What Happened To Us Along The Way?


Somewhere along the way we got lost.
We strayed from the path of our forefathers.
And as women, we seem to be no longer aware
that we owe a legacy of love to our daughters.

We never flinched when our sisters were called ‘Hos’.
And we never thought anything of this disrespect.
Our men were not taken to task for their misogyny.
Now, of their daughters, we see only the neglect.

What happened to us along the way?
When did we become so jaded and so lost?
And have we ever stopped to wonder why?
Why we are now being made to pay the cost?

You live in a world of people who hate your guts.
And you give to them the respect you deny your mother.
Never do you stop to think that if the tables were turned,
would a white man ever stand up and be counted as your brother?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

This one speaks to all Black people because we have seriously lost our way when we as Black  women, answer to being called a “Ho!” And Black men, you should be ashamed of yourselves in calling Black women, ‘Hos’.  These women gave birth to you and the least you could do is show them the respect they deserve and what about your sons and your daughters? How are you setting an example for your sons when they hear you disrespect their mother and by doing so, you also disrespect your own daughter because if you can call the mother of your children out of their name, then you won’t mind when someone else does likewise to your own daughter. These issues need to be addressed because we need some unity in the Black community especially with all that is going down every single day. If we cannot depend on each other, who can we depend on?

We’d best wake the hell up because at the end of the day, who the hell else is caring about the Black family?

18 thoughts on “What Happened To Us Along The Way?

  1. This is a complicated subject but I will only try to stay on a small part of it. Very soon those black men who slander black women will feel the consequences of their action, and how this will happen will to a large degree be predictable. I don’t need to tell most black men this,but for those who need to hear this, don’t slander black women. These are hard times for many of us, and there are real issues that we are facing, but we can’t lie on them and so tear them down. Keep looking for the real reason why this is happening to us native blacks, do what you feel is right including getting away from negative influences, and keep on. We are near the end, my brothers.

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  2. Jada Pinkett Smith Calls on Blacks to Separate from ‘Mainstream’ Culture Over White Oscars Controversy:

    Here’s a bright beautiful black woman owning her power and sharing the secret that empowers other ethnicities, ie invest resources, innovation, talent back into your own culture/ community and celebrate it, don’t beg for mainstream approval, promote causes that support your own ppl first. Amen!
    Isn’t that what all cultures do? Look at the Jewish lobbyists/ Hollywood mafia cartel, the Korean or Asian societies that promote their own immigrants, funding them with small business loans, housing, financial-social-spiritual support.

    Jada gets all this hate from lamestream media b/c she wants black ppl to stand up for themselves and rise above the oppression? AmeriKKKa is a nation of hypocrites!


    1. Thank you for posting that 1EarthUnited. I have being saying this very same thing for quite some time. I just cannot figure out why every other ‘group’ can help each other but for some strange reason, Black people have a problem doing that. We need to come up off that me me me shit and pick up some we we we. It is the only way that we are ever going to come into our own. No one is going to do it for us. That is also why I condemn the non-stop printing of protest signs. That shit has been proven to not work. If it hasn’t in over half a century, why should it work now? It won’t.

      These dumb ass movements are a distraction and are used to distract Black people from doing what we should be doing. It is to continue to promote the useless tired ass futility of ‘peaceful’ marching. Marching with protest signs is irrelevant and redundant. We have never accomplished a thing by doing that and we never will but can I get Black folks to see that? Hell no! The protests continue and as does the business as usual of rampant income inequality, racism, police brutality, mass incarceration, outrageous unemployment in the Black community, lack of access to quality health care, increased homelessness due to gentrification and the goddamn list is endless and a protest sign and some marching shoes is going to fix this? Shit! I gotta fucking stop before my head explodes!

      Thank you for your comment.


      1. Exactly! Why is it considered “racist” if black ppl don’t want “help” from others… which always come with strings attached. Isn’t it more empowering and resolute if black ppl unite for each other, not against other groups. Focus on fixing the problems within your own house, not protesting with bs signs and marches against a white establishment who don’t really give a damn. So called social liberals are the worst! If u want it done right, gotta do it u’rself, i hope u’r message reaches more ppl b/c it’s time to wake up!


      2. It is considered racist if we don’t adhere to the script; the script of peacefully protesting and allowing others to infiltrate our ‘movements’, for own good of course. Black people have long held the belief that we must take up everything that someone else deems beneficial to our progress as a people, and we are all for it. We don’t stop to think that it may just be another way to distract us from what we should be doing. We are the only group of people who will follow someone else over the goddamn cliff and then continue to do it decades later which in my opinion is what the Civil Rights Movement and now the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement is doing; allowing us to walk to the cliff and over it. We are falling into the abyss and no one seems to be any the wiser about why.

        The ‘white’ establishment could give a rat’s ass about our plight and we just cannot seem to figure this out. We take table scraps and run with them as if that is progress when the majority of Black people are living in 3rd world nation like conditions. As you can see, I have been trying hard to get the message out there but if they won’t pick up what I’m putting down then I am just talking to myself; or in other words, preaching to the choir.

        Thank you for your comment 1EarthUnited!


  3. We lost our way when we decided to integrate with these devils. That gave them the carte blanche to do with us as they pleased, to mould us into the perfect agents of self-destruction. Although I don’t believe it is too late for some of us whose eyes are opened


    1. What I would like to know is why we cannot seem to figure out that we cannot walk with our enemy. Why would I walk hand-in-hand with the shit that is filling my ass with bullets? It is insane. We not only need to stop integrating with those rejects from hell, we need to stop allowing them to infiltrate the so-called ‘movements’ that some think is the answer to all that ails descendants of slaves in this shithole. I hope to hell that Black folks ain’t this stupid!

      Thank you for your comment.


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