Death By Accident!

chicago pig uniform


Now, it appears that the Chicago police are not only killing Black people intentionally, but also quite by accident! For the love of …….!!!!!!

Quintonio LeGrier, 19, was killed early Saturday by police responding to a domestic disturbance, along with downstairs neighbor Bettie Jones, 55, police said.

Jones was hit accidentally by the gunfire, the police said. Both victims were black.

What does ‘accident’ mean?




noun: accident; plural noun: accidents


an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
“he had an accident at the factory”

synonyms: mishap, misadventure, unfortunate incident, mischance, misfortune, disaster, tragedy, catastrophe, calamity; technicalcasualty
“an accident at work”

•a crash involving road or other vehicles, typically one that causes serious damage or injury.
“four people were killed in a car accident”

synonyms: crash, collision, smash, bump, car crash; More

informal smash-up, pileup, fender bender

“she was injured in a highway accident”

used euphemistically to refer to an incidence of incontinence, typically by a child or an animal.


an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.
“the pregnancy was an accident”

synonyms: (mere) chance, coincidence, twist of fate, freak; More
fluke, bit of luck, serendipity;

fate, fortuity, fortune, providence, happenstance

“it is no accident that there is a similarity between them”

•the working of fortune; chance.
“my faith is an accident of birth, not a matter of principled commitment”




So, the KKK pig dressed in blue did not intentionally kill 55-year old Bettie Jones? Bettie Jones just threw herself in front of the pig’s gun and it inadvertently fired and the shot accidentally killed her and off to the morgue, she went. No, that is not what happened, except for the “off to the morgue, she went, part.” What happened is called the two-for-one special. Officer KKK pig saw a chance to take two niggers out and he took it. What’s a little PAID administrative leave? Hell! What KKKop wouldn’t like to sit on their ass and draw a paycheck for ‘accidentally’ killing niggers? Yep! I see plenty of pale-skinned hands just a waving and some more shit!

We are expected to believe that Black-skinned Bettie Jones was UNINTENTIONALLY killed by a racist ass KKK pig in blue? That’ll be the day! Poor Bettie Jones was killed by an unintentional happenstance,  providence, something out of the blue? No, it was definitely IN blue. All decked out in blue.

Police did not immediately disclose the race of the officer, saying only that the officers involved will be placed on administrative duties for 30 days.

I shall now, CORRECT and make factual the above sentence for them.

“Police did not immediately disclose the fact that a member of the Ku Klux Klan intentionally, by a bit of luck, by fortune and fate, murdered Bettie Jones,  saying only that this particular KKK pig involved will be, as usual, placed on PAID administrative duties for 30 days pending nothing.”

So, Black folks! Remember, when you get tired of this endless shit, you’ll fucking know what to do, but until then, the KKK pigs will continue to intentionally AND accidentally by a bit of luck, by happenstance and fortune and by fate or by a fluke, kill you!

28 thoughts on “Death By Accident!

    1. I must say Leslie, it does not look as if you’ll ever be able to give that song, a rest! I wish we could bury it because it is no longer necessary as a reminder that Black people should be more than just target practice for racists with a badge and a gun, but apparently, that is not going to happen anytime soon! SIGH!

      But I certainly thank you for AGAIN, posting “The Rose of Black is Sacred!”

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  1. What do you think would happen if I were to say, kill my neighbor by “accident”. It would be manslaughter and I’d be up the river without a turbine. What do you think would happen if a cop killed me by, let’s say, “accident”? Well, he’d get a two week paid vacation while they do some bullshit inside investigation. Of course, the “investigation” will prove that it was just an unfortunate misfortune and that would cop is back on the street to continue with his “accidental” policing of the hood. Open and shut and all who don’t like it well, so what?


    1. You’ve got it ALL wrong HLJ! The KKKristians are just sending us spawns of African savages to meet their maker. We are to look upon ‘accidental death by the KKK’ as a blessing. We get to meet the great white god in the sky that made the KKKristians in his own image. The KKKristians is just sending us ungrateful Black heathens to their paradise so that we can wait on them hand and foot there just as we do here. We are supposed to feel honored to be so privileged as to be allowed to serve them in their heavenly paradise beyond the stars. Isn’t it just exciting? Poor Bettie Jones is there, right now, bending over fields of heavenly cotton that will soon be used to clothe the pure ass whites in their robes of cottony virtue.

      Such wretched souls as we should be more than delighted to continue our servitude once we gain entrance through the pearly gates. It is the only way in for us, doncha know? Our ancestors are in the KKKristian’s heaven pouring magnums of champagne into delicate long-stemmed flutes of the finest crystal and thinking what a rare opportunity it is to continue to wait, hand and foot on their betters. What a death!

      Excuse me a minute while I step outside and SPIT!

