This Is Why Your Ass Is Hooked On Heroin! Now, Go Thank Your Government, AmeriKKKans!

protecting that poppy

The war in Afghanistan is not over,
since an occupying force remains.
The government lies again,
and not one military whore complains.

I’m not buying this load of bullshit,
when 10,000 boots are on the ground.
If the conflict is really over,
why are those whores still hanging around?

They’re guarding those poppy plants,
for a growing worldwide demand.
Yep, the good ole red, white and blue,
is still smuggling in contraband.

Now go sell it out on the streets,
so they can bust your ass real quick.
You’ve got to learn that it’s their game,
and they sell it, brick by brick.

There’s a methadone high just waiting,
for the junkies strung out so bad.
Get your ass inside a clinic,
you will make Big Pharma glad.

They’ve got everything you need,
because now you’re getting high.
You’re locked in good and tight,
and you can kiss your ass goodbye.

The government is just a cartel,
running drugs in every hood.
And if you think you can escape,
then the CIA ain’t doing what it should.

Oh, we’re the good guys, that’s for sure,
and you can take that to the bank.
Just don’t try to cash the check,
because it ain’t even worth a franc.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Yeah, your doctors and your fucked up government are so goddamn worried about your heroin addiction that they are hell bent on making damn sure that those poppy plants in Afghanistan are well protected by your sons and daughters who are instrumental in seeing to it that those poppy plants get a nice safe plane ride to the states and shot right up in your veins. And then, your goddamn doctor is busily blaming your heroin addiction on your isolation and limited job prospects if you happen to be ‘white’. If you’re Black, well, the doc has assumed that you are predisposed to addictions and therefore, for your own good of course, has decided that he/she is not going to prescribe oxycontin for your back pain because you’d either sell it or become addicted to it. How fucking kind and considerate and thoughtful those vile ass bastards are!

Your fucked up government is busily pointing you in the direction of a made-up enemy when you could have no greater enemy than your own government. Don’t think so? Ask even one piece of shit congressional representative why AmeriKKKa’s military whores are still occupying Afghanistan. The Taliban that has been touted as AmeriKKKa’s enemy was totally against poppy production but since AmeriKKKa’s military whores arrived in Afghanistan, poppy production has soared and that is why Obama’s vile ass refused to exit ALL troops from Afghanistan. He is not concerned with assisting Afghan soldiers to fight the Taliban, he wants your ass overdosing on heroin because drugs are big business and big business is what is going to cushion his vile ass when he exits the White House. And yet, they are so goddamn shocked when statistics show a high rate of death by heroin overdose of white folks. Keep thinking that your government is looking out for your best interests and you’ll find yourself with a needle in your arm and dead!

8 thoughts on “This Is Why Your Ass Is Hooked On Heroin! Now, Go Thank Your Government, AmeriKKKans!

    1. What you say is true nidotopianwarrior! I know it to be true only too well since I live in this shithole. But the thing is see, there are cracks starting to form in the mirror through which we view this illusion. It had to happen since the shit is popping off and is all up in our grill! But we ain’t seen nothing yet!

      Thank you for your comment!


  1. In his 2004 book Crossing the Rubicon, Michael Ruppert shows how the US war against Afghanistan was all about the Taliban shutting down the heroin production network the CIA established there as part of the resistance movement they built to repel the Soviet invasion. All US banks and stock brokers and a number of key manufacturers are engaged in laundering drug money.

    According to Ruppert, these billions of dollars of drug profits are essential to keeping Wall Street afloat. The Taliban’s destruction of Afghanistan’s opium crop after the 2000 harvest was a big part of the 45% stock market drop in 2001.

    After the US invasion and occupation in Oct 2001, it took several years to ramp up production again. Cash flow continued to increase nicely until 2015 when opium production declined by 19%. This may relate to more areas of Afghanistan coming under Taliban control.


    1. And yet, the U.S. government is busy spreading propaganda that the Taliban is the problem. The problem is this fucked up government and the shits that run it; the bankers. I’ll never be too important to jail. Let me fuck up and jaywalk and I’m sitting somewhere looking cross-eyed at some KKKop. But if I was a Wall Street thug, ain’t a goddamn thing wrong if my crooked and criminal shenanigans cause an economic collapse. Why, my shit’ll get bailed out and I will still collect my multi-million dollar bonus check.

      And the stupid Amerikan sheep just continue to believe the lies put out by the Obama Administration over why Amerika’s military whores are still occupying Afghanistan. ‘War on Drugs’, my ass!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


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