7 thoughts on “Turn HIS Water OFF…AND Then Deny HIM Medical Treatment!

    1. Indeed, the hypocrisy of the shits in this hellhole is unbefuckingbelievable! And it gets worse by the nanosecond. The government of this shithole is depraved and barbaric and so are the worthless shits that carry out the orders of said government and don’t even blink and the brain dead AmeriKKKlans just go, “Ooooh Ahhhhh!” We’re some real stupid shits, we are Lou and never you doubt that that’s ever going to change.

      Thank you for your comment.

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  1. America’s duplicity, hypocrisy and pimpintatality never ceases to amaze or surprise me, but then again should we really be surprise. If it isn’t clear by now to many of our Black Lives Matter pundits, I sincerely hope you are convinced. Black lives do not matter especially to people it should matter to the most


  2. This also a great distraction from the main event: Obama’s effort to use the SOTU to push TPP through Congress. What we’re being told in New Zealand is that Obama (along with 10 other national leaders) will be coming to Auckland on Feb 4 to sign the TPP (even though Congress hasn’t officially approved it) – that he will wait to pass “enabling legislation” until he feels he has enough votes.

    You can count on us Kiwis to give the POTUS exactly the type of welcome he deserves.


  3. Another great post. I disagree with the use of the word bitch to describe any black person, but it makes no sense for any black person to support either one of these two. They have done nothing for black people, and put us at the bottom of their priorities. Also, many times, she is talking in a very negative way about blacks but for some reason it always seems to be ok with some of us.

    I remember reading an article that said the refugees’ trip here was like the Underground Railroad??? I hope that we do not hear something similar tomorrow night.

    And the empty seat for certain victims of “gun violence”? Those two do not care for blacks at all.


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