Racism Is Why ‘Whites’ Are Dying From Heroin! Now, Ain’t That A Bitch???!!!



Just when I think I have seen it all, something else comes along and ties my knickers in a knot! Oh, for those of you out there who aren’t all in the know like I am, knickers are underwear. Read a book sometime, why doncha? But as usual, I digress. Back to the subject at hand. According to this recent article, Drug Overdoses Propel Rise in Mortality Rates of Young Whites, Black folks have the Hypocritical Oath keepers(doctors) to thank for their lack of drug overdoses. It seems that the good ole Hypocritical Oath keepers don’t prescribe oxycontin to their Black patients for fear that they will…well, read it for yourself.

Studies have found that doctors are much more reluctant to prescribe painkillers to minority patients, worrying that they might sell them or become addicted.

HA Dee Fucking HAHAHA!! Now ain’t that a bitch?! ‘White’ folks is ‘afraid’ that Black folks is gonna get hooked on some oxycontin like old Lush Plumbaugh did and need some rehab or better yet, sell their meds and pay their rent from the proceeds. Awwww! How thoughtful and considerate that the Hypocritical Oath keepers are, and for once, they claim to be looking out for the welfare and health of their Black patients and here I thought they didn’t really ‘care’ about us. But if you pay attention to the bullshit in this article, apparently, they is doing us Negroes a favor by not putting us on painkillers. They is giving ALL the painkillers to the ‘whites’ and now the moaning and groaning has begun because the Hypocritical Oath keepers could not have imagined in their wildest dreams that ‘white’ folks just might become addicted to all of those prescription painkillers that made them feel so damn good; too damn good to stop taking them. You see, according to the Hypocritical Oath keepers, ‘whites’ are not subject to addictions, oh not at all. They just take their medications as prescribed and when the bottle is empty, why, they just give up that ‘high’ they had been experiencing every time they popped that oxycontin and instead, picked up a lollipop and sucked on it. Suck! Suck! Lick! Lick! In fact, sales of Tootsie Roll pops just took off to DA moon! Yes, they did! Nope! No addictions in Whitey Whiteville, USA! But over by way of the ghetto and through the hood, the Black folks was just a hurting and some mo shit, but never was they prescribed some oxycontin for their sciatic nerve pain because Black folks are predisposed to becoming addicted to EVERYTHING, especially oxycontin otherwise known as heroin. You’ve all heard of heroin, right? It’s why the U.S. military is still in Afghanistan. Gotta protect those poppy plants so that the Hypocritical Oath keepers can feed the addiction of the ‘whites’ in Whitey Whiteville, USA.

Oh, the stories out of Whitey Whiteville, USA are horrifyingly horrible. They just tore at my heartstrings, they did. I think someone should report the Hypocritical Oath keepers to the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) and to the AMA(American Medical Association). Never mind, they are all in on it anyway. That’s my ‘theory’ and I’m sticking to it! Here is one story in particular that is just so hard to read. Get some tissues ready! You are going to need them.

Sad stories abound.

Maline Hairup died of a heroin overdose on Aug. 24, 2014. She was 38 and a Mormon, engaged to be married in the Salt Lake City Temple, near her home. Her religion taught her to spurn addictive substances — no alcohol, no caffeine. But that night, after years of taking prescription narcotics for chronic pain complicated by mental illness, she tried heroin, her sister Mindy Vincent said. Ms. Vincent believes it was the only time her sister used that drug.

Sister Mormon lady Hairup was ‘nextup’ on the overdose train to hell! Because folks, let me tell you, it’s got to be hell to be so addicted to something that you lose your religion over it. No amount of prayer could take away the addiction from poor Sister Mormon lady Hairup who was ‘nextup’ The saints did not come marching in to help Sister Mormon lady Hairup who was ‘nextup’ to ride the heroin overdose train to hell! Praise Gawd the Father-Elohim, Gawd the Son-Jehova and Gawd the Holy Spirit! Amen! Now, pass the collection plate. We need some assistance all up in here now ’cause lily white asses is dropping dead by the thousands over this here heroin epidemic and we cannot have that! What were we thinking, us Hypocritical Oath keepers? How could we have let this happen? It is unconscionable! Nice Mormon ladies should not be overdosing at the grand ole age of 38, especially when she had originally spurned the devil’s brew; alcohol. But it was her chronic pain and her mental illness of believing in a fictitious gawd and the Hypocritical Oath keepers prescribing her some oxycontin that was her undoing. Rest in peace Sister Mormon lady Hairup who was ‘nextup’ to ride the heroin overdose train to hell!

