cheesy bits and you’re a pee-un fungue

When Skulz serves it up, there ain’t no half-steppin’. You get the ‘works’!

This is a ‘supreme’ post Skulz and filled with nothing but TRUTH!!!


So 15 years ago come this October, the US went ballistic on the Afghaniscam. On account of that September 11, 2001 thingy. Messed up business there boy. The butch-boys of Bushco were going to kick some ass and not bother to take any names. Prisoners yes but, no names. Besides the bull heroin market, the only thing that came from Afghaniscam was Guantanamo. Amerika’s answer to hell-on-earth. It does remain quagmired and curious that the US is still warring in the Afghaniscam. The Afghan people will not be cowed. Not by the amerikans nor by anyone.

Refugees came flowing out of a war-torn Afghaniscam. Go figure.

So 13 years ago come this March, the butch-boys of Bushco went genocidally nuts on the sovereign people of Iraq. That pesky dang Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Not. It remains exceedingly curious that, to this day, Condoleeza Rice has never explained…

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3 thoughts on “cheesy bits and you’re a pee-un fungue

    • Of course, my opinion is that the US never was a democracy and quite actually, it is not just an opinion because I can’t ask the slaves but I highly doubt if they thought of the US as being a democracy. This shithole never had one shred of democracy, what with its erroneous claims of ‘humanitarian intervention’ which always seem to cause the demise of millions of people while making refugees out of those who don’t find themselves murdered by this bomb loving hell hole!

      Dr. Bramhall, I thank you for your comment! You are always right on the money!


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