totally missed it

Skulz has a way with words and with graphics. Check this out!


Justice Whippy is dead?


I totally missed that little nugget.

It wasn’t until I read Ms. Shelby’s blog that I got up to speed on the demise of a Supreme.

Not anyone related to Diana Ross. No, the other Supremes as in Supreme Court.

Justice Tony ‘the whip’ Scalia was, according to one report, hunting with Dick Cheney in Texas and turned up dead.

I’ve always found the notion of “turning up dead” to be rather curious. If one happens to be dead, well, they sure as hell won’t be doing any turning. The dead mostly lay there inanimate and start to stink.

Every once in a while I shut the old PC off and ignore it completely. Did that on Saturday and spent the entire Saturday mostly doing nothing. I did take several naps and took my dogs out to pee and that was that.

Did you know…

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17 thoughts on “totally missed it

      • Yes ma’am, i was unsure what to post about Shallia,aka skally
        I couldn’t pretend, but again I thought, he Was human,mostly. So Again,I Thought EVIL NEVER DIED,I GUESS WE WAIT,IT COULD BE SLEEPING!

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      • Let’s hope not! Bury the ‘thing’ after sealing it in concrete and poor concrete on top of it. Even spread loads of garlic around and also have a stake handy! Can’t be too sure! LOL!

        Thank you for your comment lisadrake94!


        Oh my Goddess, don’t say that — do you have any idea what kind of nightmares that could invoke???? I’m not big enough to fight off jabba the whip … oh, wait a minute … he prefers to take matters into his own hands. Ahhhh, dodged one there!

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      • Why thank you kindly Ma’am! Been a long time since someone’s death has been the reason for so much celebration — what a gift to this country! Now all we have to do is hope the obadrone doesn’t screw up this opportunity by appointing another wrongwing judge to take his place!

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      • Now, I don’t usually celebrate anyone’s death but seeing as how my conjuring finally paid off, well…it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t celebrate my own spell casting abilities. I ain’t done yet. There’s a whole hell of a bunch of polecats that need ‘offing’ so, I’ma gonna get busy and git back to a’conjuring up some mo potent and powerful spells! Yes indeedy!

        And may the newly ‘totaled’ Scaly NEVER rise AGIN! LMAO!!!

        Thanks again Wolfess!


      • Ah think our spells be comin’ to fruition Shelby, ain’t it a wonder how the Goddess gives us what we need at the mos’ opportune moment???? Blessed be! Beltane is comin’ and ah have some powerful requests tah work on between now and then … it appears the stars be alignin’ jest so, and it would be a mighty shame not to take advantage of that ‘afore the time passes! So mote ‘dis mos’ powerfully be!

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      • You are so right Shelby that “we got many mo polecats to see to it that they get their reckoning!” And I do believe this is a prime moment to make damn sure they go dowwwwwwwnnnnn, just like that worthless jabba-the-whip! Next up: bush-the-brainless and his antichrist; and as long as we’re talking about criminal presidents we need to include bubba Clinton/her royal cunt[on] and the obadrone! Lest I forget, all those goddamned cops that think it’s in their job description to shoot young Black men without ever trying to gauge the situation prior to shooting! Well Shelby, methinks we’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of us b/c there are so many assholes that need a bit of edumacation!

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      • Wolfess, we have definitely got our work cut out for us! Can’t be no half-steppin’ fo sho! But I think we is up to the task! My cauldron never grows cold! I be stirring up my witches brew, day and night! Why, even when I’m sleep, one hand is still stirring the pot! Those polecats need to be taught a lesson er two! And time’s a wasting!

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  1. Interesting that presidential candidates are suggesting violating the law before being elected, imagine what they’ll do after the election. Oh, ..wait. There is only one law left: the truth is whatever we say it is.
    Thanks for re-posting this one 🙂

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    • Yes it is interesting, but hardly unexpected since violating the law is ALL they do! But if you or I were to engage in that very same thing, why, we’d be in lock-up and the key to release us would have been shoved up our ass. I’m not trying to be nasty, but that’s just how it would be. There are laws that we must abide by and for them, breaking the law IS the law! I know, confusing, but then confusion, chaos and law breaking rules their day!

      Thanks Onnovocks!

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  2. Shelby, So, I’m not alone in my “good fucking riddance!” reaction to Scalia’s death! Always provided the malignant reptile is really defunct, as you say. Sad that this is the best news we’ve had in a while. As long as you and Wolfess are … keeping busy … try to bring us more of the same, pretty please? – Linda

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    • It would appear that you and I and Wolfess are in the majority when it comes to wishing ole Scaly bon voyage as he crosses the River Styx on his way to Hades.

      Funny you should mention the notion that ole Scaly might still be alive. I am surprised that the GOP hasn’t thought to get that rumor started seeing as how they are hell bent on suggesting that there be no new appointment to the Supreme Court until after the elections. Methinks, it is going to come to them to claim that ole Scaly is just resting his eyes for a very long, dare I say, “Spell?”

      Someone has put out that ole Scaly was found with a pillow over his face. Now, I never claimed to have the ability to move inanimate objects, but if I have somehow unwittingly unleashed the power to do so, then I’m a claiming it, right here, right now! LMAO!! There are so many conspiracies floating about, I have no idea how we are going to get to the bottom of this because it would seem that ole Scaly did many of us a favor and just sighed and gave up the ghost. I hear tell also that he was pronounced dead over the phone without the property authorities taking the proper steps and you know that only leads to more speculation and conspiracies. Next, we’re going to hear that aliens abducted ole Scaly and once they have finished experimenting on him, and judging by his size, that could take awhile, they are going to release ole Scaly and voila! Justice Racist will simply stroll down the street butt ass naked, a shaming ALL his kinfolk in the process.

      As you can see, it’s hard to tell truth from falsehood and fact from fiction these days Linda but at the end of the day, all we can do is hope that others of ole Scaly’s ilk will get what’s coming to ’em sooner than later!

      Linda, I thank you for your comment! It was right as rain!


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