Keep those boxes of tissues handy!

There are men like Steve Rummler, who lived in Minnesota and died of a heroin overdose at age 43, taking the drug after becoming addicted to oxycontin, which was initially prescribed for a back injury. “He didn’t understand the risks,” said his mother, Judy Rummler.

Poor, poor Mr. Rummler who rumbled on down the line on the Express Train No. 9 headed straight to heroin overdose hell! He did not understand the risks of his addiction; an addiction that was sanctioned by the Hypocritical Oath keepers who gave Mr. Rummler the means to his end. Do not pass go Mr. Rummler. Do not collect $200! Just listen to Gladys Knight and the Pips and take that train, take that train, just not to Georgia, take it straight to heroin overdose hell as prescribed for you by the Hypocritical Oath keepers since it was known by the Hypocritical Oath keepers that only Black folks get addicted and should be saved from themselves by the Hypocritical Oath keepers that saw no need to worry about you suffering from an addiction to heroin and overdosing on it. And now, everybody’s knickers is in a bunch ’cause they just did not see this train coming. Sakes alive! ‘White’ folks is becoming ‘addicted’ to oxycontin aka heroin and is dying left and right! What to do! What to do! The sky is falling!

Researchers are struggling to come up with an answer to the question of why whites in particular are doing so poorly. No one has a clear answer, but researchers repeatedly speculate that the nation is seeing a cohort of whites who are isolated and left out of the economy and society and who have gotten ready access to cheap heroin and to prescription narcotic drugs.

“There are large numbers of people who never get established in the economy, who live outside family relationships and are on the edge of poverty,” Dr. Hayward said. Many end up taking prescription narcotics, he added.

‘Researchers are struggling’! Oh my goodness! They is struggling to come up with the answers as to why ‘whites’ in particular are doing so poorly. I got to climb down off the ceiling over THAT one! WHY WHITES ARE DOING SO POORLY? Did I read that right???!!!! Let me go and get my eyes checked. I know I didn’t read that correctly. White folks is doing poorly? Get the fuck outta here! Whodathunkit? I certainly didn’t thunk it! Some ‘white’ folks never got established in this economy? But I thought the ‘economy’ was doing so good! Ain’t that what Obombo would have us believe? Ain’t that what he said in his most recent lying ass SOTU? And if ‘white’ folks is doing poorly, how the hell is Black folks faring? That’s what I will save my boxes of tissues for, for the Black folks that are completely ignored over their plight in THIS economy. Let us concentrate on the poor ‘white’ folks that are left out of everything but the ability to get their hands on some oxycontin and overdose on it to the point where they ride the Express Train to Overdose Hell!

Black people are at the bottom of every single compiled statistical list with regards to employment, wealth, health care, living conditions; the whole nine yards but who is ‘struggling to come up with an answer to the question of why Blacks are doing so poorly? Not some Hypocritical Oath keepers, that’s for damn sure and certainly not any researchers that are now all up in arms over the so-called significant numbers of ‘whites’ that are dying from drug overdoses. Cry me a river and then catch a train to hell!

Talk about a new twist. Because racism is so systemic, it even defines what medical treatment Black people receive as opposed to what ‘whites’ receive. This has been perceived as the reason why Black people are not dying from drug overdoses at the same high rates as ‘whites’. The belief that Black people are more predisposed to addictions has been defined as the reason why Black people are not dying from overdoses and why ‘whites’ ARE dying from overdoses and the perception that Black people are more likely to abuse prescription painkillers has been defined as the reason why they are not dying because they are not being prescribed painkillers and why ‘white’ folks are is so disgustingly revealing of how racist this shithole called AmeriKKKa really is!

