it’s over for now…

Here is a reminder of what happened to a twelve-year old child. Lest we forget!

Thank you DONZO’S GUERRILLA GRAFFICA on behalf of all of us who will more than likely get our ass shot off in 2016 because we have the nerve to be Black-assed!

See ya on the flip side!


2015 is closing with a shameful whisper.

Murder, mayhem, rape, torture, war, and outrage after outrage will continue into 2016.

The narcissistic poseurs in the running for POTUS will squander millions and millions of dollars that could be best used elsewhere.

District Attorneys across this ‘land of liberty’ will continue providing legal cover for murderous cops and Black amerikans will be shot to death where they stand. Or crawl or play in a park somewhere or cross a street or whatever ridiculous situation Black amerikans find themselves in right before being shot. Of course there is always the distinct possibility some Black amerikan might get choked to death. By a cop. The strangling cop will of course receive a “service medal” for service to his community above and beyond the call of simple human decency.

Shameful whispering all across amerika, “well that’s not right.”

Did you happen to catch the…

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7 thoughts on “it’s over for now…

    • I try and keep hope alive Dr. Bramhall. But sitting here at ground zero where the shit is going down and watching our reaction to all of this play out is not conducive to my remaining hopeful that we will ever get our act together and actively come together to do anything about well, anything.

      Thank you for your comment.


      • Believe me, I am looking. Everywhere I go I get into conversations and I am pretty much agreed with except for the actual ‘doing something about it’ part. People are simply too tired, too overworked, too poor, too this, too that. There is always going to be an excuse and before we know it, we’re dead. End of excuses.

        But I do sincerely thank you for your comment!


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