This Holiday Is A Travesty!

Dr Martin Luther King Jr1

They say your life had meaning.
You even played the game their way.
And still they had you killed.
But they claim to honor you today.

So toss and turn in your grave,
for how can you sleep peacefully
when hate did strike you down;
hatred drenched in white supremacy?

There is no such thing as freedom,
just ask the men and women behind bars.
This holiday is a travesty,
given the white man’s thirst for wars.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

31 thoughts on “This Holiday Is A Travesty!

    1. “You even played the game their way,” means that Dr. King was a mere pawn of the ‘whites’. He had to have known in his heart of hearts that the ‘white’ man is pure evil, vile and is an atrocious blight on this planet and if you look around, you will see that this is true because what other ‘group’ has done more damage to this planet than the ‘whites’? It was the Europeans that sailed to AmeriKKKa and commenced to genocide the Indians, kidnapped the Africans, blamed it on the African chiefs, brutalized and tortured the slaves, stole parts of Mexico from the Mexicans, put the Japanese in internment camps, brought the Nazis over here to experiment on Black people, dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, experimented on the people of Guatemala, fucked up the people of Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Need I continue? Because I think you get the message because they are still at it to this very day; fucking up the people of the Middle East and rendering them homeless refugees not welcome anywhere. Oh yeah and they fucked up the people of South and Central America.

      Dr. King knew that those vile rejects from hell would never remove their boot from off the necks of Black people if he just continued to call for peaceful protests which meant that Black people continued to get their ass kicked, left and right. They continued to get hosed down, had vicious dogs set on them, were jailed and lynched. What has changed? Not a goddamn thing. Dr. King had a problem with Malcolm X because Malcolm X knew that those escaped demons from hell would not give up anything without a fight. The ‘whites’ love their hypocritical ass pretense of supremacy when they are anything but.

      The likes of Dr. King was hailed by the ‘whites’ as the greatest thing since the wheel because of his non-violent stance. He was not a threat to capitalism because if you burn the ‘white’ man’s shit down, he’s got a goddamn problem with that. Because that affects his bottom line. So, he wants us to address our grievances all peaceful like. We are to continue to print protest signs, purchase some more walking shoes and continue the hundred years march like we are fucking getting somewhere when we are right back at the starting line because we never got a start.

      That is what I meant in my second line. I hope this clears up any confusion. And I thank you for your comment.

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  1. Sorry Shelby. MLK Day has been turned into just another three day weekend. Close the banks and post office. Sales at the mall. Kind of like Labor Day – I mean who gives a rat’s ass about workers?

    Regards. Some of us remember how it was and how it is.


    1. Indeed it has toritto, indeed it has. And that is why I don’t even bother pretending like I am celebrating some Civil Rights Movement that never moved. We are planted squarely at the start line and we have remained there. People think that by posting Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech that that is doing something. It’s a goddamn sham and a shame. The shame of it is that the man’s words are all but ignored and that makes them meaningless. Ain’t a goddamn word of his dream in play today; not one word. And yet we claim to be ‘celebrating’ this day as though we are doing something. People need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up!

      Thank you toritto because you know what’s what. I appreciate your comment!


      1. White people didn’t like MLK -but they liked Malcolm and Eldridge Cleaver a hell of a lot less. And you are spot on about non-violence.

        Regards from Florida


      2. They tolerated Dr. King over all the others. And I do think that his non-violence stance was used to persuade Black people that non-violent protesting was the answer to getting shit done, although, it wasn’t. White people don’t like any of us, that is crystal clear but some of us are tolerated over others, especially those of us who will bootlick and crawl to Massa for his table scraps as is the case with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their like. No one has assassinated those two coonhead sell-outs because they allow themselves to be patted on the head since they are Massa’s pet house Negroes.

        I will check the link out! Thanks toritto!


    1. Thank you Leslie. And still, we are murdered every day because we really took Dr. King’s words and ran with them. All is peace and brotherly and sisterly love, ain’t it? That was a rhetorical question, as I am sure you know.

      Again, I thank you for your comment.

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  2. For those of you who have ever followed the X-Men comics, movies and cartoons we would see the striking similarities between Charles Xavier and MLK. Like MLK Charles Xavier believed in peaceful coexistence and integration between mutants (allegorically and symbolically: black people for the conscious) and humans (allegorically and symbolically: white people for the conscious) even going as far as to groom his underlings to be their oppressor’s protectors against their less than compliant and more conscious and outspoken mutant brethren who believe they should not be ruled by the hand of a lesser and inferior species. The same way our coons in government and media always act in the best interest of their white massas and put down revolutionaries who believe in sovereignty and empowerment.


    1. I see the correlation and I remember that there was another mutant that was at odds with Charles Xavier and he thought that the mutants should wipe out all ‘humans’. I side with him. Obviously, there can be no living side by side with these rejects from hell because this shit has been going down for centuries and if there has been no progress after all that time has elapsed, there isn’t going to be.

      Thank you for your comment.


      1. you’d be his daughter Wanda, the Scarlet Witch or his right hand woman Mystique, that’s if you don’t mind shape-shifting

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      2. Oh, I loved Mystique. Wouldn’t mind shape-shifting. In fact, I’d love it! To sneak in and wreak havoc as someone else would be heavenly. What havoc I would wreak! LOL!


      3. I am actually planning a Caribbean vacation. Got any recommendations? But seriously, I am listening to a song called “Caribbean Blue” and its making me want to lie on a sandy beach sipping a tropical drink because looking out my window, I can see the snow falling.


      4. I’ll keep that in mind because just as soon as I am done with this legal battle that I am fighting, I will most definitely treat myself to an island vacation. The thing is, I’d most likely have to take a slow, leaky boat because I think I finally made the ‘no-fly’ list! LMAO!!!


      5. I’m just joking…..I think. Actually, I have made no recent attempts to board a plane, but I dare not wait until I attempt to purchase a ticket, spend a fortune on hotel reservations and find that I have been considered, a ‘terrorist’. But I am quite sure that I am just over-reacting here. But better to be safe than waiting on a slow boat to Antigua, wouldn’t you say? LOL! I mean, I am not exactly ‘patriotic’, now am I?


      6. Exactly! LMAO!!!! When I arrive in Antigua, you will know me by the most dusty, disheveled limp looking pitiful thing crawling off a trawler that somehow was captured by Somali pirates before making a limp get-away and finally ending up in Antigua, very much the worse for wear! Oh, and I’ll probably be clad in rags by the time I arrive!


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