white… what?

Can you believe this shit? “Whiteness History Month!” Now, if that don’t take the goddamn cake!

Everything IN AmeriKKKa has to do with ‘whites’! Everything that is stolen in the world, including people is done by ‘whites’. Are they going to go on and on about that? Yeah! When zebras fall out of the sky!

And so the bullshit continues!


Within the moss-covered towers of intelligentsia that are Portland Community College, April 2016 has been declared “Whiteness History Month.” Here’s a link –




Occasionally, academic brain-trusts all across the Amerika come up with some really stupid ideas that might pass as education. Mesa Valley School District 51 in Colorado is mandating that 11 year old school girls undergo “christian” virginity training so as to prepare themselves to be ‘better’ wives for future husbands. Link –


That’s pretty stupid. However, a ‘Whiteness History Month’ pretty much takes the stupid cake and runs with it for distance.

The PCC Department of Homogenous Humanity will offer a “symposium” on ‘Genocide – Disguised Salvation for Amerika’s Native First Nations.’

Following that exposé, PCC will open up a forum on ‘Slavery – Coming To Amerika For Fun & Profit.’ There will be focus groups to study the issue “Who really makes the big…

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2 thoughts on “white… what?

  1. they have whiteness History month, the rest fuckin 11 months of the year….. It reminds me of a scene from the movie Dear White People when this white guy called in whining about “you guys have Black Entertainment Television, why can’t we have White Entertainment Television?” and the radio host gracefully responded “you do, it’s called every other channel on TV”


    • Waaay back in the day before I threw my TV away, BET would be on in my house and back then, the Black man that started BET still owned it, then he sold it to the ‘whites’ and I stopped looking at it. So, even the ‘whites’ choose what is going to be broadcast on BET. As far as I am concerned, they can have ALL TV since I no longer own one.

      Also, I hear tell that there is some rumblings about the Oscars and the lack of diversity. This has been a problem for years too numerous to count. And it is a sad reflection on how far Black people have NOT come when the only recognition we get is for playing subservient roles; The Help and The Butler. How in the world could I reconcile with myself over playing somebody’s goddamn maid and butler when that is all we have been doing for centuries; picking up after white folks and serving them? I don’t give a good goddamn about those House Negroes that are upset because they feel slighted by that unimportant Hollywood shit. If they want to play Massa’s help and butler and don’t feel as though they are recognized enough for that fucking shit, then that’s on them!

      Thank you for your comment nidotopianwarrior!


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