On Christmas Day, War Is Always Such A Blessing!

the peace of war

War is always such a blessing
It never is distressing or depressing.
I know all too well that this is true.
War has been good for me and you.

You proudly give your lives up for the rich.
For us, life never is a bitch.
In a blaze of glory, you go out.
And really, that’s what it’s all about.

The drone operators are so brave
as they send little children to their grave.
Since the world has become a battleground,
the drums of war make a lovely throbbing sound.

Teach your sons and your daughters about their duty.
And one day, when they are dead, we’ll make a movie.
It will honor their brave and noble deeds.
The wounded, we shall see to all their needs.

Through war, we bring peace unto this earth.
And though you break out in dubious peals of mirth,
the last laugh will always be on you,
for none of what is written is ever true.

When we put a lethal weapon in your hand,
and send you to die in a foreign land,
your life means nothing, you should know,
but you never give pause, you just go.

War is not only just a blessing,
to us, it is also quite refreshing,
that you are so willingly prostituted,
and it’s all because you are just too stupid,
to understand that if it were not for you,
no drone would ever strike on cue!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

On this Christmas Day, as you gorge yourself and unwrap your debt and hug Aunt Sue, remember that bombs also paid for by you peace-loving Amerikans are being dropped on innocent people in foreign lands. But that is of no consequence to you since the only thing you concern yourself with is your own indulgences; those things which give you pleasure in life. What’s a little drone striking of a wedding party in Yemen. It’s not your daughter’s wedding that got bombed. What’s a little collateral damage? It’s not your son that got blown to bits. What’s a little hospital bombing? It’s not the hospital that treats your medical issues. It’s not happening in Amerika, so just enjoy this day because it is all about you!

“War? What war? We will think about THAT tomorrow, if at all. Because you see, I don’t like that horrid little tired ass sweater that Aunt Sue gave me for Merry Capitalismas Day and I am so hoping that tomorrow, I can exchange it for something that I want. Aunt Sue knows damn well that she’s got NO taste. Why oh why didn’t she just give us all gift cards? SIGH! And my flight had better be on time or someone is going to hear about it. One thing about me, I am not at all selfish, self-serving and self-centered since I have maxed out my credit cards to make sure that no one turns their nose up at MY gift. There was no need for me to even take the price tags off. I want them to know how much in debt I’ve gone for this thankless lot. And look at Uncle Jim, he’s drunker than a lord; all red-faced and puffy and look at those cute little darlings of mine; they are absolutely ferocious in opening their presents. Oh quick! Let me get a picture of them to post to Facebook! I am going to get plenty of ‘likes’ for this one. Ah! This is THE life. War? What war! There is only peace on earth within my narrow, limited little world. Christmas 2015, a Christmas to remember!”-Any American on Christmas Day, every year!

16 thoughts on “On Christmas Day, War Is Always Such A Blessing!

    1. Thank you Skulz! And yours was powerful as well, that is why I re-blogged it! And yeah, this is SUCH a great nation because thanks to war, we’ve got SO many homeless tent cities in Amerika, we’re even thinking of actually incorporating them into real cities. Let’s see. Let us name the first incorporated homeless tent city, “Camp Delight!”

      “Welcome to Camp Delight; homeless tent city of the future! When your rent’s too high or you’ve defaulted on your mortgage, come here, pitch a tent and enjoy the delights of endless camping out beneath the stars. The weather is great! -40F is an excellent temperature for snuggling up to keep warm!”

      And I think we need a few thousand more food banks and food shelves. I hear they’re all the rage now. Lines out the goddamn door; day and night. We’ve got to feed the WAR MACHINE, first and foremost! Hungry women, children and men, who the fuck cares? No one is hungry today because it’s Christmas in Amerika! Good tidings, good food and peace on earth. That is why we celebrate THE BIRTH OF THE CHRIST CHILD, isn’t it????!!!

      “Hark the herald angels sing
      “Glory to the newborn King!
      Peace on earth and mercy mild”

      Again, thanks Skulz for that spot on comment!

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      1. Rally round the family with a pocket full of shells…
        Tent City is exactly what the ruling elite wants for amerika. If one is entrapped in a tent city, well, that ‘one’ doesn’t get to vote. Disenfranchised by design.
        Not that voting means more than about squat.

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      2. The ONLY thing that means squat is that we had best get to buying, buying, buying and please to put it on the credit card so that banks can rake in interest, interest and interest and the debt never gets paid off. It just accumulates. As soon as these dumb fucks pay down the Christmas debt from last year, they’re back where they started.

