I Am Samaria Rice. Mother Of Tamir Elijah Rice.

How I weep for Tamir!

A mother’s heartfelt plea for justice for her murdered son!

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Since the senseless killing of my son, Tamir Rice, by Cleveland Police Officers I have had many sleepless days and nights. For more than a year now, I have sought justice for my son but no one has been held responsible. My greatest disappointment has been the way Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, Timothy McGinty, has handled the case. Months ago, I asked McGinty to step aside so a special prosecutor could take over but he refused and attacked my family in the press instead.

Prosecutor McGinty never intended to hold anyone responsible for Tamir’s death. Just yesterday, it was revealed that the grand jury never even took a vote on indicting the officers that killed my son after being told that the shooting was justifiable by the prosecutor.2 Now it is McGinty who needs to be held accountable for his negligence in handling this case.  It’s…

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2 thoughts on “I Am Samaria Rice. Mother Of Tamir Elijah Rice.

  1. McGinty needs to be recalled and the non-transparent deeply corrupt grand jury process needs to be abolished. There’s no point pretending these institutions are accountable to the people when they clearly aren/t


    • I agree Dr. Bramhall! The grand jury process is a farce; a failure. It was designed to be that way; pointless and redundant. Tamir Rice’s mother deserves better than this and McGinty has got to go. The entire judicial process needs to be abolished, dismantled, but the sad fact is that the same shits would only install one exactly like it.

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


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