The Children Of Flint, Michigan Speak!

children exposed to lead in flint michigan

They say corrosive pipes may cause my demise.
Filthy water comes to me as no surprise.
Massa in the manse, he cause my distress
‘cause I’m not rich and I make do with less.

Corrosive pipes, they don’t cause my demise.
Massa in the manse did with all his lies.
The media paints the picture of a lazy mama.
They say she don’t have a job but she smokes marijuana.
With the jobs gone to China, just what did they expect?
Now they gone charge my mama with abuse and neglect.

They caused the problem but place the blame on us.
My skin is itching; it’s red and draining pus.
We sent the water to be tested by the EPA.
They helped to cover up this crime; they looked the other way.

Obama finally spoke, he said, “Ain’t that a shame!”
“Give those niggaz some water and y’all file a claim!”
We’ll go out like Tamir, since they’re still using lead.
Yet another way to kill us, with poison instead!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Rick Snyder, a Republican who ascended to the governor’s office in 2010 without ever serving in public office, has fought off calls for his resignation and criticism about his delayed response to the crisis. It was Snyder’s administration that placed the city under emergency management in 2011, a decision that wrested control from the city council and imposed cost-cutting – which in turn led the city to the filthy river for water. For 18 months the administration ignored signs that water was contaminated, before finally rerouting supplies last October.

Fifty-six percent of Flint’s residents are Black. Now, imagine if this had been Newtown, CT. Do you seriously think that this would be happening? White folks are sitting back now, pointing the finger at those poor Black folks who they believe are just lazy bums expecting free food, free water and free housing and so that is on them. Well, let me tell you something. This same shit is coming to a ‘white bread’ neighborhood near you and then yours is next because this shithole’s infrastructure is totally fucked up since AmeriKKKa has been too busy meddling in foreign affairs and bombing other countries while neglecting this one. So, sit back and laugh at the poor Black folks in Flint, MI who are going through this crisis, but know this, laughter is catching. And don’t forget about the trains that are derailing and spilling crude oil into the rivers and streams that eventually end up coming out of your faucet. Still think you’re immune to what’s going down in Flint, MI? Yeah! Keep laughing!

With the subject line “HIGH LEAD: FLINT Water testing Results”, the EPA’s Jennifer Crooks wrote to local officials that she had been discussing Walters’ “water situation” for several weeks. Crooks was stunned by the results: 104 parts per billion of lead. The EPA’s regulatory limit is 15 parts per billion.

14 thoughts on “The Children Of Flint, Michigan Speak!

    1. Whatever it takes to get it done Skulz, they’re going to do it! That is quite obvious, but we are going to dust off yet ANOTHER protest sign, purchase yet ANOTHER pair of walking shoes and get this shit stopped! Oh yeah baby! We SO got this! Goddamn! I’m the biggest liar there is!

      Thank you for your comment Skulz!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Now, you just stop right there nidotopianwarrior! I’ve already sent this one to Justin Bieber and he has agreed to ‘rap’ it for me! He is gonna rap this with Taylor Swift and Boy George! I am pretty sure that after this becomes a hit, I will be shopping on Rodeo Drive! Now, THAT is funny! hahaha!

      Love the comment. Thanks


  1. I love it Shelby! That is SO powerful! This is nothing but environmental racism. Just like Hurricane Katrina. I did a post on this too. This is damn shame what they are doing! All those sick children!! Makes my stomach turn! And you really should write a book of poems. I would buy your book for sure. You have a real way with words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Prince! I will certainly take a look at your post about this. I’ve had computer problems which is nothing new since I burn one up a month. Oh, well, some like it hot!

      Yeah! This is Katrina all over again. Gentrification! Gentrification! Gentrification! Can anybody say, “Gentrification???!!!!” Black folks have worn out no welcome that was never extended to us and we just ain’t dying fast enough for these depraved rejects from hell! Don’t even get me started!

      Again, I thank you for your comment Prince!

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  2. The really sick thing here is that lead poisoning is permanent. It’s clear that Flint (and probably Detroit) have been designated sacrifice zones. I’m really pleased to see the environmental justice movement gathering steam as more and more disenfranchised groups mobilize for the right for all people not to be poisoned with toxic air, drinking water and food.

    This kind of thing has been going on for years with incinerators and toxic waste dumps being deliberately sited in minority communities. It’s high time this came into public views.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Dr. Bramhall, extermination commenced, as you say, years and years ago. The song by Michael Jackson, “They Don’t Really Care About Us,” is THE understatement of the year! But of course, it’s those Black folks fault for sickening themselves and being just too goddamn poor! Just like with Hurricane Katrina. It was those poor Black folks fault for not throwing themselves into their big ole SUVS and getting the fuck out of the way of that big ole bad ole hurricane! What was the matter with those people? Yep! That’s how they carry it! Blame the victim for being a victim, especially when the victim is Black.

      I thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


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