Ho Hum! Obama’s Crying…..AGAIN!!!!

obama cries again


And he is not crying over the senseless murder of Sandra Bland in a Texas jail. He is not crying over the senseless murder of Tamir Rice. Oh no! That Black woman and Black child don’t matter to that half and half in the White House. Nope! Obama is STILL crying over those poor little innocent ‘white’ upper middle class kids in Newtown, CT that got themselves murdered. That senseless act of gun violence has just rendered him, inconsolable. He can barely function, he is literally prostrate with grief. He is so affected by the Newtown, CT shooting that he never got around to shedding one single goddamn tear over the senseless violent death by gun of innocent Tamir Rice by racist white-assed KKKops. He never got around to shedding one single goddamn tear over the senseless death of Sandra Bland by racist white-assed KKKops and she was most violently murdered. Violence is violence, regardless of whether it was from being hanged or by bullets fired from guns.

But now, it is time to get down to business and pen some executive orders because goddamn it, those little white kids in Newtown, CT just will not let Obama sleep at night. Visions of those dainty, fresh-faced innocents are just dancing around in his head like sheep. He’s counting each and every one of them but to hell with all the violence that is perpetrated against innocent Black people on a daily basis. There are simply no tears left for Obama to shed for them because…well..he’s saved them all up for the Newtown Angels. You see, it is all part of that subliminal message thing. Angels have been depicted as little white children with red rouge on their cheeks, dressed in purest white with wings attached. Obama was never introduced to a picture of a little Black Angel and so therefore, he could never quite wrap his head around seeing Tamir Rice with red rouge on his cheeks, dressed in purest white with wings attached; likewise for Sandra Bland. He could never equate them with being angelic.

Oh, how my heart just melted when I saw the picture of Obama’s tear-filled face. Oh damn! I am going to have to pay for that lie. I mean, I would if I believed that I’m hell bound for lying. So, I’m good ’cause I don’t! But goddamn! I digress!

Obama’s Tears for Sandy Hook Victims as He Announces New Gun Control Orders: ‘Every Time I Think About Those Kids, It Gets Me Mad’

President Obama broke down in tears on Tuesday as he publicly unveiled new executive orders on gun control that bypass Congress and seek to expand background checks on firearms purchases and close the so-called “gun-show loophole.”

Nicole Hockley and Mark Barden, parents who each lost children in the Dec. 14, 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, were on hand to show their support for the measures.

Tamir Rice’s mother was not invited to the White House because Obama is not mad and tearful over the murder of Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland’s mother was not invited to the White House because Obama is not mad and tearful over the murder of Sandra Bland because as far as Obama is concerned BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER! Black folks, do you get that? How much more blatant and in your face with it does Obama have to be before you actually get the fact that Obama could give a rat’s ass about you and your Black ass? He has not made his feelings or lack there of for you, crystal clear to you by now? What the fuck will it take? For him to personally don a blue or brown uniform and fill your ass with bullets? If it weren’t for the fact that some of your three-fifths human blood might get on him, he’d ‘do’ you himself. But he doesn’t have to. And he is well aware of the fact that Black people are the victims of gun violence more so than whites are, but that is an insignificant little detail in the grand scheme of things. He is paying lip service to the shits that are going to pay him to continue to live a lavish lifestyle after his ass is no longer taking up residence in the White House. He knows who is going to continue to butter his bread long after he’s shown the back of his heels to the Oval Office and you don’t have what it takes to keep him living in the style to which he has become accustomed. Do you seriously think that he is going to move his family back to Chicago where he supposedly got his humble beginnings as a junior senator? Yeah! And the Pope is Black and a ‘white’ man is human.

So while Obama sheds crocodile tears for the Newtown Angels, invites their family members to the White House, pens executive orders on gun control, you get to continue to die by the gun held in the hands of racist KKKops. You get to continue to be choked, strangled and bludgeoned to death because BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER and gun violence is something that just should not happen to ‘white’ folks! But over your genocide, he won’t shed a tear! He has shed them all for the Newtown Angels because he is mad as hell that white folks died by the very gun they  SO love. 

23 thoughts on “Ho Hum! Obama’s Crying…..AGAIN!!!!

  1. Uncle Tom Obomber mourns. Wow, we should be moved. Moved to puke. Hypocritical bullshit becomes the bully pulpit. BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER! Ethno-genetic white kids matter. Well, they matter to el Presidenté and he’s a Nobel Laureate.


