Of Dr. King, We Are Just So Proud!

Dr Martin Luther King Jr1

Of Dr. King, we are just so proud.
That man, he always drew a crowd.
He paved the way to a much brighter day.
His dream is alive in every way.

Tamir Rice is here to tell his story.
And Sandra Bland has no need to ever worry,
that her life will be snuffed out in a cell,
because Dr. King, he rang the freedom bell.

Michael Brown is in college where he belongs.
Eric Garner is in church singing spiritual songs.
Walter Scott is still driving down the street.
Freddie Gray is sitting down to a meal to eat.

They all owe their lives to Dr. King.
He said, “Let freedom ring! Let freedom ring!”
On the mountaintop, he saw through space and time.
And yet, they killed him while he was in his prime.

We thank him for the debt he willingly paid,
and for all the sacrifices he and his family made.
But what we will never know for certain,
is how he would react when they finally raise the curtain,
on a show that is a tragedy of the darkest kind,
and where Blacks are still left so far behind.
This play will not have a happy ending,
for its ending is just like its beginning.

Behold, the face of slavery is still Black.
And as in days of old, we are under attack.
But a man had a dream for which he died.
Was it all for naught? I’ll let you decide!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

I am posting this a little early because I want you to take some time to reflect on the question I posed. “Was it all for naught?” If Black people have made so many gains in the decades since the Civil Rights Movement, then where are they? If we as a people have ‘moved’ forward, then where are the results? #BLACKLIVESMATTER? Give me a break! If we as a people had moved, there would be no need for the #BLACKLIVESMATTER Movement, now would there? The incarceration rate for Black men is off the charts. Millions of Black people live in deep poverty and a ridiculously high number of them are Black children. Millions of Black people are jobless, homeless and hungry and lack healthcare. But here we are, about to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day. Celebrate what, I ask you? Tell me! What is there to celebrate? Staggering unemployment figures for Black youth and young adults? A homelessness epidemic? Mass incarceration? A school-to-prison pipeline? Out-of-control racist KKKops brutalizing and murdering unarmed Black people? Grand Juries that refuse to hand down indictments on racist thugs with badges? Gun violence in Black communities that are so impoverished as to be likened to 3rd world nation conditions?

And yet the ‘whites’ sit back and gleefully point the finger at what is going down in communities of color and point to how ‘violent they are when they know why. Whites know that this is all done by design, but it is so easy for them to live in their little ‘white bread’ world and hurl invectives and “I told you sos” when ‘whites’ are hell bent on gentrifying neighborhoods that once housed Black people because the suburbs was once the place to be if you were ‘white’. You sit somewhere with your holier-than-thou attitudes as though your shit don’t stink. You shamelessly and callously wish death on a group of people who were not responsible for being dragged to this hellhole you call, America. You strut around like proud peacocks, puffing your chests out and pretending that you’re not rotten filth when you are actually worse than that. And you have the unmitigated gall to pretend to acknowledge Dr. King with your phony ass displays of righteous indignation over the brutal treatment he received at the hands of ‘whites’. You have the nerve to speak his name, to post his “I Have A Dream” speech as though you ever did a thing to help bring his dream to fruition. You’ve done everything possible to see to it that his dream was never realized and you are not fit to read his name, much less speak it. Why you have not burst into flames upon speaking his name is a complete and utter mystery to me because all that should be left of you is ‘white’ ash!

The only thing I can say to the ‘whites’ is this, “If it were up to me…if it were up to me!!!”

16 thoughts on “Of Dr. King, We Are Just So Proud!

  1. I have said, I can’t believe people can shop Black Friday (ha ha) and celebrate their holidays while not all of humanity is free. I live in a supremely white area of the U.S. and highly “educated” and they are the absolute worst of the worst types of people I’ve ever met. But hey, I’m a small town girl what do I know? I know this racism, because I heard it all my life and know it to be true out of pure ignorance. My high school was segregated and I graduated in 1992! This is what happens when folks believe the lies their told generation after generation and never get to know people for themselves. Humanity cannot be free until all people see one another as simply human. No, I don’t celebrate any holiday because it’s a fabrication of “happiness” that all living beings do not receive. Bravo on this post!


