right! You did not actually kill that big, stuffed dead bird that you just carved into. So that makes it alright, doesn’t it. No, it does not! You were complicit in that bird’s death just as if you had killed it yourself because you were silent as the grave you are headed for because you stood by when you knew that millions of turkeys would lose their lives just so that you could display your hypocrisy and fake ass devotion to family and tradition. The next time a motherfucker kills Cecil, the lion’s brother’s brother, shut the fuck up! And don’t put that goddamn shit up for me to read because I fucking don’t appreciate reading about hypocrisy, ignorance and fake ass outrage! Save it! Because you have no cause to feel justified in your fake ass outrage over Cecil, the lion’s death while you sit there and unzip your pants because of your expanding stomach thanks to gorging yourself on a dead turkey! And then head to the doctor so that he can give you another pill because of all your weight-related health issues and then cry me a river!

And this brings me to something else. Our instinct for killing is not just for the so-called ‘animals’. We turn against other so-called ‘humans’ and we hunt and kill them for sport. We self-righteously tell ourselves that because this person’s skin tone is darker than ours, he or she does not deserve to live. They are not ‘human’. They will become just another trophy; another notch on this gun. Oh, this killing thing is sweet. It is so sweet that we can still sit up in church on a Sunday morning and bow our heads and pray about how good, benevolent and kind we are because we just put $100 into the collection plate and we wrote a $50 check out to Goodwill. See? We’re so good and thoughtful. Let us pat ourselves on our goddamn saintly ass back. That’s ‘humanitarian’. Again! No, it is not. That is hypocrisy. You’re a goddamn hypocrite and you are deceiving yourself into believing that you are good and decent when you are just flat out, dead filth. You don’t have a heart and you sure as hell don’t have that soul that your preacher or reverend is going on and on about. You are not going to some heavenly reward for being a humanitarian do-gooder. You are going to get planted and that’s it. Kid yourself all you want, but this is it. Do you honestly think that there is going to be some ‘god’ that is going to grant you the right to murder with impunity in some paradise beyond the stars? Do you honestly think that your filthy ass is going to enjoy the riches in some heavenly mansion? Yeah! Bow your stupid head and continue to pretend that you are the next best thing to a saint. You are nothing but a lying, hypocritical piece of nothing. I don’t care what your net worth is; you are worthless. I don’t care how much perfume you spray on or how much cologne you use, it will never conceal the stench of death because that is what you are; dead. And your ass is not in purgatory; that would be too good for the likes of you. This is it. You’re either a decent ‘human’ because you have got a heart or you are ‘dead’ and most of you are dead and you are the very ones who are posting “Happy Thanksgiving” posts back and forth to each other. You are the very ones that are gathering with the other thankful ‘dead’ pretending and postulating for the benefit of who? Because you have already proven that you are dead. Why else would you just go with the flow? You know what this day called, “Thanksgiving” is all about, but because you have no heart, you go on pretending that it is all about displaying fake ass love with family members you secretly hate and wish were dead so that you can swoop in and scoop up whatever trinkets and baubles and insurance benefits they may have left behind.

So yes, I am thankful because I am not sitting down at a table with a big stuffed dead bird on it; complete with all the trimmings. I am thankful because I am not gorging myself on the remains of a carcass of what used to be a living, breathing, beautiful bird. I am thankful that I am not sitting around the table with people that I detest and loathe all the while pretending that I am pleased to be with them. I am thankful that I am not a hypocrite; who after having prayed for 30 seconds, gorged myself on a dead bird, then immediately headed out the door to get a head start on my capitalism fix. I am thankful that I think for myself and have never felt the need to conform to the dictates of a fucked up society filled with the walking dead(and no, it’s not just a TV show). I am thankful that I can say that I am indeed, human and alive!

And no, I do not wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving” because I know what this day stands for and I have never stood for genocide, theft, lies, slavery, torture, rape, hunting, hypocrisy, corruption, brutality, barbarity, murder and war and I certainly don’t stand for ignorance. And if you are celebrating this day, you are too ignorant for words! And if you have a problem with this, bite me!

