Right on point!!!

Thank you Tubularsock for telling it exactly like it is!!!!!!!


Tube heading racism

Well Tubularsock isn’t going to even ask the “liberal-progressive-educated” question about why the The Ku Klux Klan is now One Hundred and Fifty Years Old in this country and is still treated like a White-Boy-Social-Club and why an ARMED group of White-Good-Ol’-Boys can take over a U.S. Government building and have the White-Boy-Sheriff-Department and the White-Boy-FBI stand down and wait for emotions to calm down so no one gets hurt.

But is willing to jump out of a police car and shoot down a 12 year old Black child with a BB-gun without even a warning of “drop your gun” before the shots from the cop gun ends his life.

Save all the bull-shit-educated-academic-cocktail-concern.


Is that clear enough for you fuckers?

Tubularsock wants to get some shit straight right up front.

Does it seem odd to you that if Tubularsock uses the term NIGGER, the response is outrage from not…

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