“Black Lives Matter, Tamir Rice!”

Tamir Rice 2


#BLACKLIVESMATTER, tell that to Tamir Rice! Go to that child’s grave and stand over him and tell him that “BLACKLIVESMATTER!” If he could, he would rise up and slap the goddamn shit out of you! And if he didn’t, I would!

A Cleveland grand jury declined Monday to bring charges in the death of Tamir Rice, a black youth with a toy gun who was shot by a white police officer 13 months ago.

“The outcome will not cheer anyone, nor should it,” Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said. He blamed the shooting on a “perfect storm” of human error and miscommunication.

Let me get this straight! Twelve-year old Tamir Rice was playing with a toy gun in a park and someone called the police and three seconds after the KKKops arrive, Tamir Rice was shot and killed. Now, the County Prosecutor is calling this a “perfect storm” of human error and MISCOMMUNICATION???!!!

First of all, the only human at the scene was Tamir Rice because that piece of Klan filth that murdered him was NOT human. How can it be called ‘human’ when it killed a child? Oh, that’s right! To the ‘whites’, Tamir Rice, being Black was only three-fifths human and so there you have it folks! Nothing to see here! Move it along! A thing was killed! A possession! A slave! The slave patrol was dispatched because a slave got out and was found playing. This was against the law and was punishable by death. So it was written hundreds of years ago and so the very same law remains in effect to this very day. What the fuck has changed?

Second, the County Prosecutor, ‘white assed’ Timothy McGinty goes on to say that there was also the problem of MISCOMMUNICATION! How in unholy hell could Tamir Rice have communicated a goddamn thing in the three seconds that it took for the KKKop to gun him down? What could a scared and bewildered child say to a bastard that is pointing a gun at him? Tamir Rice was given NO time to say a goddamn thing! My bad! His skin tone spoke FOR him! It told that Klan bastard that he was of no account because he was not lily-white assed. That was the only communication that filth in blue was concerned with and that is why Tamir Rice is dead and buried and no one shall be held accountable for his murder!

And now, here comes #BLACKLIVESMATTER to the rescue! That ‘movement’ is going to? To? To what? Continue marching up to the doors of Klan headquarters and demand that those racist ass shits inside, open the goddamn door and ‘communicate’ with them on how they are going to stop the mass murders of Black children, women and men ? #BLACKLIVESMATTER is going to do what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and all of the other protesters could NOT do fifty years ago. #BLACKLIVESMATTER is going to yell even louder, march even longer and protest more enthusiastically than ever before and that is going to stop what happened to Tamir Rice from happening to another Black twelve-year old child. Well, isn’t it? Has there been any murders of Black people since #BLACKLIVESMATTER came on the scene? Yes? No? Uh..yes, there have been many, many more murders of Black women, children and men since then. So what does that say for marching and protesting? To me it says, IT’S NOT WORKING! So, what next, #BLACKLIVESMATTER? Why don’t you come on up in here and tell us what your plans are since the protesting you’ve been doing has not put a dent in the murder rate of Black people by racist ass KKKops! Grand Juries all across this shithole are coming back with the same findings; “NOT GUILTY! NOT GUILTY! NOT GUILTY!” And what do you do about that, #BLACKLIVESMATTER? Your members pick up yet another protest sign and march through the streets, clogging up traffic and that is it! Meanwhile, another Tamir Rice travesty is about to unfold. Meanwhile, another Sandra Bland travesty is about to unfold. Meanwhile, another Michael Brown travesty is about to unfold. Meanwhile, another John Crawford travesty is about to unfold. Meanwhile, another Renisha McBride travesty is about to unfold. And there you stand #BLACKLIVESMATTER with your protest signs and your bullhorns, just a shouting to the enemy, begging them to stop killing us. Here is an idea. Stop walking and start crawling to the ‘whites’ and see if that will help. Supplicate yourselves even further and slither across the ground to the ‘whites’ and see if that will get them to change from the vile, filthy, depraved, barbaric and racist shits they are into kind, nice, benevolent, caring and concerned ‘humans’.

So, to the other REAL BAD BLACK FOLKS(I am one too), here in AmeriKKKa, plainly speaking, we are failing our children just as we failed Tamir Rice. The ‘whites’ are not going to stop killing us. They may march with us for a bit and talk the talk but when all is said and done, they will not be the ones to change things for us. We have got to do that for ourselves. How many more years are you going to continue marching and holding signs stating that your life matters? What is the point in that? If you feel the need to tell ‘whites’ that your life matters, then you must already know that to them, your life, does NOT matter! You will never matter to them! You still cannot grasp that? Well, time for another history lesson because you just don’t get it! These are the same worthless shits that stole this land and are still laying claim to it. These are the same worthless shits that massacred the Indians, stole you from your homeland, dragged you over here, chained you into slavery, threw you to the wolves, initiated Jim Crow, experimented on you, denied you the right to vote, still considers you to be only three-fifths human, is moving you out of your neighborhoods by the process of gentrification, better known as ‘making you homeless’ and since laws are being placed on the books in every city in this shithole to basically make it a crime to be homeless, well now, into a jail cell, you go! These ‘white shits’ are also  dumbing you down and sending you from school straight into a prison cell.

