Commentary: The Sad State Of Being Brainwashed

When you speak the truth, cowards will not heed it nor will they accept it. They would rather kill the messenger.

Thought Provoking Perspectives

FotoFlexer_AnimationThis message is to those whose minds are brainwashed, blind, and those who can’t see. Today, as most of you sit in some church praying to white Jesus not realizing that black people have prayed far too long. I wonder how you looked at yourself in the mirror, as you prepared to look pretty for the pimp in the pulpit.

They murder some unarmed black person at least once a week and what do you do; pray or make a little noise for a day or so, and move on. I know you will say something foolish like “God is Good”! So I ask what good? You will say that you love God, who you cannot see, but you do not or cannot love your man or your brother, a black man that you can see. I know you are thinking shame on me. Well I will take that criticism but truth…

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16 thoughts on “Commentary: The Sad State Of Being Brainwashed

    • HLJ, yes indeed, I know that people just love to be fooled and scared. It relieves them of the necessity to get up off their sorry, lazy asses and do something. Fill them with fear over some made up enemy and they will jump on board with whatever it is TPTB want done. Make them scared and they act the same way. Find someone for them to hate and it will be so. These brainwashed and scared shitless shits make me wanna puke with their mindless zombifried mush they call, brains.

      Ahhh…HLJ, thanks man! I know you got my back! I love you man!


      • We’ll agree to disagree on this one. But I will tell you this, the reason we have 24 hour news is because people will watch this bs for 24 hours. The reason they have horror flicks coming out every week is because people love being afraid. The number show on tv…..The Walking Dead.

        You my sweetie with the kind vocabulary that I demand in women.

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  1. Wholly Weak. That liturgical call that rings out every year after year after year almost ad infinitum. What seems wholly missed at this commercially “blessed” time of year is the grating and utterly banal worship of hypocrisy. Xmas hypocrisy. Piss on Earth, good bombing campaigns for Muslims, and might ‘god’ have mercy on wee miserable sinners. And/or whatever.
    Let us all pray to Jebus that there is ‘additional lines of credit’ for shopping.


    • HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I am SO sorry Skulz, but your comment had me roaring with laughter! Yes, let us ALL pray to ‘Jebus’! LMAO!! You have got a way with words that even I don’t have; wordsmith that I’ve been called. I am SO very blessed this time of year because I am not of the brainwashed, brain dead and up to my neck in debt! Oh thanks be for thinking for oneself!

      Thanks for a blast of a comment Skulz! You set it off in here man!


  2. Great share, Shelby. Although the post is addressed to black people, most white people blindly submit to similar mental programming. It makes me sick at heart to see the way the government and PR industry have systematically programmed Americans produce phony emotions on command, totally preventing them from appreciating the totally controlled nature of their lives.

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    • “Phony emotions on command” is SO true, it ain’t even funny! You never beat around the bush, do you Dr. Bramhall? That was a rhetorical question because hell no, you do NOT! And I am glad of it. Yes indeed, we are all just faking it these days. Those fake ass tears and cheerful wishes are meaningless. Twitter solidarity and Facebook flags are mere phony displays of fellowship. What if anything is real, any more, other than hate and greed, brutality, racism, murder and war?

      I sincerely thank you for that spot-on comment Dr. B.!


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