      As to what would happen to you if you killed your neighbor? Hmmm…. Let me think. You would not be given paid leave. You would not remain outside of a prison cell. You would not get to vote, ever again. You would however, get brutalized while being arrested, tasered, beaten, probably shot by a KKKop and most likely, you’d be morgue bound and therefore, like poor Bettie Jones here, be headed to meet the KKKristian’s white ass god, their maker! That’s what you’d get HLJ! And we ALL know it!


  2. Black lives do not matter. Not to the Gestapo. Not to the political ruling establishment elite. However, Ms. Bettie was shot dead in Chiraq. Chiraq is a war zone SO, Ms. Bettie would be counted as “collateral damage.” Body counts are everything but, not in Chiraq.
    Black lives do not matter nor count.
    Ain’t amerika great? Grating? Gratuitous?
    Good post Ms. Shelby. Please watch your back and I am dead damn serious.

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    1. Will you please speak up just a wee bit LOUDER, Skulz so that the #BLACKLIVESMATTER group can hear you? They are under the mistaken impression that #BLACKLIVESMATTER, but I would like for you to take their rose-colored glasses off and disabuse them of that notion. They are delusional and need to heed your wise words in order for them to be brought back down to earth. How they got so far up in the clouds is anyone’s guess. But PLEASE let the cat out of the bag that BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER! They never have and they never will!

      And we best not be looking to the UN for assistance. We best not be looking to the ‘white’ community for assistance because as we can see, many of the ‘whites’ have been marching with the #BLACKLIVESMATTER group, but has that stopped the murder of Black people by the Klan dressed in blue or brown? Hell no! Those fucks are kin to those racists with a gun and badge. I hear tell that even the clergy has taken up residence within the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and it’s made no goddamn difference at all. I wonder why? Like hell I do! The goddamn KKKops are sitting up in church every Sunday morning with the rest of their brothers and sisters, the KKKristians!

      Skulz, I thank you kindly for insisting that I basically “watch my back!” I am! I will! I shall! But I’ve never been the type to back down from a fight and I’m not about to start now. If I don’t stand for something, I’ll fall for anything. And that just ain’t me! But, again, I thank you kindly for your concern. It is much appreciated. But the shits are already on my ass. You have no idea!

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      1. The Brothers and Sisters of BLM are unwilling to risk their comfort. That old amerikan comfort. However measured and token that comfort may be.
        Militant dissidence is the call to action. I appreciate you asking me to speak out to the BLM’S. However, I’m of the wrong persuasion. That’s perfectly okie-dokie as, I’ve been of the wrong persuasion my entire life. Not commie enough or not activist enough or not monied enough. I don’t care actually. I’m still standing and have been an “enemy of the state” for just about as long as I’ve been freed from stir. Yes I am one of those on top of all else. Someday I’ll have to tell you the story of my being laser targeted and caught in the crosshairs of an F-16. True story by the by. I stood my ground and was prepared to be Hellfired to the next world. Yeah, the fuckers are that nuts. Waste a perfectly good Hellfire on the likes of moi. I think that’s kind of funny.

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      2. Skulz, you are not of the wrong persuasion. I have seen with my very own brown eyes, people of your persuasion, walk hand-in-hand with people of mine and they were doing this while holding signs stating #BLACKLIVESMATTER!

        So, it would not be a stretch for you to lend your words of wisdom to a movement that could surely use them. Of course, I would not deign to enter a meeting of the Knights of Sainted Whitehood without first assuming ‘white face’, but you on the other hand, need have no fear that you would not be accepted into the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement unless you got yourself up in ‘black face’. Haven’t you heard? Black folks are more accepting and tolerant than the pale skin variety. Why else have we gotten nowhere in 400 years?

        But nevertheless, if any #BLACKLIVESMATTER groupie should step all up in here, your words should not ring hollow, but should ring crystal clear.

        And I thank you for them even if no one else does. Ever the bold one I am to be sure!

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    1. Thank you curi56 for bringing yet more ‘accidental’ killings of Black people by KKKops into the spotlight! I am absolutely positive that these killings were also, accidental, a fluke, purely by chance and happenstance. There is just no way possible that these killings could have been yet another execution of Black people by the government sanctioned gestapo skinheads, I just know it!

      As Black folks, we just don’t realize when our time is up! And so the KKKops must take us out since we won’t do it!

      “Ahhh! The grand scheme of things; walk the line and don’t step out.
      The more you protest and march and shout,
      the more body bags are filled in the morgue
      shot and killed by the!”

      Again, I thank you for your comment curi56.


    1. And yet, the US refuses to do so! Hmmmm….I wonder why. Not really. The US has no problem posting the killings of KKKops like that is a big deal, when it’s not.

