week 05 || 2016: Me + Angela

We can assume some responsibility for our lives and how we live. Be supportive of you.

Please take the time to read this exceptional post by Kelley!


The Black woman is not being taken seriously and we have the men in the media, entertainment business and ourselves to blame. We as Black women must make the decision to choose how we are seen in the world. -Angela Davis


I know I point the finger a lot {for good reason}, but we have to take some responsibility for our current situation. Yes, many things are out of our control, but just like an actress can turn down a role, we can turn down every opportunity to engage in activities that do not serve our betterment. This can be anything from simply not watching or listening to “reality” shows, movies, radio, music videos or tv dramas that solely portray us as animalistic, violent, sexual deviants or materialistic. Purchasing from Black-owned businesses that improve our well-being with employees and customers that look like us. We can ever so eloquently kill…

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