the killing fields of cuyahoga – OR – what is wrong with you

Thank you for posting this because unfortunately, Tamir Rice will not be the only 12-year old to get shot by the KKKops! The New Year will bring another murder of a child by the KKKops. I’d bet the farm on that!


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame MUST be moved out of Cleveland. That would be Cleveland, Ohio. You know, that ‘loving’ little berg famous for murdering 12 year old Black children playing in parks.

It just so happens that Cleveland “police” are murdering 12 year old Black children playing in Cleveland parks.

Cleveland is undeserving of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The founders of Rock and Roll were predominately Black. That is true. Think Chuck Berry. Think Little Richard. Think Fats think Muddy think Robert Johnson.


That a community would stand by in abject silence at the murder-by-cop of a 12 year old Black child, or any child, is shocking. Staggeringly so.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timmy ‘jerk’ McGinty refused to charge the murderous cops. Timmy expressed no regrets for how he and his office have handled the case.

“Okie Piggies, get out there and kill yourselves a…

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7 thoughts on “the killing fields of cuyahoga – OR – what is wrong with you

  1. I mean what the hell people! It’s time for drastic measures, like disengaging as much as possible. I mean why buy chocolate from Nestle when their cocoa fields are like slave camps. Not to mention the fields of Florida where the majority big box chains get their produce. Are people asleep or what!


    • Indeed they are Dara! Hypnotized and brain dead and wanting to stay that way. Look at us here in Amerika, we are told when to go shopping(Black Friday). We are told how to shop(Cyber Monday) and what do we do, we comply. We do just as we are told as though we are all trained ‘whales’ at Sea World. The problem is, there is just nothing to work with because Americans are THE most apathetic and complacent assholes on this entire planet and then someone had the nerve to go and tell them that not only are they great ‘consumers’ but they are also filled with ‘exceptionalism’. Now, ain’t that some shit?!! Indeed, it is!

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. The people of Cuyahoga need to shut it down – surround the building and shut it down. I reckon a well-disciplined group of 10 could do it, with outside supporters bringing them food, water, etc. Easy peasy.


    • Dr. Bramhall, those apathetic shits in Cuyahoga will get up off their ass and shut it down when I turn ‘white’ and Donald Trump gets down on bended knee, begging me to become his NEXT wife while promising NEVER to utter another obnoxious, nasty and vicious, vile ass lie!

      Now, what are the chances of THAT happening? Exactly! On the twelfth of never!

      Thank you for your comment!


      • Well shit! Tubularsock rushed out of the bunker got himself a brand new expensive suit on Black Friday, charged up his new iphone6 on Cyber Monday and THEN realized that the 12th of NEVER isn’t going to happen!

        So this means, ahhh ………. Shelby YOU AREN”T going to marry Donnie Trump? For real?

        Liked by 1 person

      • For real! And may I just say to my readers that Mr. Tubularsock is part of the problem. Just re-read what he said he did. He got himself trampled to pieces on Black Friday because he was told to go out and spend, spend, spend and then after he used his credit card AGAIN to pay for his stint in the ER after he was trampled, well then, next he recuperated at home and on Cyber Monday, even with his fingers in a splint, Tubularsock most dutifully shopped online and spent, spent, spent. Now do you see how easily we are brainwashed, people? And the sad fact is that Tubularsock is extremely intelligent and ALL in the know and yet, he was swept up in the tidal wave of mindless shoppers exactly when he was supposed to be.

        Remember, if it can happen to Tubularsock, it can happen to you! Let this be a lesson to you! LOL!

        But seriously, Tubularsock, Donnie DID proposed to me via Skype and I had to turn him down, I just could not bring myself to sink THAT low! LMAO!

        Oh and thank you for lending yourself as an example of how easily one can be hypnotized. ROTFLMAO!! I surely appreciate your voluntary participation in my littler experiment. You are ever the obliging one!


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