You motherfuckers are going to keep on overdosing because guess the fuck what? The ‘economy’ ain’t getting any better! So head on down to your local drug cartel; your doctor’s office and get a prescription to help you deal with the ‘pain’ of a fucked up economy and then hop onboard the train to hell! Sob fucking sob, sob sob! I really am crying a river for you bastards!

41 thoughts on “Racism Is Why ‘Whites’ Are Dying From Heroin! Now, Ain’t That A Bitch???!!!

    1. But Skulz, the heroin trade is killing ‘white’ folks! I thought that killing ‘white’ folks was off limits. I guess I was wrong. Uh…’white’ folks, if you ain’t doing so good in this ‘economy’ they is gonna figure out why but in the meantime, they suggest that you head on down to your local doctor’s drug cartel’s office and get that prescription for some gummint sanctioned heroin. It will make you feel so good and you’ll forget all about your poor ass in this great fucked up economy!

      Skulz, I thank you for your comment! It is right as rain!


      1. Oh Shelby ……… the power structure will KILL anybody. When it come to killing they are colorblind. They don’t care! Lesson one: Never get between “the rich” and their “money” …. you’re dead!

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      2. I don’t think anyone is paying attention. They are just paying with their lives Tubularsock. You can put it down, but if they don’t pick it up, well that ain’t on you. That’s on them!

        Thanks man!


      3. Some future day, I should probably tell you my tales of addiction. It all started off so innocently. Blew myself up, operations, massive amounts of prescription oxycodone, massive amounts of cocaine, then heroin, then prison, then 25 + plus years of hard won sobriety. Yeah, heroin/addiction is one of my buttons…

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      4. Skulz, I know about drug addiction only too well. I don’t know if you remember, but I dedicated a poem to my sister’s memory. She was a ‘casualty’ of the crack that was introduced into Black communities and though she never lived in the ‘hood’, she had what I would consider an ‘addictive’ type personality whereas anything she tried, she was addicted to it. First cigarettes and then she was smoking pot and drinking alcohol and crack was her downfall. She was the most talented person I have ever known. She had a brain that could rival a computer and yet with all her smarts, she could not shake off a crack habit despite multiple stints in rehab. Oh, the loss of one so beautiful, talented and human to a crack pipe. I shall weep for her always and her light shines no more! SIGH!

        Thank you for your comment!

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      5. Those that supply the drugs SHOULD be executed on sight with extreme prejudice. That would to include the ‘generals’ and assorted spooky boys that profit handsomely off the drug trade.
        I do remember your sister and your mention of her.
        We live in some fucking insane times.

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      6. “We live in some fucking insane times.”

        That we do Skulz, that we do! And I agree with you word for word, ALL of them should be executed on sight! But that’ll never happen because the ‘drug trade’ is so lucrative and necessary to feeding the beast called ‘capitalism’. For some strange reason, we refuse to starve that goddamn monster! I fucking starve it but others feed it no end, including giving to it, their children to fight in never ending wars of naked aggression and for what? Certainly for nothing that is even remotely honorable.

        Again, I thank you for your comment!

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      1. That is very true Leslie and yet, they lock up the drug dealer on the corner for essentially doing the same thing they do. But my bad! It is good when THEY sell drugs, bad when WE sell ’em. That double standard thing, ya know!

        Thanks Leslie!

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      2. And meanwhile, we are walking around with zombiefried brains until we OD and then it’s “How the fuck did THAT happen?” They fucking know why, but like you said, it’s big money capitalism and that makes the rich fuckers world go ’round!

        And we just can’t fucking figure it out that we are all in the same sinking ass boat because we are too busy hating on one another and we shall continue because no amount of ‘kumbabyas’ is going to turn this shit into one big love fest. Not going to happen. We will continue to be divided and so we shall fall, big time! And ain’t nobody going to land softly.

        Thanks again Leslie!

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  1. Shelby, Shelby, Shelby ……… let Tubularsock explain the facts of life to you.

    Blacks are living on the gravy train in the Land of the Free because when those Blacks do get some of those pain pills they sell them to some Whites who just don’t understand the dangers of snorting oxycontin.

