“My Final State Of The Union Lies!”


sotu 2016


“My fellow Americans, I stand before you this evening as a testament to what America stands for. America stands for drone strikes, bombs, torture, war, police brutality, genocide, war crimes, depravity, income inequality, homelessness, mass incarceration, slavery, great trade agreements like the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, NAFTA and now the TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership) and a whole list of other endearing and enduring qualities that make this the most brutal and benevolent dictatorship on the face of this planet.”

“I have been guided by the most vile elitist shits that have ever slithered anywhere. I am a mere puppet; a most willing puppet for my masters. I knew when I promised ‘hope and change’ that I was telling the biggest lie ever told, but I told it anyway. It was all about me and mine. To hell with you and yours. You, the American people, are on your own. What is to come will put the Hunger Games to shame. When I sign the TPP Agreement, it will open up a whole new can of worms that Americans will just have to swallow. This new agreement is of course, NAFTA on steroids and why should I concern myself with holding corporations accountable for anything? Corporations are going to foot the bill for the lavish lifestyle that I intend to keep on living even as I exit the White House. As accustomed as I have become to having my every wish granted and those of my family, how in the hell can I accept anything less. I will not! Count on it! I have feathered my nest and feathered it well and at the expense of the American people. You have been sold down the river Styx by me and by the rest of the worthless shits in congress.”

“If you had any idea of what is to come, you’d all kill yourselves; each and every one of you. The shit that is about to come down the pike is that horrible. But fear not! For the next president will continue the same agenda as  I have. The TPP is a done deal and there is nothing that any of you can do to stop it. That is one reason why I have placed before you, an empty chair. This chair is to serve as a reminder of just how violent you people are. How dare you accuse me of violence when I am only keeping America safe from the terrorists that we trained. I am only doing my part to get a handle on ‘death by gun violence’. Americans are enraged and that is a fact. Just take a look at all of the mass shootings that have occurred in the last few decades. Gun violence is off the charts. Now I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that police murders of real bad Black people is a bad thing. No, it is not. I am Black and therefore, take it from me, Black folks are some bad motherfuckers. I was a junior senator from Chicago and we all know that Chicago is a warzone and those Black folks are just shooting indiscriminately and in a confused and chaotic way. Those people need to be put down and eventually I am going to have to call out the National Guard to put them down since the Black folks in Chicago are calling for the resignation of my former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. Rahm has a tough job that no one else wants. If he is not allowed to continue on as mayor, then I don’t know what will become of Chicago. Those thugs need some ‘tough love’ and who better to deliver it to them then Rahm Emanuel. Rahm, stay the course!”

“I know that I briefly touched on the TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership) but I shall take this time to expound on it even further. You see, there is a lot of misinformation out there and I am going to put that to rest right now by telling the truth regarding this wonderful new trade agreement that will be completely beneficial to the American people and take it from me, there is not one detail that was overlooked in making sure that the American people will not suffer with the implementation of the TPP. The real deal about the TPP is this. The TPP is a revolutionary new concept that will foster partnerships around the globe that will increase American exports by leaps and bounds. It will in effect, level the playing field so that American small businesses will be able to do business on a global scale. They will no longer be hindered by tariffs and other taxes that were designed to make it less desirable for them to attempt to do business other than locally. American businesses will have so many more options open to them. This trade agreement partners with eleven other countries; thereby opening up a new customer base for American businesses to sell their merchandise to. American companies will now be able to do a more lucrative business since they will be able to sell their merchandise directly to Australia, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Peru, Vietnam, Chile, Brunei, Singapore, Mexico and New Zealand. Now, I ask you, how is this a bad thing? It is not. The problem with many opponents of this agreement is their inability to accept change. Change is a fundamental concept of doing business. We cannot allow ourselves to stagnate and become a victim of isolationism.”

“America was built on trade agreements. There would be no America if not for trade agreements. Where would we be if not for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Agreement; an agreement between African kings and Europeans whereas the Europeans traded their knowledge of Christianity to the African kings in exchange for a ‘show of hands’ in deciding who wanted to immigrate to America to ‘slave away’ to build up America? I am well aware of the benefits of trade agreements because my dear wife, Michelle Obama would not be my wife if it were not for the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Agreement. Thank you Massa, sir! I have the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Agreement to thank for my two lovely daughters, Sasha and Malia. All’s well that ends well, as I always say.”