      If I put on a uniform that came with a gun, I would expect to get shot at. And yet, I hear that a construction worker’s job is more dangerous or hazardous than a KKKops. Go figure! The majority of worthless shits that make up the KKKop force in AmeriKKKa are skinheads and members of other white supremacy groups; not to mention those worthless killing shits that headed over to Afghanistan and Iraq and wherever else and kill people, piss on their dead bodies and then email them to each other. That shit then comes back to the U.S. and commences to sign up for the police force and as correctional officers and they continue with their reign of brutality and torture and murder. And since this shithole was founded on genocide, brutality, torture and murder, not a goddamn thing has changed!

      Again, thank you for posting that!


    1. Well Dr. Bramhall, you know that disarming the KKKops will never happen. We’ve got too many real bad Black folks here that need to be contained/and/or shot dead; preferably shot dead and to be able to do that, KKKops need guns. They are armed with those guns for that very reason; to shoot Black bodies, DEAD! Fill up the morgue today and likewise, tomorrow.

      I agree with you. They need to be disarmed and if they are not disarmed, then the people need to have the ability to defend themselves against them by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!

      But remember, everything that ‘law enforcement’ does in AmeriKKKa, as long as it results in the death of a Black person, is appropriate and necessary, so says the U.S. government.

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


  3. Good job explaining what administrative leave really means in this context. Many people don’t know what it is.

    I won’t be surprised when this case does not even reach the trial stage. These cases, even when it involves a woman, rarely make it to that phase.

    The same marching over and over. When will our people learn? Also, the Black Lives Matter crew is not helping. They should stop.


    1. They ALL end the same! No harm! No foul! Black lives don’t matter! Just take a look at what’s going down with the Tamir Rice case. No ‘white’ KKKop is guilty of that child’s death. That half and half in the White House shed crocodile tears over the Newtown, CT killing of ‘white’ kids and called for extensive gun reform, but what has he said about the fact that a twelve-year old child was playing in a park and seconds after the KKKops showed up, the child was dead? He has said not a goddamn thing and if he did, it wasn’t worth mentioning. But he ain’t said shit! He is just a motherfucking stooge for his handlers and they are all ‘white-assed’!

      We have got to get up off our lazy asses and fuck shit up! Protest signs and marching don’t get a goddamn thing done. We are to listen to and heed the words of namby-pamby assed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as he went on and on about non-violent this and non-violent that when what has that accomplished? It has accomplished the shedding of more tears over the demise of fathers, sons, brothers, mothers, daughters, aunts, uncles, sisters; that’s what. And that #BLACKLIVESMATTER bullshit is just that, BULLSHIT! The continual marching up to the very doors of the depraved and vile shits that are killing us is THE very definition of insanity. I refuse to condone madness! That group, #BLACKLIVESMATTER claims to welcome one and all. I do not welcome MY enemy to fight with me. It is akin to asking YOUR enemy to watch YOUR back when he is the one that is filling it full of bullet holes. Now, how in the hell does that make sense? It does not! But you can’t explain that to those stupid shits!

      When the Baltimore riots occurred over the murder of Freddie Gray, the rioters were condemned but when the smoke cleared, the rioters were the very ones that cleared up some shit by pointing out that Koreans had opened up illegal liquor stores on every goddamn corner in Baltimore, MD and was doing a lucrative ILLEGAL business of selling alcohol to those poverty-stricken Black Baltimoreans. How many Koreans were selling liquor to other Koreans? Not a goddamn one of those bastards. How many liquor stores did the Koreans open up in predominantly Korean neighborhoods? Not a goddamn one! The city of Baltimore city council officials all gasped as one, “How could this happen?” It fucking happened because the shits that run that city are corrupt, greedy and on-the-take. They knew that those liquor stores were illegal because they had to license them. But they had no problem calling the Black protestors, thugs. Nothing was said about how thuggish the Koreans were for paying bribes to the Baltimore officials to look the other way and no one said anything about how corrupt the city officials of Baltimore are since they were receiving the bribes from the Koreans for looking the other way over their illegal liquor stores. Who gives a damn when Asians are killing Black people with their fucking liquor. It was what the ‘whites’ used to help kill the Indians off. If it works, why change the script? They haven’t. It is still business as usual; the business of GENOCIDE!

      Thank you for your comment N.S.


    1. Be harsh! Don’t tip-toe around our people! They need “in the face and straight up with it!” This is war! There ain’t no time to worry about feelings and who you’re being hard on. They need to wake up and smell the gunpowder! Because those guns are aimed at us! And hell no! The marching don’t work! Just you ask Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Who gives a damn about his dream? We ain’t got time to dream! We’re too busy dying at the hands of the official Klan members decked out in blue and brown! Fuck a dream!

      Again, thank you for your comment N.S.!


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