    The Blacks are causing ALL the drug problems, as we know, because so many of them are out on the streets in communities while the struggling researchers have found that Whites are isolated all alone from family relationship because they are lock up in their houses to protect themselves from all those Blacks.

    Now we all know that when it comes to addictions, Whites are being forced to take drugs and Blacks are not explaining the dangers of these drugs because all the Blacks are interested in is using their profits to pay their rent.

    Yes, it’s a vicious circle and you Shelby living your rich 1%’er life on the backs of the poor Whites should be the first to help reform this mess.

    Tubularsock knows that you sold all YOUR pain pills over the last few years and caused untold numbers of Whites to become addicted Mormons.

    You are either part of the cause or part of the solution, Shelby!

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    1. Tubularsock..Tubularscock…Tubularsock…I just call it like I see it. But then again, I could be wrong. Remember the Freddie Gray riots and all the hoopla about those drugs that got stolen from the gummint CVS store and those real bad Black folks must’ve distributed them NOT in their own ‘gated’ ghetto communities, but must’ve went further afield and knocked on some doors in’gated’ upper crust neighborhoods and commenced to selling their ill-gotten gains to the ‘whites’ in Whitey Whiteville, USA. Oh, we is some REAL bad Black folks, we is, to be sure! How dare we aid and abet the gummint in its killing off of young otherwise healthy ‘white’ folks with our drug cartel ways. Us’s real bad Black folks is protecting that dar poppy plant in Afghanistan REAL good so’s we can ship ’em on over to Whitey Whiteville, USA and wipe out the ‘white’ population that’s attempting to wipe us out by making them overdose on some real GOOD shit!

      We is some bad motherfuckers! Shut my mouth! How dare us real BAD Black folks force those overdoses of heroin on some po ‘white’ folks that are isolated from their families and living near the hood. Geezus Krist! Religion ain’t even saving those po ‘whites’ from the evils of real BAD Black folks selling them heroin. Oh Lawdy! Lawdy! I gots to start my church back up, full time to save us all from me and the rest of us real BAD Black folks all up in AmeriKKKa here. We is just some murdering, drug pushing criminals! No wonder the KKKops is all on our ass! I never could figure that one out, but now, it is crystal clear! The KKKops is attempting to stop us real BAD Black folks from offing the good ole po ass ‘white’ folks that never could gain some economic traction in a fucked up economy! Snakes alive! We is just gitting ourselves bullet-riddled cause we is just damn good salespeoples. Pawdon my grammatical errors and all, but ya gotta remember, I is from the Sawth and I nevuh was properleee edumacated, ya sea!

      I hang muh head in shameful sorrow ovuh muh contributions to the cawse of overdose deafs of so manee ‘white’ folks. Have merceee on muh sole, PLEAZZZZ!!!

      I will now sell awwwl muh properties dat I got fer my illgotten gains of drug pushing and I promeees to hep the ‘white’ fokes awt!

      Thank you Mr. Tubularsock for showing me the error of muh ways! I is gonna get tuh Kerecting dem rite naw! LMAO!!

      Thank you Tubularsock for that wonderful and most enlightening and helpful cawmint!


    1. Oh HLJ, you must have blogged it on the Underground Blog Railroad ’cause I ain’t seen you show up on my reader.

      Yes indeedy, the chickens are coming home to roost!

      “Come to mama! Oh my poor son and daughter OD’d on some medicinal purposed heroin shipped over here by the very gummint that killed my other son over in Afghanistan where he was sent to protect the very poppy plants that when harvested are shipped to AmeriKKKa where they were promptly distributed to my other son who OD’d. Oh woe is me and mine own. My faith has surely been tested and I find that I can pray no mo.” – anonymous in Whitey Whiteville, USA

      HLJ, it just goes to show you that ‘what comes around, goes around’. The crack that was dumped in Black neighborhoods that devastated them was A OK, but now that the heroin is killing off ‘white’ folks, why, now it is time to gather ye around the think tank and figure this shit out. Meanwhile, back on the farm, poppy plant production continues. And the ‘whites’ can’t see that they are just as expendable as we are. Welcome to the party! Let the fun begin!

