black fingers matter

Gosh and golly gee! This means the world to me!

Skulz, thank you!

Fellow bloggers, ya just gotta listen to this one!

And remember, fellow bloggers, when you get to be as great a blogger as I am, you get awarded for it! Now, I shall preen and prance with MY award, given to me by the one and only, Donzo’s Guerrilla Graffica otherwise known as my dear, sweet and awesome, SKULZ!!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!


More Black Violin. I am enamored with the Brothers and their skill. Once upon a time I played guitar. That was a damn long time ago.

Also this is for Ms. Shelby. M’Lady of the righteous militance is today’s nominee for the Stand Up And Count Award as awarded by Donzo’s Guerrilla Graffica.

Fuck yeah!

Black Violin –

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10 thoughts on “black fingers matter

  1. There was a time black people were reviled for their inherent music ability – it was taken as evidence of their base nature and lack of rationality. This, at least, seems to to be changing. All important American music, ragtime, jazz, blues, rock has its roots in African American culture. It’s so obvious that the ruling elite can no longer deny it.


    • Yeah, because now they just ‘appropriate’ our music! When they can’t make it go away, then they take it for their own! That’s the way it is now. Elvis Presley is considered the ‘king of rock and roll’ and that shit is not true. Eminem is considered to be the greatest rapper and that shit is not true. R&B is being crooned by white singers and they don’t have a goddamn clue of what it is to ‘sing the blues’. I am fed up with this shit!


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