14 thoughts on “What I Am Thankful For On this Day, Thanksgiving Day!

  1. Shelby, how I wish I could claim to be a true “humanitarian.” Alas, I’m not a vegetarian! Later today, I’ll be sharing my first Thanksgiving meal with my son and his American-born wife. I am thankful for the people in my life and the precious moments we spend together.

    Hypocrisy is rife among our species. I, too, am guilty. It’s part of the dark side of our human nature that we struggle to overcome. I bleed every time I read your posts. How I wish that humanity had taken a different course in its evolution to this present moment in time! We continue to pay dearly for feeding the dark side of our nature. I continue to hold on to the hope that goodness and love will triumph in the ongoing struggle within us and between us.

    On this day of celebrated ignorance and hypocrisy, I wish you love.


    1. As long as I am alive, you can count on it HLJ! I’d have it no other way. You know that I don’t play and those that have been reading this here blog of mine for any length of time, they too are well aware of this!

      I sincerely thank you for your comment! And I am so very glad that you are not one of the sheep!


    1. Tubularsock, it’s the only way I know how to get it done! Hmmm…a sage…now I like that. If only I were . I absolutely love that extremely enthusiastic compliment on this one. Thank you very much!


  2. I’m thankful this is not a big holiday in the Caribbean however with the way things are going, I believe we’re fast on the track to total Americanization….

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  3. Hey Shelby, what do you think of the whole high speed rail “debate”? There’s a blog entry about it; in it the author says “America is still an immensely wealthy nation that can build a high speed railway if it wants.”

    If amerikkka is so “immensely wealthy”, Y are all these stores shutting down? Y the tent cities going up everywhere?? Somebody needs to wake up and smell the coffee!


    1. Well, I’ve already voiced my opinion regarding high speed rail. We don’t got none! Amtrak ain’t shit! I cannot even take a through train from the Midwest to the East Coast without having a day layover in Chicago.

      And yeah!, We’ve got some immensely wealthy fuckers here in Amerikkka, but the thing is see, the United Snakes of Amerkkka is bankrupt; broke and sinking like a stone. We keep ‘borrowing’ money and where we’re getting it is anybody’s guess. I’ve long since given up on trying to figure out how this shithole is functioning on fake ass monopoly money. The worker bees, better known as drones hardly got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. They’re screaming and yelling for a $15 an hour minimum wage for the worker drones that are flipping burgers, serving coffee and ringing up cheap, plastic Chinese junk. I sincerely hope that they are not holding their breath waiting on that to happen. And we’re ALL filled with E. coli so that could explain why we’re not waking up and smelling the coffee. We’re lying in bed sick as fuck with E. coli.

      Starbucks, Target among retailers affected by E. coli outbreak

      A California farm’s celery recall due to E. coli concerns has reached a number of major retail and grocery stores in more than a dozen states, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

      Last week, Taylor Farms Pacific, Inc. of Tracy, California, voluntarily recalled a number of celery products, used in foods including Costco’s rotisserie chicken salad, which tested positive for a virulent form of E.coli in a sample tested by the Montana Department of Health.

      Nineteen people from seven states, including California, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Utah, Virginia and Washington, have been sickened from eating it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Five of the patients were hospitalized and two have developed kidney failure, but no deaths have been reported.

      Costco said it removed the rotisserie chicken salad from all stores in the U.S. and stopped further production of the product until further notice. Consumers who purchased the chicken salad are urged to throw it away.

      Last month, we got E. coli from Chipotle.

      A widening U.S. E. coli outbreak has slammed sales at Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc, the company said on Friday, hours after federal authorities reported that people in nine states have now contracted food poisoning.

      Shares in the popular burrito chain tumbled nearly 8 percent to $518 in extended trading after Chipotle warned that sales at established restaurants could drop 8 to 11 percent for the fourth quarter from a year earlier. This would be the first such decline in company history.

      It’s making the rounds.

      But as for that high speed rail, fuggidaboutit!

      I thank you for your comment!


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