Merry Christmas Sandra Bland And To All Black Women In AmeriKKKa!

Sandra Bland1


Merry Christmas to ALL Black women. If you don’t know where you stand, then ask Sandra Bland. Ask the Grand Jury that decided that indictments for her murder were not necessary. Ask Bernie Sanders why he said, “There’s no doubt in my mind that she, like too many African Americans who die in police custody, would be alive today if she were a white woman,” Sanders said in a statement. “We need to reform a very broken criminal justice system.”

How the fuck can a system that is so broken; so deliberately broken be reformed? It needs to be destroyed.

But there you sit, Black women, wrapping presents and smiling at your daughters who may one day end up just like Sandra Bland. There you sit, hoping that Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton will initiate a reform of a fucked up criminal justice system that is anything but JUST to US! It is JUST US in the criminal injustice system and don’t you know it. But still, you wrap gifts and head to the mall for some last minute gift ideas. You laughingly joke with your friends that you have finally approached the end of your shopping. The Christmas tree is decorated. The Christmas dinner is going to be delicious this year. You have got so much to be thankful for. Yes, be thankful that you and your daughters are not Sandra Bland. Be real thankful. Be so thankful that you forget to stop for a moment and forget about Sandra Bland. Forget about the stupid goddamn reason she was pulled over. Forget about the fact that she was jailed in Texas over a minor, a MINOR traffic infraction and did she ever see the light of day afterwards? Hell no! She was SO goddamn depressed over her new job in Texas that she hanged herself in a Texas jail. Texas! The Lone Star State; home of the Alamo where a brave group of white shits that had fucked up the Indians confiscated Mexico and decided that THEY were the oppressed. Yeah, right! When the fuck have whites EVER been oppressed? Yeah, I’d fucking like to see THAT oppression! It’s always been the other way around. Oh how they love to re-write history to suit their own fucked up agenda. But those of us who refuse to be blindsided and bamboozled by those bloodthirsty savages know better. We know that Sandra Bland did not kill herself regardless of what some see-through skinned rejects from hell say!

Hold on while I top my 64′ Christmas tree with a lily-white assed angel! “Oh dear white god, high atop your heavenly perch, I am feeling your love! Oh fucking yes I am! And so is Sandra Bland. She felt your goddamn love so damn much that she hanged herself. She wanted to fucking meet you that damn bad! I just know she did. The white motherfuckers tell me so!” Isn’t that why no one is being held accountable for her death? Of course it is! No white filth in Texas had a goddamn thing to do with Sandra Bland found hanged in a jail cell. Those handy trash bags are put there for the express purpose of hanging your depressed ass if you feel the call. And Sandra Bland, according to all reports from filthy white asses, did indeed heed the call to meet her white ass maker in the sky. Praise the Lawd and pass the blood of Geezus to cleanse and wash away her sins! St. Peter done opened the gates of heaven and Sandra Bland is poised to enter. Oh wait! Hell no! She cannot enter the pearly gates because she committed the ultimate sin; she committed suicide in a Texas jail cell. Sakes alive! What the fuck? Sandra Bland was put through hell on earth and dammit if she’s not hell bound upon completion of her stint of hell on earth. Ain’t religion grand? Sandra Bland should not have been buried on consecrated ground for she was a sinner of the first degree. “Hear ye! Hear ye! No suicide shall be buried on consecrated ground. So sorry Sandra Bland. Heaven is not for you!” so sayeth the white man.

Heaven is for the saintly ass whites that murdered you. They are the vile and filthy shits that blindly send Black women and their daughters into churches all across AmeriKKKa; to sit up and worship some lily-white assed god that will never recognize you. You’re not white-assed. So, sit your worthless ass down, Black women and continue worshipping that which would kill each and every one of you if they could. And believe me, they are trying. You are worthless to them. Don’t that beat all? Oh fucking yeah! But you fall for their bullshit every time. You head to church on Sunday morning. You sit up in the pew and you listen to the word as written by lily white ass and you believe it. You swear by it. You uphold it and it never lets you down, does it? “Oh, my son Cedric will graduate from high school, ‘god’ willing!” Fuck god. He don’t will shit! God is a figment of a white motherfucker’s imagination and he uses that ‘god’ to control you and it is working. Why should it not? You’re fucking brainwashed and don’t lily white ass know it. He’s done a goddamn good ass job of it!

So, go ahead and sing your Christmas carols. Deck the halls with boughs of holly and fa-lalalala all goddamn day long. Spend your money! Max out your credit cards. Make some rich white shit’s day! Give over the title to your car and then buy that gigamongus 220″ HDTV. Hock your ass for the white man’s junk! He won’t even thank you for it. But he will hang your ass in a Texas jail and claim that you hanged yourself; you were THAT depressed AND suicidal! Deck your goddamn halls!

Merry Christmas, Sandra Bland and to you a silent, lonely and deadly night!

21 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Sandra Bland And To All Black Women In AmeriKKKa!

      1. I had to heed the call! I could not let this one pass without making a statement. That beautiful woman’s life was snuffed out by some vile racist ass filth and just as they always do, they get away with it while we carry on as though nothing untoward has happened. I despair OF us and FOR us!

        Thank you for your comment!