    1. I have lived in so-called ‘white’ areas and so-called ‘Black’ areas and I am originally from the south and I can honestly say that it doesn’t really matter where I live, I get the same shit from ‘whites’. It is served up differently, but the stench is the same. The hatred of Blacks by the ‘whites’ in the Midwest is feral and vicious. They just hide behind a ‘smile’ whereas in the south, at least they don’t make a pretense of it. It is ‘in our face’ because in the south, we have always known where we stand. You cannot fail to grow up in the south and not be aware of the stench of pure, unadulterated hatred. I didn’t fucking immigrate here, none of us did and that is supposed to be on us? And Black folks is the problem? Hell if that’s so!

      Thank you for your comment Dara.

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  2. Shelby, it was not for naught. But, there is – oh, so much further to go. Dr. King shone a light on things and we just can’t let that light go out. It is our turn to carry the baton further for human rights.


    1. Leslie, no matter where Black people are in AmeriKKKa, they are at the starting line which is also the finish line; on the plantation! We never got off the plantation and we never will. The slave patrols are just dressed in different uniforms; that is the only thing that’s changed in 400 years.

      Thank you for your comment.

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  3. I’ve always looked at MLK with curious eye because my parent were both Black Panthers when I was growing up and Dr. King was almost forbidden in my house. I only saw him as an on bent knee begging white people for some table scraps and to please not hit us anymore. Though growing up, I’ve come to understand him a bit better and my only thought now about the man is, “praying has brought Black peoples nothing but dirty knees and empty pockets.”


    1. HLJ, this isn’t so much about me revering Dr. King as it is about exposing the blatant and outrageous hypocrisy of the ‘whites’. They are the very ones who go on and on about Dr. King’s ‘dream’ when it is quite obvious that they gave not a damn for the man nor his dream. They spout useless rhetoric each and every time the holiday in his name comes around and that is all they do. And while they are doing this, the continuation of enslavement of Black people continues, the continuation of the Negro status as that of 3rd class ‘citizen’ continues. We aren’t even tolerated in this shithole. We are incarcerated and murdered and yet the ‘whites’ go on and on about how thankful Blacks should be since we are supposedly living in the ‘greatest nation on earth’. I fucking beg to differ with that assessment. Black people are a people without a country. We are enslaved in a system that is corrupt to its core and is filled with racist filth and we are expected to subjugate ourselves to criminals of the worst kind.

      Dr. King was but a tool and he was used to put down any attempt at an insurrection, a rebellion or a revolution. The ‘whites’ condoned the actions of Dr. King because he was their namby-pamby house Negro; the same as Barack Obama and all the rest of the coon head sell-outs that bow and scrape to the ‘white’ motherfuckers and lick their boots clean while scrabbling for their table scraps at the same time. I am not giving any accolades to Dr. King because he was no revolutionary, he was a stooge. My poem is a sarcastic and antonymous portrayal of Dr. King. That is why I stated that because of Dr. King, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and Walter Scott and so many others have him to ‘thank’ for their lives. My point is to also show how far we have NOT come even with these so-called ‘movements’ that are merely fake assed props that are put in place to give Black people the illusion that they are actually doing something constructive to put a stop to the genocide of them by the ‘whites’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      Dr. King was just a figurehead, a prop; complete with suit and tie and bible. He was the ‘white’ mans house nigger and he did a fine of job of spreading the ‘white’ man’s propaganda of telling Black people to go about effecting change, all peaceful like. And when his usefulness was over, they fucking killed him just to show that a gun is aimed at us at ALL times because we are still their property! Fuck ’em!

      I thank you for your comment.


  4. My impression is that Dr King was a compromise figurehead in a time when the white establishment was given a choice between dealing with him or the militants in the Black Power movement. In the last year of his life, he stepped out of the acceptable house Negro standard of behavior to attack the Vietnam War.

    The potential risk that he would link up with the white antiwar movement posed a grave threat to the rich white families who run the military industrial complex (multiracial working class coalitions pose a real threat of dismantling corporate rule) – which is why they had him assassinated.

    Obviously this real history is hidden, and the the sanctimonious gibberish we celebrate on Jan 17 is pure garbage.

    Now the main agenda of the US ruling elite is to keep people of different ethnicities separate and hating each other and that seems to be working just fine.