“I realize that I have been accused of attempting to ‘fast track’ this agreement so as to deny congress even a glimpse of the details. The conspiracy theorists are at it again. I want to assure the American people that I am fed up with conspiracy theorists. They do nothing but foster disbelief in my sincerity and by demanding that something be done about my lack of transparency in so far as the TPP is concerned and this in turn, undermines my ability to see to it that more Americans enjoy the American dream of business ownership. And believe me, it is a dream!”

“It is my understanding that there are other false rumors floating around out there that the TPP will actually kill more dolphins because dolphins travel with tuna, however, America has long stood with the dolphins even to the point of enacting a law called the ‘Dolphin Safe Label’ which is designed to minimize dolphin fatalities during fishing for tuna for canning. If people are so worried that the TPP will ignore these laws and policies then I have just one suggestion, “Stop eating tuna! That would solve that tiny little problem and it really is that simple.”

“Now then, a little bird told me the other day that many are concerned that corporations will be able to sue America. Hogwash! Just because TransCanada is suing the U.S. over that Keystone XL pipeline issue,  is no reason to think that other corporations all across the globe will follow suit. And even though, some think that the U.S. will lose that $15 billion lawsuit, I have the word of every corporate executive from ALL corporations in all twelve countries involved in this TPP Agreement that they promise NOT to bring suit against the U.S. for any reason; now and forever more. I believe them just as I still believe in the innocence of every Wall Street banker that caused the economic collapse of 2008 and my belief in them as well as former Department of Justice head, Eric Holder’s belief in them resulted in not one of those criminals viewing life from behind prison walls. Banks are capable of regulating themselves and they are doing a fine job. I trust them to continue. That is what America is all about, trust. If you can’t trust corporate executives, who can you trust?”

“Never let it be said that I neglected to address all of the issues that the conspiracy theorists are going on and on about regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Folks are even claiming that the food Americans eat will somehow lack oversight due to lax safety measures. Relax, your food will continue to meet high standards and will be inspected by the USDA and the FDA and by a brand new agency that I will announce at my upcoming ‘town hall meeting’ that will be held in Oregon at the Wildlife Refuge that has been taken over by American patriots who are merely standing up for the right to commit arson to cover up other crimes and attempt to get away with it. There is nothing wrong with a bit of patriotism especially if you are the ‘white’ color!”

“Where was I? Oh yes, more good news. The ‘made in America’ label is destined for a comeback thanks to the TPP since Japan has just signed on to purchase all of Japan’s flags from the U.S. Every single Japanese flag will have a ‘made in America’ label. I can just hear the sounds of construction work on new flag making businesses as I speak. Not to be left out, Mexico has requested that all of its drugs be labeled ‘destined for America’. Now, who can compete with that? Americans have been begging for inexpensive drugs and now we are finally able to advise you that you will get your wish.”

“Some Americans are concerned about their jobs. Your job at McDonalds is safe. If you work for a temp agency, nothing will change. You will continue to report to wherever the temp agency employs you, temporarily, and we will continue to count you, statistically speaking, as a full-time employee when adjusting the unemployment figures. Your hard work is recognized and never you doubt it. For those of you who are currently labeled as ‘lay-abouts, otherwise known as ‘the unemployed’, you will soon find that there will be work aplenty at making flags for Japan. Hone up on your sewing skills. Get ready for a deluge of orders.”

