If Black Lives Matter, Why Don’t Black People Protest About “Black-on-Black” Crime?

The truth is Black people are speaking up and are doing things about crime and violence in so-called Black communities but because of who controls the media, you would never think so.

An excellent post with many fine points!

Wake Up/Rise Up! Black America

Black GenocidePhoto: http://www.voguevoice.com/but-nobody-protests-black-on-black-crime/                            Black-on-Black Crime Myths Discredited

Many opponents of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement point to the issue of “black-on- black crime” and question why we do not protest when a black person kills another black person. Their argument is to say that crimes committed by black people against black people are an epidemic not being addressed by the black community. Instead, our focus is misplaced and amped up when a police officer kills an unarmed black person. They say black lives matter then, but not in our communities where crime and violence is rampant. The “we ignore black-on-black crime” narrative then overshadows, or at the very least is used as a counterargument, against the issue of potential police misconduct against black people.

Let me begin with the false notion of “black-on-black” crime. First of all, this is a myth because research shows that people are more likely…

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2 thoughts on “If Black Lives Matter, Why Don’t Black People Protest About “Black-on-Black” Crime?

    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall and yes, it really is an extremely excellent article. I had to re-blog it because he certainly stated in most precise terms just how it is. We ALL know that there is ‘white on white’ crime, etc., etc., but no, let’s not call it that when ‘whites’ are busily busting caps all up in ‘white’ asses. That’s just an anomaly; something that just hardly ever happens. Right. Like I’m buying that. Anything to make Black folks look as though we are just some serious ass killers. SIGH! And the beat goes on.

      Again, thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. Much appreciated.


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