A Precious Child Is Dead!

Tamir Rice 2

Somewhere, the sun is always warm
 and the days are long and bright.
A child is playing without any fear
 and no gun is within his sight.

He is twelve years old, this young boy;
 who will grow up to become a man.
His mother’s arms still hold him
 for there is no Ku Klux Klan.

In an alternate universe, they live
 where hate is not allowed.
And those who harbor evil thoughts
 in that universe, are disavowed.

There is a park where he likes to play,
 and his sister finds him there.
It is time to come home for dinner;
 a meal, they used to share.

The setting at the table
 is lacking one more plate.
It serves as a reminder
 of all that is at stake.

Why must I awake from slumber
 to the harsh, cold light of dawn,
 only to know that he is dead,
 killed by the devil’s spawn?

Do not wake me ever again!
From reality, I want to hide.
The fangs of hate grow longer.
Evil’s stench, I can’t abide!

A precious child is dead!
And we just march and cry!
We beg of those that killed him
 to let us live, not die.

Oh yes, they hear you well.
But heed you, they will not.
Tonight, a mother mourns her son.
Tomorrow, her daughter is shot!


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

Black folks, please! Keep printing those protest signs. They are working! Just you ask Tamir Rice and whomever is next. Just fill in the blank with another name………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….!

16 thoughts on “A Precious Child Is Dead!

    1. Oh Skulz! I had just dried my tears and you’ve gone and made the floodgates open again! I am exactly like what I’ve described in my poem, “one who sits and cries over this” and does nothing else.

      I appreciate what you wrote but even I couldn’t make that precious child smile after what he endured and suffered. Time to open yet another box of tissues. The makers of Puffs and Kleenex will be sending me a ‘thank you’ note. The price of their stock has just got to be soaring!

      I truly thank you for your comment Skulz!


      1. Trust me M’Lady, Tamir understands and appreciates your words. You wanna know how I know? Do ya do ya do ya? Well, I’ve gots me a hotline to Jebus. A wholly hotline to the heavenly host AND Jebus said, “damn fine verse.” Tamir is sitting on Jebus’ lap. Dry those tears M’Lady on account of there’s worse shit a coming…
        There now, don’t you feel better?
        I likes a hep out oh yes I does.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Skulz I have just got to disagree with you on this one! We ALL failed Tamir Rice and we shall go on failing many more that will end up just like him because we won’t do what we need to do. We will just continue on as though a poem or a protest sign will get done what needs to be done!

        I no longer despair FOR us! I despair OF us!


    1. I know! But it won’t because I refuse to do anything to stop it! I am just a miserable shit like all the rest of us that sit back and do nothing and by doing nothing, we condone it! I shed useless ass tears as if that ever solved anything or got anything done.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I don’t think I remember a greater injustice Shelby. How the cops could not be indicted is beyond me, but then again in a rigged system I suppose anything is possible. And sadly your last stanza says everything. It seems as though nothing really ever changes and it is infuriating.


    1. Dom, it is just business as usual. And you are right, as this keeps happening, and I sit crying, nothing ever changes!

      I do however, thank you for taking the time to comment on this one. It means a lot to me!


      1. For your compliment on this one, a simple “Thank you!” sounds so trite and lame and most definitely insufficient, but please know that when I say, “Thank you!” it comes from deep within my heart!

        I am absolutely blushing at the compliment!

        And may I take this opportunity to wish for you, a most wonderful and healthy New Year. May you know nothing but love, good health and another fantastic year of blogging; that is until after the presidential election!

        Take care,


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