        And do they really need US to vote? I don’t fucking think so because I am quite sure that the next snake that slithers inside the Oval Office has already been hand-picked. Voting is meaningless and that is why I refuse to spend another goddamn nanosecond standing in line to cast a useless ass vote.

        Skulz, thank you for your comment!


  1. According to the UN, there are 12 major wars going on right now. And what makes a war a war? Well, 1000 or more battlefield deaths are what makes a war a war. Now, the cops have killed over a 1000 people here in the states this year so does that mean we are at war with the fucking police? Hey, I didn’t make that figure up that comes directly from the UN. Also, there are told numbers of civil wars going on right now where nothing but civilians are being killed. We have this war on drugs i.e. war on people, there’s a war on women’s rights to do what the hell they want with their very own bodies. There’s a war on homelessness, meaning if you homeless keep your ass moving or you will go to jail. There is a war on poverty I have no clue how that’s being fought other than handing out food stamps. There’s a war against our home, Earth. By the time, they get done fucking this place up all it’ll be fit for is war. So as the world celebrates this December 25th they might have forgotten the world is indeed on fire and thank you, Ms. Shelby, for reminding them.

    AND!!!! No truer statement has been made than this one, “unwrap your debt”.

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    1. And the UN can just shut the fuck up because the majority of those wars that the UN goes on and on about were started by these depraved see-through skinned AmeriKKKan rejects from hell! The UN does not do a goddamn thing about the human rights abuse charges that have been leveled against the lily white asses that have gone all across the planet, fucking Black and Brown bodies up, left and right!

      When the citizens of Detroit petitioned the UN regarding the human right to water when mass water shut-offs occurred, what the fuck did the UN do? Merely stated that it was a human rights issue of the first degree and should not be happening. Is it NOT happening? Indeed, mass water shut-offs are still occurring and not only in Detroit, but also in Baltimore, MD. And who makes up the majority in both of those cities? Why, Black bodies, of course! So, what’s the goddamn problem???!!! There is none. Black folks is barely three-fifths human, so what the fuck do we need with water? We fucking don’t! But goddamn Fido sitting somewhere in his cashmere sweater all up in the ‘pet hotel’ had better NOT be dehydrated when the lily white-assed shits get back from the Christmas holidays! Fuck the UN! The UN ain’t about shit and Black and Brown bodies are just as worthless to the UN as they are to this foul ass fucked up shithole called AmeriKKKa!

      I’ve more than likely burst a blood vessel or something over this one! I do thank you for your comment because you are correct in what you say! But remember, the goddamn hypocrites are celebrating “PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TOWARD MAN, yada, yada, yada!!” And the homeless can call jail, home. The hungry can just starve and those Brown people in the Middle East sitting atop oil can just expect more wars of naked aggression by these worthless vile ass paled skinned creatures from hell!!

      Merry Goddamn Christmas, one and motherfucking all! Goddamn it!


      1. Exactly! And it is ALL done by design! The UN kowtows to this shithole and don’t we ALL know it!

        When has the UN declared that sanctions should be leveled against this shithole for human rights abuses; police brutality, blatant, outrageous racism, discrimination, sexism, classism, mass poverty and income inequality, mass incarceration of Black people and the goddamn list is endless. The UN should be mandating that the Negro in AmeriKKKa be placed on the endangered Homo sapiens species list. How many of us need to be shot dead, daily, by the KKK dressed in blue or brown before that shit is considered an epidemic of epic proportions? On the goddamn twelfth of never, that’s when!

        Again, thank you for your comment.


    1. I am having a great ole time spitting bricks and bullets! Can’t you tell? If folks are brave enough to come all up in here, they’d best be ready to duck and dodge!

      Thanks for your comment 1EarthUnited.


  2. Shelby, Count our blessings? We can’t even keep up. Wonder what our ‘curse is, with war being a positive good and all. Or rather, it’s no wonder at all — we know what the curse is. Thanks for reminding us though, as all the Christmas noises would induce amnesia … or is that nausea? – Linda

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    1. You know Linda, I thought that with this day being almost over that finally those goddamn Christmas commercials would get the fuck out of my face, but NO, now I’m bombarded with AFTER Christmas sales( and remember, I don’t even own a goddamn TV, the shit I see is online). It fucking NEVER ends! We fucking can’t spend enough goddamn money as far as these greedy ass corporate bastards are concerned. And the sad fact is that there are going to be millions of stupid, hypnotized AmeriKKKan shits out tomorrow, spending AGAIN! I fucking despair of US, worthless fucks!

      Thank you for your comment Linda, I am WAAAAAY past nauseated with this hypocritical bullshit!


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