Celebrating Black History Month: Why We Need Black History Month.

Soon, the shortest month of the year will be upon us and of course, this particular month was set aside to recognize the achievements and gains of the Negro/Black in AmeriKKKa, but despite the shortest month being chosen to celebrate Negro/Black achievements, our achievements will be showcased. Count on it!

Thank you Mr. Militant Negro! We all look forward to the Negro/Black History series!

The Militant Negro™

Mr MilitantNegro™ Jueseppi B Mr MilitantNegro™
Jueseppi B


Every year racist caucasian and house coons/house Negroes alike ask the same dumbass question…..”why do we need a Black History Month.”

The simple answer for simple minded fools is…Black History is NOT taught in the United Slave States Of AmeriKKKlan school system. What you get is a whitewashed watered down mockery of Black History as dictated by a racists school curriculum. I grew up believing that United Slave States Of AmeriKKKlan was 3 times bigger than the continent of Africa because maps/globes made in the United Slave States Of AmeriKKKlan depicted the United Slave States Of AmeriKKKlan as 3 times the size of the African continent.

Lies…..and there were many more. Lets not even get into how the United Slave States Of AmeriKKKlan taught us kids about the Native American Genocide…..or rather DIDN’T  tell us about the Native American Genocide.

Screenshot (337)

Lets never forget the biggest lie, that

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