“This should clear up all concerns the American people have over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and with that being said, I would now like to address AGAIN, the reason for the empty chair that I invited to my final SOTU address. This chair is extremely important due to the fact that it stands for every ‘white’ person that is not here that I would have invited if they had not been shot dead by the guns they worship. This empty chair is representative of all the ‘white’ folks that have perished thanks to lax gun control laws. It is time that we take a stand. The time is now and I take a stand today. I have already, by  means of executive orders, attempted with my pen to enact even more strict guidelines for gun purchases. Real bad Black folks need to understand that they should just stop murdering ‘white’ folks! So by my implementing these new strict measures, real bad Black folks that show up at gun shows by the thousands will have a hard time purchasing an arsenal of weapons that they use to shoot up little ‘white’ kids like they did at Sandy Hook Elementary School. They will not have the ability to shoot up movie theatres and college campuses and their own churches in the south. I have no idea why slavery was ever abolished because it is crystal clear that these real bad Black folks that are hell bent on killing ‘white’ folks need some guidance, a whip and some shackles. I am attempting to address this problem by mass incarceration. Soon, the figures will be revealed that we have ‘abducted’ and imprisoned even more real bad Black folks than has already been reported. The numbers lie. There are millions more unaccounted for.”

“I have instructed the slave patrols via the Department of Justice to see to it that Black folks are kept in their place and the only place they have in our society is behind bars; for their own good of course; other than that, dead is good! This TPP Agreement will not affect them because the Blacks that we lock up will continue to provide America with their contributions of free labor.”

“In closing, I would like to add that it has been my greatest pleasure to have been elected as the first Black President of the United States. I promised ‘hope and change’ and I do believe that I have delivered on my promise. There is no ‘hope’ for America and Americans will not be able survive the ‘change’ that is about to come. My Administration, as I promised, has been the most transparent in the history of this great nation. I have been transparent about the fact that I love drones, war, torture, lies, hypocrisy, brutality, corruption, barbarity and censorship. Thanks to my leadership, America started and is in the middle of every fracas from here to South America, the Middle East, Ukraine and the South China Sea. It is our business to mind the business of every country and nation on this planet and we shall not fail in bringing democracy to each and every one of them for humanitarian purposes, of course. America reigns as the supreme Superpower and she will continue the course of wars, occupation and hegemony. Finally, the question has been presented to me as to whom I will back as the next president. That is an easy question to answer. Why, Ted Cruz, of course, for the simple reason being that neither he nor I were born in America!”

“May God help the American people! Thank you and goodnight!”

23 thoughts on ““My Final State Of The Union Lies!”

    1. LMAO! Thank you Dara! I presented the White House with my bill for writing Obama’s speech and they sent it back stamped, “Payment Denied!” I have no recourse other than to sue them. I am now standing in line behind TransCanada that’s also suing the US. I am not real hopeful of getting what’s owed to me since after the gummint pays TransCanada $15 billion, what’s going to be left for me?

      Thanks again Dara!


      1. Now there is hope and change for YOU. Yes, legal issues are our speciality. Contact Tubularsock Legal Conglomerate and Saki Lounge, Ltd. (TLCSL). We are here to “sue for you” ™.

        Place a huge sum of small unmarked bills into plain brown paper bags and drop them off at five convenient locations in your area and see how rapidly your life will change for the better.

        Shelby, YOU deserve the best legal team representation so contact us TODAY!

        Oh, and by the way …… excellent post!

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      2. I am doing as you have requested right now! Please to expect to receive a package from Fed Ex with what has been requested by you! I need legal representation before that half and half exits the White House leaving me holding the bag, empty though it be LOL!!

        And thank you for the compliment on this one Tubularsock!


      1. I could complain all day and all night Mr. Militant Negro but it would not change a thing. So, I’ll just say, it is business as usual.

        I sincerely hope that things are going good with you!

        Thank you!


      2. Things are going as well as can be expected for me, and I expect not a lot, just chillin and doing me.


  1. Theoretically Obama is supposed to be in Auckland on 4 Feb to sign the TPP. Just a lot of rumors so far. No official invitation has been issued. A pity you can’t join us to welcome him. We hope to shut the whole city down like we did in Seattle in 1999 during the anti-WTO protests. Kiwis don’t stand fools lightly.


    1. It is a pity Dr. Bramhall, because I would dearly love to show my solidarity with the Kiwis. We, here in America, just refuse to even attempt to whimper or to whine about the TPP or about anything else for that matter. We’ll write about it but that is about it. We will fall in line just like we always do. We are such compliant drones. No one need worry about us running down the street waving pitchforks!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


  2. Very, very good. This was spot-on and a better version. Everyone at the speech yesterday looked really bored. That was even with the speech being kept “short”. The TPP was one of the things I was referring to at the end of last year. I am surprised more people have not been paying attention to it, but it passed during the flag controversy and of course is in the last stages of approval. This will be an interesting year.


