Stolen From Africa!

stolen from Africa

Stolen from Africa,
my screams pierce the air.
 I  am left with only memories.
 You destroyed my essence
and claimed your victory.

With no conscience to guide you,
you invaded my body.
I am your slave
with nothing of my own;
not even my name.

My children are torn
 from their mother’s arms.
Sold like cattle
and raped at will.
Oh christian’s god,
where is thy mercy?

In the gathering darkness;
shielded by the night,
I look up at the stars
for guidance home.

Oh christian’s god,
where is thy mercy?
I am whipped and chained;
beaten and broken!

My spirit is trapped
in this hellish nightmare
of porcelain creatures
who crave my soul.
Oh christian’s god,
forsake me not!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

It is crystal clear to me that the christian’s god did indeed deny mercy to the slaves. I guess seeing as how the christians thought of the slaves as something less than human, they and their ‘god’ considered the slaves to be beyond redemption. And to think that we are to believe that christians sailed to the ‘new world’ to escape religious persecution only to turn around and do far worse to innocent people.

Continue to re-write history and spread your lies and I will continue to expose the vicious hypocrisy, cruelty, barbarity and vileness of the ‘christian’ slavers! 

And Black folks, you sit somewhere, moaning and wailing and singing to a ‘god’ that is depicted in the very image of slavers. They brainwashed you well. You sit and look at pictures posted in your church of their likeness and you have the nerve to think that this filth wants you anywhere near them in their god’s fake ass heavenly dwelling? They don’t even want to live beside you on this planet, so what makes you think that they want you in a mansion in the sky beside them? Hell! For the most part, you’re even buried in different cemeteries. And you’re going to live beside that shit in their fake ass ‘heaven’? Get real! I cannot believe that you have the nerve to wonder why a coroner is counting and digging bullets out of your ‘loved’ ones ass! And don’t forget to keep those ‘movements’ coming. Fifty years from now, you will have ‘moved’ to exactly where you are now.

32 thoughts on “Stolen From Africa!

      1. I have literally swelled with ‘the sin’ of human pride over THAT particular comment. Oh well! I am sure that the ‘christian’s’ god shall smitebite me! Shit happens, don’t it? LOL!


    1. I disagree. The writer of this blog has her own opinion and I am sure she will respond. However, while there are other “blacks ” who have been sold,put on ships, and then enslaved in another land, there is not another group-aside from those “blacks”- whose experiences are even close to those of our ancestors and us. Also, with all due respect and sympathy to those other groups you are referring to, this is about what began in Africa and continues here.


      1. Well, while I did not refer to them explicitly, and I should have, I was referring to the untouchables of India. These people belong to the untouchable caste, and they are miserably exploited in India today.


      2. Well, I shall refer to the ‘untouchables’ you speak of in India. The difference is that the people of India have themselves developed a caste system and it is because of this caste system that is the reason why the people who are considered to be ‘untouchables’ are mal-treated. I took the time to read up on the ‘untouchables’ and the reason why they have been given the designation of the ‘untouchables’ is because other Indian people look down their noses at their own kind for not being a part of the upper caste system; these people are brutalized, raped, stripped naked and paraded down the streets by other Indian people; who look just like they do but because those that mistreat these people believe that due to the privileges that the particular caste system they belong in makes them superior to these ‘untouchables’, that that in itself gives them the right to treat the ‘untouchables’ despicably.

        It is my understanding that the ‘untouchables’ are mistreated because of their livelihood and this has nothing whatsoever to do with the color of their skin, nor were they dragged from the land of their birth and subjected to unspeakable atrocities, barbarities and torture and considered less than human by their abductors who most certainly did not look like them.

        The ‘untouchables’ of India were not abducted, chained, stripped and made to stand in a public square for inspection and auction and then had their children taken from them, were raped, experimented on to find out how deep is their skin color, had their genitals seared and their skulls cracked open by shits that would shame a Nazi! I could go on and on but there is a difference between the ‘untouchables’ of India and the slaves that were dragged forcibly from Africa and made to be the white man’s property in AmeriKKKa! There is a huge difference. The people of India have only themselves to blame since they refuse to recognize the ‘untouchables’ as being just as worthy to live in peace as those of the upper caste system.

        I suggest that since you live in India, you could spearhead the effort to shed more light on the plight of the ‘untouchables’ with your photographic equipment instead of coming in here and attempting to mitigate the horrors that the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade wrought on the innocent African people that continues to this very day!