    1. Skulz, he’s got some goddamn nerve to even PRETEND to shed those fake ass tears! How many innocent people would be alive today if they hadn’t ‘thrown’ themselves in the path of this war criminal’s drones? How many people would be alive today if they hadn’t had the nerve to be in the path of AmeriKKKan imperialism? How many people would be alive today if that shit stirring bastard had left Libya the fuck alone, if that piece of shit war criminal had left Syria alone, had gotten those military whores out of Afghanistan and the goddamn list is endless? But he’s all choked up! Who the fuck is STILL buying that load of horse shit? Oh my bad! The stupid AmeriKKKan motherfuckers that stood next to and behind him just a clapping and some more shit! These dumb fucks over here make me wanna spit over how gullible and goddamn hypocritical they are! The hypocrisy just never ends!

      And that Nobel shit is meaningless! It ain’t worth my spit!

      I thank you for your comment Skulz!

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    1. You know, Tubularsock, that should have been the title of this one.

      “Obama cries because ONLY WHITE LIVES MATTER!”

      That worthless no-good, filthy ass, hypocritical, lying skank bastard never shed one goddamn tear for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, John Crawford, little seven-year old Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley Jones who was shot by the KKKops as she lay sleeping. Oh, but she wasn’t innocent since she wasn’t ‘white’ and therefore, ‘angelic’ looking. My fucking head is going to explode! I am so goddamn fed up with this shit!

      Thank you for your comment Tubularsock!


  2. Shelby, not only are angels white with rather large gracious fluffy white wings to match, but God the Father himself is white as snow! Jesus too! Surely you’ve seen the propaganda, I mean the pictures. This is a key and critical part of the whole authoritarian hoax, white supremacy. It’s not by accident, but by clever and deliberate design, by 20 – 100 elite and innumerable accomplices, some sources suggest. But who really knows the number? It’s not important. Not yet. What we do know is, the masses eat this shit up; hook, line, and sinker. And I’ll go so far as to say — at the risk of losing credibility — that at the very head of this vicious empire, steering this monstrosity are the Anunnaki.

    Peace, strength, courage


    1. And even though we outnumber those depraved bastards, we humbly submit ourselves to their will. We dutifully fall in line and eat their shit up and go back for more. We are fed bullshit that is SO out there that it should not even be believed and yet millions of hypnotized brain dead clueless cretins enjoy being bamboozled and spoon fed lies, outrageous lies! I just cannot understand how so many people are caught up in fairytales and cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy. Their ‘god’ is a fairytale and they may as well be praying to Santa Claus for all the good it does them. It just boggles the mind how easily duped people are and willingly so.

      Peter, thank you for that spot on comment.


      1. For you Shelby, one of my favorites. Enjoy.
        “If Jesus saves — well, He’d better save Himself”


  3. Psychopaths are good at fakery. Fake tears for his agenda. He doesn’t seem to care either for the people he’s bombed in the middle East either.

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    1. A psychopath he is and that psychopath has been president for nearly eight years. What is wrong with us? That says a lot about who we are as ‘people’ and none of it is good! And no, he does not give a shit about those people in the Middle East that he has drone struck and bombed to pieces. But there he is, in living ‘color’, pretending to shed some goddamn fake ass phony tears over gun violence when he condones violence every single day when a drone is striking innocent people in foreign lands; a drone strike that he ordered. Yeah! We know how heartfelt those fake ass tears of his are! Let’s ask all the dead that were made so by that shameless hypocritical piece of lying filth!

      Dara, thank you for your comment.

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    1. Dr. Bramhall, that he is! That punk ass bitch is one whiney piece of dirty, stinking shit! He is as phony as a four dollar bill! I don’t even know how I can hold my head up knowing that I had the goddamn nerve to vote for that son-of-a-bitch, not once but twice!

      Goddamn ‘hope and change’, my ass! This fucking shit is ‘hopeless’ cause it ain’t fucking ‘changing’! But we are supposed to swallow his fake ass tears and gush about how caring, concerned, thoughtful and kind-hearted that war criminal is when he should be behind bars for the rest of his life due to all the war crimes he has committed and yet, he has the nerve to pretend to shed a tear??!! For the love of …….!!!!!!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment.


  4. You are on point.
    Also the woman who was shot through the door, among many others.

    The second-to-last paragraph was really good. There is little short of personally committing such an act that would wake up the others. A lot of us realize he is not doing anything for us-to say the least- but many, if not the majority, still will not catch on.

    It is not a good time to push for more gun laws. Even the majority of us blacks don’t want them. I don’t know how many guns have been sold, especially the past holiday season.


    1. White folks ain’t the only ones that are going to refuse to give up their guns. I am flat out refusing to give up mine! I’m from the goddamn south and we learned to shoot as soon as we could walk. Hot damn if I’m going to hand my guns over! They can try disarming me if they want, but there is going to be some problems doing that! This is a conceal and carry state and we be packing heat!

      And you are right, the majority will not catch on because many still view Obama through a rose-colored haze simply because he has a permanent tan. They’ll never wake up even if they get bust upside the head with concrete evidence of his duplicity. I don’t even know why I bother, but I do!

      Thank you for your comment N.S.


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