    1. You are not alone in that rage, my friend! I am spitting bricks and AGAIN, I say, “Why I have not combusted, spontaneously, is a complete mystery to me! And people have the goddamn nerve to wonder why I cannot bring myself to celebrate this travesty of a holiday. This shit does NOT apply to me. To hell with it and fuck it!


      Thank you for your comment Tubularsock!


  1. It’s okay you see, the Waller County grand jury suffers from Bill Cosby syndrome. There was no rape and/or murder in the Waller County jail. Just ask Bill Cosby but be damn delicate in the asking. Cosby and Waller County will sue you for defamation if you’re not delicate.
    It’s Texas and Black lives DO NOT MATTER!


    1. Well, they can just sue my Negro ass from here to Jebus’s kingdom; Jebus goddamn KRISTE! I am shaking in my favorite winter boots bought from Nordstrom’s and if anybody believes that I bought some goddamn boots from Nordstrom’s, then I’ve got a high suspension bridge in San Francisco that I’m selling dirt cheap! I ain’t bought a goddamn thing for this celebration of ‘Capitalismas’ and I am fucking not going to! My goddamn mother long since gave up on receiving a goddamn thing from me for ‘Capitalismas’ and so did my niece and nephew and every goddamn body else!

      Sandra Bland was misused, abused and murdered inside that Texas jail and everybody that’s got more than two brain cells functioning fucking know it! I know it without a shadow of a goddamn doubt, but then I wasn’t a member of the Grand Jury, a Grand Jury of anything BUT Sandra Bland’s peers. Oh we know that only worthless vile ass shits with see-through skin made up that entire goddamn worthless ass Grand Jury. But justice doth prevail! Sandra Bland is guilty as hell of throwing herself inside a Texas jail cell so that she could end her life! Makes sense to me! Goddamn! I’m lying!

      Thank you for that spot on comment Skulz! It is much appreciated as I am sure you know!

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      1. Knights of the Ku Klux Grand Jury are the law unto themselves. In Tex-ass and just about wherever in the Amerika. No justice no peace and that’s the bottom line.
        Damn Ms. Shelby, I do love your militance. Well and you. THAT’S the bottom line…

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      2. You are one in a gazillion Skulz and I love you right back! You are every bit as militant as I am and that I love also! No namby-pamby shit for us! We fucking lock and load and take NO prisoners!

        It is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!!

        Thanks a million, man!


    1. Indeed it is, Dr. Bramhall. Indeed, it is! And what’s more, though you write the truth, ‘classic North American apartheid’ will NEVER go away! In fact, it is encouraged, worshipped and insidious!

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. Beautiful post Shelby!! All truthful but very sad. As usual you never hold back. And that’s why everyone respects you so much.
    “How the fuck can a system that is so broken; so deliberately broken be reformed? It needs to be destroyed.”
    That just about sums it up in my opinion.


    1. Thank you Prince for that most enthusiastic comment on this one, but it would appear that I am talking to my goddamn self! Oh well, what’s new???!!! Not a goddamn thing! Police brutality continues, unabated as does systemic racism, discrimination, classism, sexism, a goddamn prison system that houses almost exclusively, Black and Brown bodies. If we’re not jail bound, we’re morgue bound; riddled with 365 bullets, one for every goddamn fucked up day in this shithole! Hell! Why the fuck do I even bother?!!!

      Sigh! Again, I thank you for your comment Prince!

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      1. Stay strong sista! There’s a lot of people who feel the same way. Let that be some comfort. We’re not going out without a fight.

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      2. Thanks Prince! I am trying to simmer down but it is hard when this much shit is being flung and we are expected to eat it. I don’t eat shit and I sure as hell don’t appreciate it being flung at me.

        Thanks again man!

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  3. My prayers and thoughts go out to,among others, the Black American women out this holiday season. Things are not going to get better for them.

    Not that it should take away from what happened to her, but Texas does not have the most anti-black whites and I would not put it at the bottom in that category.

    I only believe in part of the Bible but what we have been taught in most churches has not been helpful. It is not correct. More and more of us are leaving the churches.


    1. Well, Texas is not exactly teeming with Black brotherly and sisterly love; quite the opposite. I am not specifically picking on Texas but it just so happens to be the state that executed Sandra Bland for failure to use a turn signal. And the state of Texas certainly has no problem executing people. In fact, it seems to want to win first place in an execution contest.

      I am well aware that there is not a state in this shithole that is not lethal to Black and Brown bodies and I have no problem naming them as they appear in the headlines with yet another brutal and uncalled for murder of said Black and Brown bodies. You be politically correct. I’ll be correct.

      I believe in nothing in the bible and I have not only long ago left the church, I ridicule it!

      Thank you for your comment.


  4. I didn’t express myself close to as well as I wanted to after the first paragraph. I stand by the correctness of the second paragraph but this post was the wrong context for me to use it so I am not going to further explain it(also, your new post on incidents in other states touched on a little of what I meant-you, unlike other commentators, are not asleep on the job when it comes to black women). The third paragraph was just not what I wanted either.

    After all that has happened to black females all over the country in recent years, the grand jury decision in this case is not surprising at all. More and more black women, however, will change their outlook from the normal perspective though it does not look so now. Rest wherever you are, Sandra.


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