Repeating The Past Will Not Change A Thing!

repeating the past

Repeating the past will not change a thing.
Printing more signs and marching won’t bring
the dead back to life or make Black people free.
And your spiritual songs make a mockery
of a past you don’t know but fail to seek.
You believe what you’re told; how obligingly meek!

And as long as you remain right where you are,
on your forehead, they will brand a gold star
Such fools are we to listen to lies
 and continue on as though we aren’t despised.

Juneteenth, we celebrate and for what, I don’t know
because from where I sit, this is a Minstrel show.
You strut on the stage and expect an award.
You run with a ball and think you are adored.

But drive down the street and go the wrong way
and your ass will find out that whitey don’t play.
So bow to the slavers that still own you today,
 for they and their god, you choose to obey.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

And of course, lest I forget, Happy ‘Black’ History Month! Let the celebration begin!


6 thoughts on “Repeating The Past Will Not Change A Thing!

    1. I am so sorry to be SO late in thanking you for the re-blog. For some strange reason, your re-blog got caught up in the spam folder. It’s just one of those glitches, I guess. But I do sincerely thank you, however belatedly!


      1. There is never any rush to thank me for reblogging. I get to the thank yous when I get time and I expect a busy woman such as yourself, does the same thing. Good to see you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good to see you as well! True! So much is going on, I hardly know up from down but I try to always take the time to ‘thank’ people for re-blogging my efforts here.

        Take care,


    1. Exactly! We know one damn thing, we would not have gotten the kid glove treatment that those white supremacist groups received. When we protest outright murder of one of our own by those skinheads, we get the National Guard called out on us and a curfew gets put in play like we’re some goddamn children needing to be told when to go the fuck home and to bed.

      And that ain’t glaringly obvious to these Black protesting yokels that that marching shit don’t mean jack? I wish to hell I thought I’d pick up another protest sign and beg those skinheads to get the fuck up off my neck. Signs ain’t getting it done and that’s for damn sure, so why the fuck should I waste my time? Ain’t happening.

      Thank you for your comment HLJ!


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