The Entertainment Never Ends!

the entertainment never ends

I have been strangely quiet
for want of anything to say
because everything’s been said
and I hit the button and replay.

Football season is over.
The Super Bowl is in the past.
We say we hate capitalism
but that hate don’t ever last.

We say we love this planet.
It is our home, for better or for worse.
And yet we fuck it up relentlessly
until they put us in a hearse.

Oh what hypocrites we are
when we scream our hatred for war.
And yet, we groom the next generation
to heed the call for more!

We say we hate our politicians.
We despise them one and all.
They don’t represent our interests.
And yet, we vote for them each fall.

We point fingers at another
and we claim that they are wrong
when in fact, we’re all depraved,
it’s why we cannot get along.

Oh yes I have been extremely quiet,
just watching shit hit the fan.
What need have I to point out
that the foulest seed is man?

There is endless war in Syria
 and Libya is filled with rebels.
All of this chaos was put into play
by American and NATO devils.

Poor Iraq, we hear nothing about
as if those folks are doing fine.
I doubt if they’re eating caviar
or drinking expensive wine.

But here in the land of the ‘exceptional’
the entertainment never ends.
We just gorged on wings and pizza
with our loud and drunken friends.

The stakes are high in this gambler’s den
of vice and greed and corruption.
And when Wall Street flounders again,
they’ll blame the poor for their destruction.

The bailouts will commence
and the players will play on.
While the huddled masses yearn
for jobs already gone.

At the risk of repeating myself, I repeat myself.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

1,400 people learn their jobs are moving to Mexico

A crowd of Carrier manufacturing workers erupted into anger Wednesday as they learned their plant was being relocated to Monterrey, Mexico.

Carrier, an Indianapolis-based heating, ventilation and air conditioning company owned by United Technologies, announced in a statement on Wednesday that the plant would undergo a three-year transition to Mexico starting in 2017.

Carrier is one of two United Technologies plants to announce a move to Mexico — the corporation announced on the same day it would also be moving a plant in Huntington, Indiana. The closing will eliminate about 700 jobs from the city in northeastern Indiana.

And now with the signing of the TPPA, is this situation going to get any better? But they tell us that the unemployment figures are so low as to be negligible. The lies just keep coming. Who in hell believes that the REAL unemployment rate is 4.9%? Seriously? Sears and Kmart stores are closing, left and right. The only stores that are doing a booming business are Dollar Tree, Dig-A-Dollar, Collar-A-Dollar and Holla-For-A-Dolla! This past holiday sales figures were dismal and that is an understatement. Target just closed up shop in Canada. Wal-Mart just announced the closure of all Express Wal-Mart stores. JC Penny is gasping to stay alive and even Macy’s is choking and the unemployment rate is 4.9%?!!! Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

12 thoughts on “The Entertainment Never Ends!

      1. LMAO!! I kinda thought you were, but you can’t always be REAL sure! So, I didn’t know which way to blow; hot or cold so I hoped I got caught in the middle, somewhere!

        No worries Kelley, I’m just blushing a teensy weensy bit, here! LMAO!! That was funny! Somebody’s just gonna have to open up a ‘Holla-For-A-Dolla!” The tears are flowing down my cheeks, I’m laughing SO hard!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I was beat boxing a little and rapping that poem lol. Yes I heard about the plant moving to Mexico, such a shame, all those jobs lost. Here in the Caribbean, especially here in Antigua it’s the same scenario with the banking sector, the banks are downsizing so people are losing their jobs, left right and center. And for those of us who studied banking and finance at college, there goes our degree lol


    1. I am SO sorry to hear that nidotopianwarrior and to make matters worse, the TPPA is coming down the pike. And I just read that robots are going to take millions of jobs. I don’t know what the hell people are going to do. They’re even coming out with robots to be used for sex. It’s getting uglier by the nanosecond and not one bit of news is good for so-called ‘humans’. The people who are already dealing with homelessness are going to soon have lots of company; sad but true!

      I wish I had words of encouragement for you nidotopianwarrior, but alas, none are forthcoming. Take care is the best that I can come up with.


      1. Well that’s good to know. And if I can ever clear up my legal issues, I’d be over in your neck of the woods, quick fast and in a goddamn hurry! Word is that my court date for this shit has been set for March 22nd, so I should finally get out from underneath this shit that’s rendering me stationary. I’m fucking ready to take flight or jump into that slow boat. Either way, I want outta here, already!!! LOL!!

        You think I’m kidding, but I am SO not. I am heading for a nice island paradise away from this shit!

        Thanks for your comment nidotopianwarrior!


    1. Now, Dr.Bramhall, you know that for the most part, I am talking to myself and that is why I have to take a hiatus every now and then, so to speak. Because I hear tell that when Beyoncé gave a shout out to Red Lobster in her latest song, Red Lobster saw an uptick in customers. Now, do you seriously think I’ve got much to work with here when AmeriKKKans can be persuaded to go to a restaurant that was already opened and waiting for customers by Beyoncé? If Beyoncé told them to eat road kill, there would be thousands out on the streets waiting for the next dog to get hit by a car so that they could take it home, cook it up and eat it. The got shit for brains over here in zombieland. And I ain’t bragging, I’m just saying.

      But I thank you kindly for your comment Dr. Bramhall!


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