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    1. You are correct Dr. Bramhall. It is working! If the murder of Trayvon Martin was not enough to make me hate ‘whites’, then the murder of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, John Crawford, Aiyana Jones, Renisha McBride, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice and so many others certainly got it done! I didn’t write this script; not one Black person did. That is on the ‘whites’. Why would I continue to have nothing but ‘love’ for those who are killing the ethnic group that I belong to? Black people are not killing ‘whites’. ‘Whites’ are killing us! But we are supposed to join hands and sing “Kumbaya” with the motherfuckers that are filling us with lead and sending us to the morgue? Not hardly! We didn’t set this shit in motion, the ‘whites’ did. So you have only the ‘whites’ to blame for the hatred that is being spread around the globe.

      I am not the ‘turn the other cheek’ type! That is never going to happen. And I am certainly not part of the problem, I am a result of the problem that was initiated by ‘white’ shits who are hell bent on exterminating people who look like me as though we are roaches. As I have always said, “This is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!”

      Thank you for your comment, Dr. Bramhall.

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  5. dang Shelby you hit the nail right on the head, everything that I am thinking, you spelled it out word for word…..bravo, or brava


    1. Thank you nidotopianwarrior for that most enthusiastic comment. It would seem that some ‘whites’ feel as though we should continue to join hands and love all up and down on them while they are filling us full of bullet holes at the same time. Apparently, it is supposed to be on me that I have no love for the ‘white’ motherfucker that hates my guts because I am not his complexion. To hell with that! I do not have a problem sermonizing all up in here and giving a little lesson on how NOT to turn the other cheek because that only gives the ‘whites’ a clear view of your other ass cheek to fill with bullets! To hell with THAT shit!

      Sorry about that nidotopianwarrior, but I just had to get back up on my soapbox. I sincerely appreciate your comment. Never think that I don’t! I hope that all is going well with you in your new job. It made me mad when I read about how those drunken ‘whites’ go over to where you live and treat the people that live there like shit when those filthy, vile ass bastards fill the air with the stench of maggot-coated shit! I know what would be coming out of the kitchen heading for their table if I was cooking it!

      Again, I sincerely thank you for your comment!


      1. hahahahhhah Shelby it’s much appreciated, I am currently on leave so to speak but in the process of obtaining a new job. I love when you get up on your soapbox, it’s very refreshing to the soul, make no apologies for it my dear. In these trying times we need more like you who are not afraid to speak the truth

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  6. Good post. A lot of us at least have some idea of the real deal with him but too many don’t. They could start looking at what really happened with the march on Washington. They should ask themselves why do we only hear of one person from that era? I also think someone else wrote most of his famous speeches? While he stayed with mostly the same approach, Dr. King had doubts about a lot of what he had said earlier before his death.

    How long will we keep marching? Those of us who are marching need to stop. When will we get to the “Dream”?

    Is this another white Jesus thing? To be fair, there were black Christians who pretty much can’t be criticized but his approach seemed to be pulled straight from parts of the Bible that even those who believe in the BIble find hard to justify(I myself don’t believe in those passages or the books that contained them).

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    1. They can consider Dr. King to have been a figurehead, a Civil Rights leader, a scapegoat or what have you, but his sole purpose was to misdirect Black people’s anger away from fucking shit up but instead focused it on ‘peacefully’ marching down the goddamn street of every pothole filled city in this shithole. You don’t hear the ‘whites’ screaming and jumping up and down about setting aside a day in which to honor Malcolm X. And you won’t! Malcolm X was not going on and on about some ‘peaceful’ this and ‘peaceful’ that. He had some harsh words for those vile ‘white’ shits that have firmly planted their boot on our Black ass and refuse to lift it.

      Malcolm X was a revolutionary who believed in violent resistance, he believed in getting things done ‘by any means necessary’. That is why he said, “It’s got to be the ballot or the bullet.” The ballot ain’t worked. And we ALL fucking know what it would take but the revolutionaries of the ’60s are either dead or still locked up and so we just dutifully continue with the useless ass marches and protests with signs dating back 50 years when not a goddamn thing is going to change simply because we are holding up a sign. What has #BLACKLIVESMATTER accomplished? Not a goddamn thing!

      Thank you for your comment N.S.

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  7. I just wish that those ‘whites’ who pretend that they are not whites, but a seperate race! …’the chosen people’… the ‘Jews’, get included in this catastrophe of rasism, especially since it was they who owned the slave ships, auction houses, banks, cotton mills, etc.
    Malcolm X knew this, perhaps it’s why he was murdered.


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