      Thank you for your comment HLJ! Good to see ya man!


    1. What you say? The governor of Maine has determined that the ONE Black guy living in Maine who goes by the name of ‘D-Money’ is impregnating every single young ‘white’ girl in sight? ‘D-Money’ is one bad Black motherfucker! Shut my mouth! Have mercy! Get that governor some oxycontin quick or is he about to OD on some now? What the fuck?

      Let me get this straight. the twenty-five Black folks that live in Maine are all men and there is just no explanation as to how young white girls are getting themselves impregnated by these twenty-five Black men. I know! I know! The twenty-five Black men that live in Maine are just too goddamn irresistible to these young ‘white’ girls and so therefore, it is a tragedy of the worst kind that young ‘white’ girls are somehow finding themselves, magically impregnated by drug traffickers that ALL go by the name ‘D-Money’! Black aliens from the planet Heroinide descended on the great state of Maine where resides Governor Stupid and this put his nose all out of joint. He attempted to call out the National Guard but unfortunately, they could not stop the lines that formed at the spaceship door of the Black Heroinides who were bold conquistadors and whose sole purpose is to travel through different galaxies in search of drugs to pedal and nubile young white ‘virgins’ to impregnate. I got to sell this script to WhollyWeird, I’d fucking get paid, just like ‘D-Money’ AND have all the fresh young nubile ‘white’ guys that I could shake a stick at beating down my door! Let me get to work on fine tuning this shit!

      Thank you N.S. for clearing that shit up! It is sincerely appreciated!


      1. LOL! Could be! Next, they’ll blame it on the rain! Because remember, WHITE FOLKS ARE NOT ADDICTS! Yeah, let ’em keep thinking that and while they’re thinking about it, more of ’em will be sticking their spoon in the wall. Sob! Sob! Boo hoo!

        Thanks for your comment nidotopianwarrior.


  2. Shelby, Praise be, it’s a miracle! Thought I was the only one for whom the proverbial light bulb snaps on every time our Tubularsock explains any hitherto baffling situation in the known universe.
    Here in the, um, heart of Ohio, we-uns call ‘oxy’ “hillbilly heroin”. My guess it’s meant to help numb out our gun-loving white brethren before they too decide to liberate gov’ment land, or head for Washington and Wall Street with their abundant weaponry.
    And if some of us die inn the process … plenty more fucked-up obedient pawns where we come from, so no worries for our exceptional power elites.
    But thanks for giving me one more thing to worry about, that helps!
    P.S. I already knew what knickers are, though I’m not sure even my granma wore them, technically. (I mean, she wore undies far as I know, just not that sort … bloomers maybe, or whatever her church-with-all-the-truth told her was proper. – Linda

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    1. Well Linda, when I attempted to liberate some gummint land, I got shrapnel all up my ass and I am still in a full body cast and never expected to tawk or wawk right again. You see, I found out too late that I wasn’t the ‘white’ color. That’s on me. I should a done my research. But I was promised forty acres and a mule and so I went with it. But I did not understand that the gummint meant that I was the mule on the forty acres that the ‘whites’ stole from the Indians. Oh well! Slavery’s a bitch and then ya die!

      My knickers are just as old-fashioned as I am and I aim to keep ’em that way. In fact, my knickers are so old, they extend all the way down to my ankles. I look so pure and ‘virginal’ in them. And as for church, why, I am there, just as soon as they stop telling lies. Never mind, I guess, I won’t be there ’cause that ain’t likely to ever happen.

      Linda, I thank you for your comment.


  3. My sister and I were JUST talking about this! She used to work in a claims office and was very outnumbered by white women swapping + popping pills all day! I mean how bad could life really be for a middle aged white woman with a job and a family in Amerikkka? If you look at the statistics you mentioned, WE are the ones you’d assume need drugs to function in this mess of a world.

    Awesome post!