    1. Interesting, indeed! It has already started off with a bang. That joke of a stock market is having fits and starts, but I am quite sure that something will slither in and correct that. There is talk that the price of oil per barrel is going to go under $30 for the next two years and that bankruptcy filings are about to take off. I am quite sure that I could find more news of impending doom but no need to spoil the party for everyone. So, yes, interesting velly interesting, to be sure, this year will be!

      Thank you for your comment N.S.


  3. I tried really hard to watch the lovely bunch of coconuts speech, for about 4 hours I had it queued up, but it was so dreadfully boring that I got through no more than a quarter of it before I found a thousand more interesting things to do. That was a great read, Shelby, much more entertaining than the video I was trying to watch..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t even know why you bothered Robyn. It is all just wash, rinse and repeat. That right there would produce plenty of yawns especially seeing as how the lies just constantly get bandied about. If you listen to Obama, you would think that this Titanic is not taking on water by the nanosecond and is about to sink and there are not enough lifeboats in sight. If anyone thinks that the unemployment figures are correct, they need their head examined. Retail stores are still shuttering their doors in record numbers and even Macy’s is closing more stores which means that the so-called ‘middle class’ is descending into the impoverished class which means that there are actually two classes; the ‘uber’ rich and the impoverished.

      I think a lot of shit is set to hit the fan this year and with this being an election year, well….anything can happen.

      I thank you for your comment and might I also add that your most recent poem was absolutely stunning! I love it! You have an amazing gift! I hope all is well with you in ‘the land down under’. It’s been awhile, but it is good to see you! Take care and remember each and every SOTU is just like watching a rerun of the previous one.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never watched SOTU before, but I did get instantly reminded of Merv Griffin singing I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts. I remember how happy people were when he was elected and how much trouble I got into for being totally dubious. I’m not going to repeat the language I used to describe what was likely going to happen, you’ve got it covered nicely. So I wanted to see the wash-up and how he accounted for himself in the end, but holy crap he had NOTHING to say of any substance. It is obvious that we ARE all in for a rough ride in 2016, not just the US, we’ve had reached amazing new levels of ridiculousness here also and this new “patriotism” that is splitting us down the middle of what was already some pretty shaky race relations to begin with. Thanks for the compliment about the poem, I hope to be around a bit more often now, got a few things to say, and I love love love your style. I’m putting it on a sticky note, if you’re having a bad day or you need a rev up and a belly laugh, read Shelby NOW 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. LMAO!! I just LOVE the sticky note thingy! HEE! HEE! Did I forget to mention that I absolutely love your sense of humor??! LOL!

        I am sorry to hear that you guys are having quite the time of it there as well. Is no one to be left standing when the smoke clears? Seems not bloody likely! Well, we shall keep on keeping on until we can until we no longer can. Hang in there! We’ll try and ride it out!

        Thanks again Robyn!

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  4. Shelby, I NEVER watch the stuporbowl speeches, pep rallies were embarrassing even in fifth grade, and no better on television. So glad I waited for your vastly improved version!
    Although “improved” may not be the perfect word for it. Piled higher and deeper is more like it. Sold down the river Styx,hell yes!!
    I still have trouble believing we will all just wag our tails, roll over and play dead without a whimper. But … so far it’s not looking good. Thanks for telling the truth, especially when it’s what no one wants to hear — that’s when we need it most!
    And if anyone’s heading for Auckland, I’m more than up for a road trip! – Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear you Linda! And I would dearly love to head out on that road trip as well. It would appear that my travel plans are going to have t be put aside due to ‘legal’ issues for the moment or I would be standing alongside Dr. Bramhall, with pitchfork in hand. I would prefer that we did not play dead but seeing as how that has been the status quo for years too numerous to count, it seems highly likely that the status quo will continue. I don’t hold out much hope as hope has fled the building. But if my pessimism is somehow counteracted with a gigantic push for change by us mere peons, I’ll gladly change to a tone of optimism, gladly!

      Thank you for that wonderful comment Linda!


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