I Want A White Lover!


I want a white lover
so we can mix our blood
and destroy my people
like Noah’s flood.

I want a white lover.
I don’t care about me
or the fact that our children
won’t know their history.

I want a white lover
in my bed tonight.
I’m hungry for his love
and it feels so right.

I want a white lover;
a Black man won’t do.
I need a white man
to prove my worth; my value.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Now, I believe that my readers are smart enough to read between the lines and to know the true meaning of this poem. This poem was written because as I stated earlier in another poem of mine, I have been sitting back quietly watching the shit hit the fan. I noticed how all hell broke loose when Beyoncé Knowles put on a Super Bowl Half-time show that depicted certain images that stand for Black power, The Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter and that white folks by the scores took offense. To those who took offense, fuck you! And to the Black motherfuckers that are looking in the face of your white mate and the children you produced with him/her, fuck you too.

I will admit that I went out on a date with a ‘white’ man and it was the mistake of my life and that shit will never happen again. Much more to the point is that I could never lie down with a white man and produce a half and half. Not going to happen. I refuse to contribute to the dilution of the Afrikan blood that is running through my veins. The white motherfuckers are hell bent on getting that done. It is shoved down our throats, daily; in print, on the big screen and on the little screen. This is exactly why I refuse to purchase a TV. I will not have that constant ‘in our face’ shit that whites who control the media feed us. I will not be subliminally messaged that interracial dating and marriage is ‘hip’; a la mode.

The main focus seems to be to pair Black women with white men and yet in the not so distant past, Black men were lynched for merely looking at a white woman. But no Black man had better lynch a white man for looking at a Black woman and quite frankly, it does not seem that Black women are having a problem with white men not just looking at them, but also fucking them eight ways to Sunday. The same can be said for the white women that lust all up and down on some Black men. So, what is this? Payback for the fact that the white shits that control the media can’t stop white women from lusting after and craving Black men and so they now focus on Black women lusting after white men? Those see-through skinned shits are the devil’s own spawn and the reason why Black women, children and men are shot dead, daily on the mean streets of every shitty city in this shithole called, AmeriKKKa! I will not condone the destruction of the Negro race by dead white filth.

So, come on up in here with some shit and I promise to wipe the cyber floor with your ass! I fucking dare you to post some shit about let’s all come together and sing, “Kumbaya!” The white motherfuckers have stole everything from us and to continue to get this done is to mix our blood with theirs, thereby diluting us out of history. We are not even in the goddamn history books, as it is. Or if so, by way of lies, lies and damn lies of Black people having immigrated to AmeriKKKa to work good paying jobs alongside the Irish and other immigrants or the lie that happy slaves baked birthday cakes for presidents. The lies just never stop and the genocide of the Black populace never stops.

You say, you should be able to love who you want. Okay, that’s fair. But answer this. What thing can love? Because only a thing could continuously commit genocide against humans; Indians and Negros. And so, that thing, Black folks, that you think loves you, cannot. How many white children have been poisoned like the Black children in Flint, MI were poisoned? How many whites live on Reservations? How many white KKKops have filled Black bodies with hundreds of bullets? The numbers are astounding. How many racist white judges have sentenced innocent Black people to death row? The numbers are astounding. How many racist white women have screamed “Rape” when caught with a Black man and got out of any ‘trouble’ by doing so and an innocent Black man was lynched or imprisoned? That shit can’t love you because it’s not human! But you’ll have to wait until it calls you or your children “Nigger!” before you figure it out! Hope that its not holding an assault weapon when it does! You’ll certainly know your worth; your value, then! You can’t marry your way into ‘white privilege’, you’ve got to be born with ‘white privilege’ and Black-assed as you are, you’ll never qualify!

24 thoughts on “I Want A White Lover!

  1. Oh well, love is blindness… and colorblind. Can we really choose who to fall in love with? That being said, I totally agree that every culture must remember their roots and be proud of their heritage. And all the atrocities being committed against the black and indigenous ppl should never be forgotten, forgiven, or whitewashed. Very nice poem Shelby!