The worthless  ass ‘white’ shits that are marching beside you and who you are marching up to, expecting to get relief from,  are the progeny of the same shits that set all of this in motion. What is wrong with you? Are you really that stupid, Black people? Your enemy is the very same government that so-called ‘founded’ this nation, but in reality, stole it, just as it stole YOU! Just as it fucked up the Indians, gave them small pox blankets, introduced them to alcohol, broke treaties, left and right and herded them onto reservations and then scooped up all of the choice land for themselves and they still have it to this day.  And yet, there you sit, just wondering why the government does not step in and put an end to open season on Black people in this shithole. It is because the law of the land as pertaining to slaves is still the law of the land today! We are still slaves! Don’t reservations still exist? How are the Indians doing today? Don’t know? Go to an Indian Reservation. You will find out quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry. Don’t know how Black people are faring? Go to Detroit, MI. Go to Baltimore, MD. Go to New Orleans, LA. Go to Skid Row in CA. Go to any damn state in this fucked up shithole! Again, you’ll get a clue; quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry!

Do you still think that the next Tamir Rice will thank you for continuing to do nothing? Because that is exactly what you do when the only thing you continue to do is to pick up yet another protest sign and march and yell at the whites that “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” If that is the case, then why is Tamir Rice dead and no one is being held accountable for murdering him? Get real and cut the bullshit!

15 thoughts on ““Black Lives Matter, Tamir Rice!”

  1. Shelby I wrote an email to Timothy McGinty as follows:
    Mr. McGinty, how can you justify what just happened in regards to a 12 year old boy, Tamir Rice? The world is looking and it is horrified at this injustice. Until justice prevails it will happen again and again. This is just wrong and deep in your heart you must know this.
    Leslie Martel


    1. Thank you Leslie! I could not respond sooner because tears of rage blinded me! This has got to stop and Black people have got to stop it, by any means necessary! I am waaay past writing to white shits that are the very reason this keeps happening!

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  2. There is an all out war on black ppl, the establishment has no compassion, reason, sanity, or soul. If it’s not another senseless murder by KKKops, then unjustified evil oppression of decent black citizens who just want to live peacefully on the planet – hurting no one. No chance of that happening, the KKKops are out of control: a recent example of irrational injustice…



    1. According to the article, “Clark was charged with encroaching and lodging without consent after being taken into custody.”

      Who was he encroaching on? And ‘lodging without consent’ must mean that he wasn’t engaging in ‘CAPITALISM’ by renting a motel room. Gotta pay the greedy bastards. You can’t even sit on the goddamn sidewalk these days because that ain’t free. You’ve got to move it along.

      What I would like to know is where are all the KKKristians at since this man was one of them? Why are they not screaming from every evangelical pulpit about the racist shits that handcuffed one of their own and took him to jail? Oh what was I thinking? A BLACK deacon don’t count! For the love of …….!!! AGAIN I say, “Why my head has not detached itself from my neck and flew into outer space is a complete and utter mystery to me!!

      I don’t know whether to thank you for that comment or not since I am quite sure that it is going to be a contributing factor to when I spontaneously combust!


      1. Yep, capitalism at it’s worst! The state absolutely hates when the poor black men are self sufficient, contributes productively to his community, lifts ppl’s spirit and is a shining light. His “offense” is he’s not feeding the financial beast by selling out, making money and spending it like a good slave… pay your taxes, utilities, water, shelter, buy useless consumer crap… until we are bled dry! God forbid he’s not chasing the AmeriKKKan dream… dare i say he is actually happy!
        How dare he not be dependent on gov’t welfare, food stamps, medicaid… i know, why not sic our dogs on him and throw ’em in the clinker, seize his property, gotta squeeze some life outta this uppity one.
        This story make me puke, and he’s such a nice humble man who appreciates the little things, connect, love our fellow human being. He’s released from jail but his house remains seized. Here’s his side of the story :



    1. Thank you So very much for the re-blog of this one. I am soon going to have to unwrap the backup to this computer because this one is about to burn up, the shit has gotten SO damn hot! I was wondering what was smelling like it was burning and turns out, it’s the computer! This shit is getting too hot to handle!


  3. I agree the whole black lives matter movement is a waste of time and a farce, a lot of our people are so stuck in La-la land it’s just frustrating at times to think about…

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    1. You are right! It is a waste of time because what has been accomplished by this so-called ‘movement’? Nothing that I can see. Yes, so many are stuck on clueless, apathy and complacency and will only wake up when the shit is impacting them, personally. By then, it will be too late for them to start moaning and whining. Oh, well, can’t say I didn’t warn ’em.

      Oh and a Happy and healthy New Year to you!


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