My heart is heavy and that’s NO lie!

Skulz has said it all!


Tamir Rice was 12 years old when he was executed by Cleveland Gestapo.

12 years old.

A dozen years and a bullet.

Young Rice was playing in a park in Nazi Occupied Cleveland, Ohio.

12 year olds do that. Play in parks all across amerika. Young Rice was playing with a toy gun.

A toy gun!

Evidently no one bothered to inform young Rice that playing with a toy gun in a Nazi Occupied Cleveland park was verboten.

Executing 12 year olds in Nazi Occupied Cleveland, Ohio is part and parcel of amerika’s final solution for black people.

12 year old Tamir Rice was executed by Gestapo SS Officer Timothy Loehmann. Reich’sButcher Loehmann was a member of the Gestapo SS for exactly ten minutes. Two months? Difference being?

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty announced that young Rice’s execution was a “horrible accident and tragedy.” No shit…

A Nazi Occupied Cuyahoga County…

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4 thoughts on “execution!

  1. Thank you Leslie! But they don’t care that the world is watching. When Michael Brown was murdered and his body was lying in the sun, uncovered for hours, even China and Russia had something to say about the mass murder of Black people by racist ass KKKops in AmeriKKKa and it continues, unabated.


  2. “Young Rice was playing in a park in Nazi Occupied Cleveland, Ohio.”

    Shelby, what a painful, spot-on post. Where are all the righteous folks so outraged that any woman might ever need to opt for abortion when this shit happens? ‘Life is sacred’ all right … like hell it is! Of course that’s the thing — if we’re blak, if we’re poor, if we’re foreign, if we’re female, if we’re trapped in the prison/industrial maw … then we are not considered fully human by the media, and thus in the public’s so-called awareness, and we have no rights which the power structure even pretends to respect. Too many people don’t give a shit, as a way of distancing themselves from such an awful fate. “They” are special, “they” could never themselves wind up as invisible, insignificant commodities, not they! And their precious children could never end up like this child, just never. How fucking hard can it be to see that ** IF ANYONE ** can be treated so monstrously, this heartless system can and will treat all of us just the same. We must be truly stupid and scared in this damned country! I don’t see how we can stay that way, something’s got to give. But never soon enough — I don’t have a clue how many atrocities it will take before our people say “enough” and mean it. – Linda

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    • Linda, as you can see, your comment is highlighted, not that it will do any good, but because I know that Amerikans just love bright things. Nothing is shiny in here, but I will brighten it up for them a bit as much as I can. Maybe then I can compete with all of the hypnotizing gadgets that Amerikans possess. Never mind, that ship has sailed. No one would stand in lines that snake around buildings just to read the truth about themselves; that would be too much like right. No, we shall continue to do not a damn thing when we see these atrocities continue. How can any mother not be able to share the horror and pain with another mother over losing her child the way Tamir Rice’s mother lost Tamir? Tamir Rice has been found guilty of his own murder. If not, why is no one else being held responsible for it? There is no attempt whatsoever to hide or to shield from the public, just how the life of a Black person is so little valued in this shithole that once again, we didn’t willingly immigrate to.

      Every time I turn around, I am giving history lessons and yet, no one is paying them any mind. I am talking to myself. Tamir Rice would not have been in this fucked up shithole if not for the fact of slavery and that is not on the slaves. It is on the lily-white assed motherfuckers that were too lazy to clear their own fields and plant their own goddamn cotton and harvest it their goddamn selves. And yet, Black people are viewed today just as we were viewed 400 years ago, as slaves and that is why the slave patrol was dispatched, to gun down, a runaway slave.

      Linda, I thank you for that spot on comment! I get it but damn few others will!


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