    1. Yes, I can choose who I will fall in love with and he ain’t gonna be lily-white assed! He is gonna look just like me. He is going to sport a permanent deep and dark ass tan. He is going to be of the Negroid race. So yes, I can and will choose who I fall in love with and I am certainly NOT going to lie down and produce the progeny of some white dead filth that would just as soon as fill my ass with bullets than call me, “Mama!” A white motherfucker will NEVER have the pleasure of pouring his foul ass seed into MY beautiful Negro body! To hell with that shit!

      You choose who the hell you want to fall in love with and I will do likewise. I advised my readers not to come all up in here on some bullshit time because I was having none of it and of course, you’re always the likely culprit to get some shit started. But let me clear one thing up. I allow your fucked up comments in here only because it feels me with glee when I shut ’em down! And don’t think for one second that I care about being politically correct. You being all lily white assed would of course have a problem with this post.

      Ain’t a goddamn motherfucker, colorblind. We know lily white assed motherfuckers ain’t colorblind ’cause if they were, the statistics of whites getting shot hundreds of times would rival the statistics of Blacks that are getting filled with bullets. If lily white assed motherfuckers were so goddamn colorblind, they wouldn’t notice their pale ass skin and go running to the tanning salon or be lying out in the goddamn sun, burning the fuck up. If lily white assed motherfuckers were so goddamn colorblind, there would be no need for Black actors and actresses to call for a boycott of the Oscars over a lack of diversity. So, don’t hand me a bullshit samich and tell me to eat it ’cause I don’t eat shit or bullshit! Once again, for the motherfuckers that are slow or otherwise dumb as hell, ain’t a goddamn motherfucker in this world THAT goddamn colorblind that he don’t see the writing on the goddamn wall that’s in Black and white.

      If white motherfuckers are so goddamn colorblind, then why are Indians still on Reservations and Black people are facing down gentrification and we all know who is on the receiving end of gentrified neighborhoods. If white motherfuckers are so goddamn colorblind, then why were there separate entrances for Blacks and whites? Separate water fountains? Separate schools? Black neighborhoods? White neighborhoods? Blacks at the back of the bus, whites at the front? Whites only country clubs? Black people couldn’t even stay at many hotels because the whites are just SO goddamn colorblind! Have ‘white supremacist’ groups shut the fuck up because THEY have been struck with ‘colorblindness’? When that piece of filthy white assed shit shot those Black people up in church, was he colorblind? Did he just by chance and happenstance stumble into a church with a mostly Black congregation and shoot it up after having posted ‘white supremacist’ shit on websites? Oh, but he was colorblind, wasn’t he? Trayvon Martin is dead because George Zimmerman was colorblind! Ain’t that right? Tamir Rice is dead because that KKKop that killed him was colorblind! True or false? Sandra Bland was found hanged in a Texas jail cell because just as THEY SAY(white motherfuckers) ‘justice is blind’ so were the filthy, vile and depraved white rejects from hell that murdered that beautiful Black woman, weren’t they? Is that right? Preach that goddamn colorblind bullshit to some half-witted motherfucker that don’t know no better, but as for me, my mama didn’t raise no fool!

      To hell with white motherfuckers and to hell with you! AGAIN! Don’t come in here with no bullshit because I can and will shut it down! BU-LEEEE-DAT!!! This here blog of mine ain’t paying homage to lily white asses. You filthy nasty racist motherfuckers own the goddamn media and every goddamn thing else, but all up in here, I say what goes and who for that matter! And if you keep flinging shit up in here, there YOU go!!!


      1. I hear ya Ms. Shelby! For the record, I said LOVE is colorblind, apparently ppl are not. I totally agree with you, love whomever you wish, we all have that freedom of choice. Peace my friend. 🙂


    1. I saw that and this partly stems from that. I’ve got to head on back over to Prince’s blog and comment but at the time, I was seething and some more shit! I’m fed the fuck up with this shitstorm of shit that’s been pounding us relentlessly and I’m taking NO prisoners as I fling it back!

      I thank you for the compliment on this one and for your comment nidotopianwarrior! I’ve also got to check out your latest post. As I am sure you understand, I have to take a break every now and then or I really will spontaneously combust!