        Many different hereditary castes have been traditionally subsumed under the title untouchable, each of which subscribes to the social rule of endogamy (marriage exclusively within the caste community) that governs the caste system in general.
        Traditionally, the groups characterized as untouchable were those whose occupations and habits of life involved ritually polluting activities, of which the most important were (1) taking life for a living, a category that included, for example, fishermen, (2) killing or disposing of dead cattle or working with their hides for a living, (3) pursuing activities that brought the participant into contact with emissions of the human body, such as feces, urine, sweat, and spittle, a category that included such occupational groups as sweepers and washermen, and (4) eating the flesh of cattle or of domestic pigs and chickens, a category into which most of the indigenous tribes of India fell.

        Continue reading up on why the ‘untouchables’ are mistreated, to put it mildly by those that look just like them.

        Hindus believe a person is born into one of four castes based on karma and “purity”—how he or she lived their past lives. Those born as Brahmans are priests and teachers; Kshatriyas are rulers and soldiers; Vaisyas are merchants and traders; and Sudras are laborers. Within the four castes, there are thousands of sub-castes, defined by profession, region, dialect, and other factors.

        Untouchables are literally outcastes; a fifth group that is so unworthy it doesn’t fall within the caste system.

        Here in AmeriKKKa, it is not about a ‘caste system’, it has everything to do with the color of our skin. Here, it does not matter if Black people are earning millions of dollars singing or playing pro-football or earning $7.25 an hour cleaning toilets; we are all viewed the same and would be pulled over in a New York nanosecond for driving while Black. It does not matter if we are driving a Bentley or a Kia. Why we are brutalized has nothing whatsoever to do with a ‘caste system’ and AGAIN, has everything to do with the color of our skin!

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      3. Hello Shelby
        Well, your understanding of caste is not, and cannot be deep. You are too far away. It is a very complex issue. Did ‘we’ do it to ourselves? Yes? Did the British make it horribly worse? yes? The caste system was, as per many, fluid centuries ago. The ossification started a few centuries back, and was further hardened by the British systems in India.
        Does it include torture? Yes. Much of what happens in the villages is not reported. But, I have been to villages and seen and heard the shit that goes on there.
        But this is not the point. Yes, the discrimination and torture of the Blacks in the USA is horrible. However, at least you talk about it. Not so in India.
        The point is, and I should have been clear, is that discrimination as a behaviour, seems to be a particular vice that many humans seem to revel in, and this is the rather crappy behaviour that needs to be eradicated.
        Blacks, Jews, Syrians, the poor, the untouchables – there is too much of this in the world


      4. “your understanding of caste is not, and cannot be deep. You are too far away”

        And the same applies to you in your understanding of what it means to be a Negro in AmeriKKKa, you cannot understand and yet, you state your opinions even though “you are too far away” from the ground zero that I stand on. And unlike with regards to the people of India, ‘we’ did not do this to ourselves.

        As for talking about our situation here in AmeriKKKa, that has not helped matters; not one bit. You state that people in India do not talk about the plight of the ‘untouchables’. Why not? Who is that on? If people in India felt so bad about what is happening to the ‘untouchables’, it would seem to me to be of paramount importance that that be on the lips of many Indian people as to why they treat their own like shit. I admit, I do not know what is going on in India, having never lived there or traveled there and I have my hands more than full with what we are dealing with in this shithole, but be that as it may, I can only wonder at why people in India are so evil and vile towards those who look like them simply because they do not fit into a particular caste system.

        And I am also well aware that some will take me to task for mentioning how badly Indians treat other Indians when Black folks are killing each other in inner cities all across this shithole. The fact of the matter is, extreme poverty and the fact that drugs were introduced in communities of color decades ago by this fucked up government plays a serious role in why there is so much gang violence and crime in Black communities. So many people are hooked on drugs to escape the reality of being so hopelessly broke, poverty-stricken and fucked up that they see no way out other than to turn to drugs, sell their body to purchase more drugs, gang-bang and some more shit. This was all put into play by the ‘white’ shits who control the drugs that get shipped here and dropped into communities of color. My own sister died of a crack overdose and so I am particularly sensitive about this.

        However, we are not dealing with a caste system. We are dealing with a fucked up ass government that condones the genocide of people who look like me. What needs to be eradicated is the system that is set up to ensnare the poor, the Black and the hopeless who get caught up in a cycle of drugs, gangs, violence and incarceration. It is ALL done by design. The same shits that rendered the Syrian people, homeless are the very same shits that are the cause of our misery; the very same shits that are the reason the Indians, indigenous to AmeriKKKa are in deep misery! Their plight is even worse than ours and that is saying something!