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    1. Kelley, I had to get a wisdom tooth pulled and the doctor gave me Tylenol with codeine and when I went back to work, I was asked by a ‘white’ woman if I had been given any painkillers for my dental procedure. Well, I told her that I had taken one painkiller and was going to throw the rest of them away. She told me that her mother would buy them from me and for me to name my price. I told her that I was not in the drug trade and to get her mother some help. I flushed the pills down the toilet and I swear I could hear cries in the background. It was probably her mother bawling because she couldn’t get her hands on the Tylenol-3. White folks get on my nerves with their holier-than-thou attitudes as though they are not the drug users when they use more drugs than all other groups of people combined.

      And yet, the shit in this article makes out that they are concerned that Black people will get their hands on painkillers and misuse them but never say a goddamn bad thing against the ‘whites’ that have no problem boarding the express overdose train to hell. To hell with em, I say! They had no problem saturating inner cities with crack. Now, it’s their goddamn turn. Turnabout’s fair play, I say!

      I thank you for your comment Kelley as I could most definitely relate to it! And thank you also for the compliment on this one!

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      1. Shameless, indeed! But those worthless shits would never think so! They think of themselves as the cream that rises to the top! Well, I beg to differ!

        I thank you again for your comment Kelley!


  4. The New York Times has sunk to a new low publishing this kind of shit.

    “Researchers repeatedly speculate that the nation is seeing a cohort of whites who are isolated and left out of the economy and society.”

    Oh really? Did no one every tell them that the unemployment rate from African American youth is 51% – 36% for Hispanic youth: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/jul/13/bernie-s/bernie-sanders-says-real-unemployment-rate-african/

    To ignore that reality seems really callous to me, especially as we approach a demographic revolution when Europeans will become the new minority: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/so-youre-about-to-become-a-minority_us_553011f0e4b04ebb92325daf


    1. Dr. Bramhall, you should not be surprised because it is just like that ‘Affluenza’ shit! They make shit up about ‘whites’ to excuse their behavior.

      “Oh, poor, poor Harold, he was just so isolated and he lost his job as manager of Micky Ds and look where he is now, just a poor lonely soul that has been ostracized by his family because he is now an unemployed lay-about. His folks are so ashamed of him that they have cut him off without a dime and told him to get lost and never darken their doorstep again. And what was poor Harold to do but escape with some heroin and now he is dead. He is dead because he was not used to rubbing shoulders with the lower classes even though he was a manager. His folks just could not deal with his fall from grace and neither could poor Harold. He turned to heroin for solace and what a pity, what a loss. He OD’d. The End.”

      That’s how it’s played out Dr. Bramhall. Never a thought is given for the poor Black people who we know are underneath the totem pole of job applicants. Never a thought for what we go through because you see, we just ain’t human. That is a known fact. Three-fifths, my ass! We ain’t even considered to be that much human. We ain’t considered to be ‘human’ at all. We never have been and we never will be and that is why I could give a rat’s ass about hurting some white shits feelings.

      This is why I cannot find it in me to have ‘love’ for some shits that spread this garbage and ignore the plight of those who look like me as though we are ‘on top of the world’ when nothing could be further from the truth, but you never hear of them droning on and on about the plight of Black teens in AmeriKKKa. You never hear them go on and on about the plight of poverty stricken Black children and how they are basically starving to death. But let some white motherfuckers start overdosing and that shit is deemed some end of the world shit! Fuck ’em and to hell with ’em!

      I am not shocked! Not one single bit am I shocked over the reporting of this goddamn bullshit! And that is why I try and counter this shit and show it up for the absolute absurdity and hypocrisy that it is.

      I thank you for posting the links and for your comment.


    1. True dat! But these racist skin head motherfucking Hypocritical Oath keepers otherwise known as doctors claim that since Black people are so predisposed towards addiction, that they ain’t gonna prescribe some opium for us. The good ole ‘whites’ are so filled with self-control that they just can control themselves and not allow themselves to fall under the hypnotic spell of opium addiction. Now, ain’t that a bitch??! Indeed, it is!

      And they say there ain’t a ‘god’! Smite the ‘white’, why doncha oh ‘white’ man’s god on high?!! LOL!

      Thanks nidotopianwarrior, for your comment!


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