    1. I second that comment! That gay shit is everywhere! I have stopped even going over my cousin’s house because I refuse to see that shit! Everywhere you look, a man is sitting somewhere gazing longingly in another man’s face while ‘their child’ is playing with a toy on the shiny, clean counter that was cleaned by a ‘Swiffer Duster’ or some cleaning product. The same with two women and on and on it goes. I don’t see how people who think for themselves can stand to even look at TV because it is ALL about brainwashing people and promoting an agenda of what is okay and acceptable and what is not.

      Black people should not have just started talking of boycotting The Oscars, that shit should have long since commenced and those Black actors and actresses could have pooled their money together and built their own studios and produced their own shows, but no, we’ve got to always crawl to the filthy ass white motherfuckers and beg them to honor our achievements. To hell with em I say! All Black people need do is take a look at the history of this fucked up country and then take a look around today. What the fuck has changed? Not a goddamn thing!

      I thank you for the re-blog and for your comment! It is much appreciated TiredSista!

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    1. Now Prince, do you honestly think I give a flying fart over who I piss off? They can just piss off. I’m not asking, nor am I begging the motherfuckers to come all up in here and ‘like’ a goddamn thing. They can take it or leave it. It is their choice. Like I’ve already stated, this blog ain’t about paying homage to some white motherfuckers. Enough of that is going on, everywhere! This is about paying homage and recognizing the plight of those who look like me. To hell with them!

      I sincerely thank you for your comment and I will be headed over to your blog shortly. Count on it!

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      1. I’m so mad at my life for just now finding your blog, but I agree with the god Kushite Prince. GREAT post! The truth hurts but they going have to hear!

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      2. Well, you are here now and that is all that matters! Better late than never is what I always say.

        Prince is another one of us that is fighting the good fight. There are more than you know and we are trying as best we can. We feel sometimes as though it is all pointless, but nevertheless, we continue because we love our people and we hate what is happening to us. I am not going out like some punk ass bitch and the white motherfuckers had best to figure that out! They ain’t the only ones that’s toting assault rifles and other assorted weapons that fire bullets. I’m just letting ’em know. I’m not an ignorant slave with no weapons at my disposal if they come a hooting and a hollering in MY neck of the woods. Buck shot WILL BE flying. Asses WILL BE looking like Swiss cheese!

        And I thank you for your comment! This is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!

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  2. True. Beyonce’s message was very,very mild as far as it was a song with a political message.

    Those blacks who choose to go that way will find themselves facing many problems soon. They already should be able to see nearly all of what can and will happen. “Race relations” will get much worse very soon and that will have negative effects-especially for the men- on their relationships. Furthermore, something will happen at the end of that will end the vast majority of those relationships that are still remaining.

    There are a lot of us who are loudly proclaiming their (sexual) love for whites. I can’t stop them from making their own choices and I am not sure it is worth it to try stop them as long as they are made aware of the consequences-those blacks are already ignoring way too much- but I am shocked at how often they put down Black American partners. There are some issues that remain between black men and women and they must be resolved but slandering everyone of the opposite gender is unacceptable.

    It is hard to explain, but inside, I always knew deep down not to go that way even when I didn’t know how to put into words and had far less knowledge. The more I learn, the more I am sure I made the right decision. A lot of us know the same and right now, the majority of us men are still with black women. A black lady will be the one I have as my woman.

    The real reasons behind this push for us to leave each other is very long, too long for me to try to explain in the comments, and also not politically correct but we should stay with each other. As cliche as it may sound, we were meant for each other.


    1. Of course Beyoncé’s message was extremely mild because even she knows only to go but so far. Her strings are being pulled as we all know. Look at what’s happening to Bill Cosby. Do I condone what he is alleged to have done? No! But if all of this was going down over decades, why now are we just hearing about it? Because the whites know that they can take down Black folks at any time; with or without a reason or an explanation. Look at what they did to Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill and Wesley Snipers were jailed over some non-payment of taxes and yet Wall Street bankers that brought entire world economies to a halt never saw the inside of a jail cell, much less a prison. Bernie Madoff stated that he could not understand why it took so long for the Feds to catch up with his corrupt ass because he said the signs were everywhere and I hear tell that the Feds are sitting on the money that was confiscated from Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Why hasn’t the money been given back to the so-called ripped off filthy rich motherfuckers that claimed to have been scammed?