      5. I hope that you do not mind that I highlighted your comment to show that I agree with it wholeheartedly! I am well aware of the plight of others, however, my focus is on what is happening in THIS country to people like myself; descendants of slaves that were dragged here from Africa and yes, included in my focus are other ‘Black’ people that were also dragged from Africa and deposited elsewhere other than on the shores of this vile shithole called AmeriKKKa!

        I sincerely thank you for setting the record straight and I shall be quite happy to take it from here.


  1. Did you know that Black folk that embrace the “Mormon” religion get to be turned ‘white’ in the “Mormon” afterlife? Wow, that’s a real bargain there…


      1. Ha! I didn’t get much further than the part about its creator conjuring up this fairytale alone in his attic, but knowing this definitely makes it even more of a joke.


    1. And yet, when Mitt Romney was making a run for the presidency, my cousin’s TV was bombarded with those ‘Latter Day Saint’ commercials and even Black folks were sitting somewhere talking about, “I’m a teacher and I’m a Mormon!” This is exactly what I mean about being brainwashed. Those dumb ass shits don’t have the sense of a cuckoo bird! They will blindly follow anything and everything and question nothing! I don’t even fucking know why I bother!

      Black folks got to ‘turn’ white in order to enter the great paradise of the ‘Mormon’ afterlife????!!! Gag me with some magic underwear, why doncha?

      Thanks for attempting to enlighten the unenlightened Black ‘Mormon’ followers. It won’t do any good, but at least you tried. Geefuckingwhiz!!! “Scotty, beam me the fuck up! There is NO intelligent life here! Goddamn it! SIGH!”

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      1. *Groan* Skulz, if those stupid brainwashed women want to go and ‘wed’ themselves to some grinning horny AmeriKKKan version of a harem keeper, then they can just be my guest. It won’t be my ass over there joining a cult polygamous marriage. Hell! One son-of-a-bastard was enough for me. So, no, I won’t be packing my bags and heading out looking for the first polygamous sideshow to get ensnared in. I pride myself on my ability to reason, question and think for myself. No goddamn brainwashing going on all up in here! Oh hell no!

        So, they can go for it! It’s got naught to do with me!


      2. Skulz, believe me, no apology is necessary and I knew you were joking. It is just beyond my comprehension that people can be so gullible and allow themselves to be used and abused and quite actually insist upon liking it. I just shake my head over it all!

        You are right, in many instances, it is good to just poke fun at the idiotic fools. If that’s what they want to do, let them knock themselves out!

        Thank you for your comment Skulz!

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  2. Black people and the church is very complicated subject, but more and more recent signs have been there that Christianity is not our religion, and it really belongs to another people. Many black people know that is not a faith we should follow but more are stuck in it. We have been cursed to follow this religion even though it does not make sense for us to do so even according to the Protestant teachings. As another pointed out, we cannot raise the dead who have been killed, know what is bad that is about to happen to us, etc. despite these promises. That is not to even to take a step back and look at the whole situation we are in. To an outsider, we must be an astonishment at how we continue to believe in this religion. It won’t be long before we as a group are forced to recognize that we are praying to a god that cannot save and some of our own will be coming to make those who do not recognize the truth do so. Unfortunately, some of us will not wake up even then.


    1. It is complicated because for over 400 years, we have been bombarded with ‘christianity’ and we were forced to assimilate just as the Indians were. The slaves were forced to speak a new language, were forced to give up their customs, beliefs and religious practices and were force fed fake ass christian shit! It is extremely difficult to cast off 400 years of brainwashing and to know that you have been bamboozled, lied to and denied knowledge of your culture. These vile heathens over here, even with their textbooks, would have Black people believe that those who were abducted from Africa were abducted for humanitarian reasons. Hell! They are still attempting to get away with that to this very day. These shits over here are bombing other countries in the Middle East and claiming that the bombing is for ‘humanitarian’ reasons. That’s a crock of shit and yet people lap it up and run with it.

      There are always going to be people who will simply believe the lies and do as they are told and will never question anything or think for themselves; they are lost and that’s that. But there are some of us who will not simply kneel at the feet of liars and lap up the lies they spew. I am one such and I can only hope that there are many, many more!

      Thank you for your comment N.S.


  3. Yet these degenerate whites expect us to just get over it while everyone else they’ve ever wronged get reparations


    1. Well, you know, it is because we IS only three-fifths human! So, that right there absolves them of approving reparations for hundreds of years of slavery and to this very day, the paychecks of Black people are not on par with their white counterparts. And fixing that shit will never happen. They’re trying to shoot ‘their’ problem of Black folks away! And while they are doing that shit, we are presenting them with a great shot of our backs when we continue to march down the goddamn street holding a lame ass protest sign with cobwebs clinging to it.

      Thank you for your comment nidotopianwarrior!


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