      And yes, there may be a lot of Black folks proclaiming their undying love of whites, but they’ll soon be in for a rude awakening because when the shit really hits the fan, their ass is up shit creek without a paddle. Don’t claim to be in my camp when the shit gets too hot to handle. If you ain’t in my camp now, goddamn it, I’m closing the gates BEFORE the shit flies in all directions and their ass will be left out in the cold; them and the progeny of those rejects from hell.

      I don’t give a good goddamn for being politically correct. These white motherfuckers ain’t playing with us; gunning us down as if we’re just target practice for them. And I’m going to be politically correct when coming up against evil that vile? Hell if that’s so!

      The Black man and Black woman were meant for each other and when we stray from who we are and how we should be, we will lose everything; which is what we are doing; losing and losing, big time!

      Thank you for your comment N.S.!


  3. I’ve had the same bad experience with white lovers as you have, Shelby. In my experience, most white men don’t struggle with their unconscious racism (or their unconscious sexism) – they just capitulate to it. They have no problem with continuing to treat women and black people as inferior beings. Life is hard enough for women without bringing the oppression of racism and sexism into their bed.

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    1. I hope you don’t mind Dr. Bramhall, but I highlighted your comment because it is spot on! One thing I can count on is the fact that you don’t bring a bullshit sam’ich all up in here. You shoot straight and your aim is true! I would love to one day, shake your hand because I admire you to pieces!

      And you are so right, those evil and vile rejects from hell don’t attempt to free themselves of their racist ass ways. They love thinking of themselves as filled with ‘white supremacy’. And how they achieve their status of what they believe is ‘supremacy’ is by killing other ethnic groups or making them assimilate and or beg for their table scraps. I wouldn’t even spit on their ass if they were on fire to help put it out! They need to die already! That would go a long way to solving the world’s problems because it is those same filthy vile, evil shits that are hell bent on destroying this planet and every living soul on it!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you kindly for that most well-stated comment! You are as always, right as rain!


  4. White people actions tell the truth of what they think of us. Imo a black person has to be in serious denial or immune from hearing the word nigger(and all of the synonyms) to have what they consider a union with whites. I remember hearing Minister Farrakhan state( 1 in 1000) whites might mean to do you good but they are conflicted by the 999 that wish to harm you(quote is not verbatim).


    1. That is true! Their actions speak for them. They don’t need to open their pie hole and say a goddamn thing because their every action is aimed at causing our extinction; our annihilation or in other words, genocide. And Farrakhan was right, but Black people just don’t get it. We should not have the whites marching alongside us and protesting with us when they are the very ones that we are protesting and marching against! When all is said and done, do Black folks really think that the whites are going to go against their family members, friends and associates to die for our Black ass? And if anyone comes up in here to claim that the Civil War was fought over slavery, I’ll call them a damn liar. Because the Civil War was fought to preserve the UNION and why the fuck were there slaves here to begin with if the founders of this country were all about “We accept these truths to be self-evident that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL?” Yeah, right. That shit don’t fly with me when you’re speaking of all men are created equal while brandishing a whip over your slaves and people have the nerve to quote those flaming racists as if their foul ass shit didn’t stink.

      The hypocrisy of this shithole is astounding. I refuse to march down the goddamn street holding up a protest sign and hold hands with the very same white shit that is filling my ass with bullets. That is the definition of insanity; to continue to do the same thing and expect different results. We have been marching with those worthless shits for decades too numerous to count and what has changed? Not a goddamn thing!

      I sincerely thank you for your comment yele66.


  5. “Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more, men were deceivers ever.”
    — Shakespeare

    I’m rather tired of men in general, no matter the colour of their skin.

    Also, how much colour does a person have to have before they are considered “white”, “black”, “Arab”, “Spanish”, etc.?
    I don’t know of any race that has “pure blood”, nor colour, we all seem to be a mix of every race when one looks back via geniology and DNA.

    I’m sick of hearing that a person is “black” when they are 1/4 black, etc, so as I said, how much colour does one need genetically before they are of a certain race? It seems racist to me to hear that a person who is barely black is called “black”, same with a “Caucasian”, once they find out that their ancestors had some “black” ancestry, are they now “black”?

    Jews (who are not even Hebrews!) seem to be the most obsessed with geniology and “Jewish Identity”, which of course, has created a genocide of the native Palestinans in Palestine…


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