I Am Joining The Army!

Multiple anonymous sources have reportedly come forward to claim that the female candidates for Ranger School, including 1st Lt Griest (pictured) were given extra training and lower standards Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3249690/First-women-pass-Ranger-School-given-extra-training-lowered-benchmarks-general-vowed-one-pass-sources-claim
Multiple anonymous sources have reportedly come forward to claim that the female candidates for Ranger School, including 1st Lt Griest (pictured) were given extra training and lower standards
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3249690/First-women-pass-Ranger-School-given-extra-training-lowered-benchmarks-general-vowed-one-pass-sources-claim



No need to draft me, I enlist! As a female, I am going to have my head shaved and head to basic training because I am just as strong as a man. I can hoist a man over my shoulder and carry him off the battlefield with no problem at all. I want so many goddamn back surgeries later in life, it don’t even make any sense. I want to become addicted to oxycontin. What’s a little drug addiction since I want it to be known that I am equal to the task that is required of any man who joins the Army? I am the Feminist Movement goddamn it and before they revoke my membership, I will prove once and for all that women can do the same job as men and even though my body will be forever broken because of it, it’s all for a good cause ; the cause of showing those he-man types that women are equal to the task; that their strength is our strength and vice versa.

So, hand me a supply of tampons and sanitary pads because I don’t want to bleed all over the place and be mistaken for having been shot and the medics are checking me out when my comrades who really do need medical attention are bleeding from the ass because I mistakenly shot ’em in it while fumbling for my tampons while hoisting yet another of my comrades on my shoulders and these goddamn boots are just killing my feet. If only they came in high heels, I would not have a problem. I fucking miss my little black dress, but hey! This is all for a good cause. I am woman, hear me roar!

Also, do you mind if I bring my perfume along with me? I’ll only dab a little behind my ears and on my wrists. Everyone should smell good after a nice, hot clean shower! What? I can’t take a shower today? Are you kidding me? Why, that’s just unsanitary! And what is this muck on a tray? Food? I’m not eating that! There is going to have to be some changes in this here Army if you expect me to ‘tough’ it out. I have some demands. First up, I insist on private showers. Secondly, I am really tired of toting around that really, really heavy weapon. I’ve got bruises, simply everywhere! Third, I refuse to eat this garbage. I am a vegetarian and I insist on fresh fruits and vegetables as that is what I am used to. Fourth, my nails are fucked up and can you imagine how much a manicure is going to cost me? And just when the hell am I ever going to get leave so that I can get my nails done? Fifth, the heat and the flies are just terrible! I cannot believe that I left my nice, cool, comfortable office job for this! I’m patriotic and everything, but goddamn! This is the absolute end of enough! What is expected of us is just too damn much, that’s what it is!

I don’t use this kind of soap! Where is the luxurious bath foaming gel? I use a special moisturizer for my face and I can’t even squeeze it into my backpack which is already too heavy, by the way! And I am still seething that all my lovely hair is lying on some nasty floor somewhere. Why must we all be shaven? Of course, some don’t seem to mind, but I do! I guess I am supposed to look as much like a man as possible so you men don’t look at me with lust and the next thing I know, you’re crawling all over me and I’m running to my commanding officer screaming that I have been raped. I heard that Susie was raped last night and I just figured she was trying to get out of the Army, but she may have been. I see the way you guys look at us even with our shaved heads because you know what’s underneath this bulky ass uniform. And then, I am supposed to tote your ass out of harms way when the enemy attacks us? HA! That’ll be the day! I’ll leave your ass lying there for the buzzards to pick, bone clean!

But seriously, women in combat roles in the Army? Do we really need to prove something? Women are the givers of life. We are not the takers of life. If we turn ourselves into killing machines, what does that say for the ‘human’ race as a species? We are already handing our precious sons over to rich shits that wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire to put it out. We gladly send our loved ones off to fight rich shits wars and now, we want to go and shoot up people who have done us no harm? I understand that there is a gender problem in this country and all around the world, but signing on the dotted line for combat duty is not the answer. Having someone turn you into a killing machine is not the way to go about proving a damn thing. And I do know that women receive less pay than men for doing the same job, but we have got to draw the line somewhere. Yes, we have battles that we need to fight, but must they be with a gun, a missile and a drone? How can we give birth and then get up and kill another mother’s child and then claim that we are doing this to prove that we are equal to any man?

We are women for a reason. We can do so many things that men cannot do and we must understand and realize that there are things that men can do that we cannot and or should not do and turning ourselves into killing machines is something that we should not do! Life should be precious to us because we are the givers of life. Our bodies were made to nurture life. That is a wonder in itself! No man can lay claim to having the ability to do that. We all know that men want to control every aspect of our lives but ultimately, it is up to us as to whether or not we allow them to take that control away from us and by signing up to kill, you allow them to control you. Your zeal for a perception of ‘equality’ is overshadowing your humanity and you should take a step back and think about just what it is you are doing. Do you really have to kill to prove that you are equal to a man?

16 thoughts on “I Am Joining The Army!

    1. Thank you Dara! I put my heart and soul and a wee bit of outrage into this one! I am just SO through with women who go too far in attempting to prove something; that men and women are equal to the task of everything. My ex-husband weighed 206lbs and there ain’t no way in hell that I could have carried him on my shoulders off some goddamn battlefield. Hell! I had to head to court to get him off my ass! But I am going to join the Army and push, pull, tug, tow and hoist a motherfucker off the goddamn battlefield just to prove that as a woman, I can do it since a man can? To hell with THAT shit! I swear, some people got shit for brains! And who can think with shit inside their skull?

      Dara, thank you SO much for that most enthusiastic comment! It made my day!


      1. I think I’m good enough as is, I don’t need to prove myself in any way. If someone doesn’t like me, then that’s their loss! That’s just my opinion 🙂

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    1. WOW! I had no idea I’d get this response when I put this one together! Skulz! I am amazed! I must a done good cause Skulz don’t usually re-blog! LOL! Just kidding! Skulz, thank you! Once again today, I am floored by another comment here! You guys got me blushing and simpering and some more coquettish shit! La-dee-dah! Why, look at me! I’m a fucking laaa-deeee! I am, I say!!! —>said with an English accent. I’m SO cute!

      But seriously, thank you SO much Skulz!!!

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  1. I respectfully disagree. The only people I know who support this are feminists-including politicians President Clinton and Obama- and very liberal people. There is not really support at all among conservative or even independent groups. They are against having women in combat roles. The conservatives, even the religious ones, strongly oppose their presence, and one of the implied reasons is that women are the ones supposed to nurture life. Also, the mainstream news showed it was very controversial in the government when it was being pushed over the years. I think the Bushes may have had a role with the Gulf and Iraq Wars.

    I still am not sure why there has been such a big push for the inclusion of women in the armed forces. However, reading the news, it is very hard to avoid the feeling that very big wars are coming soon. There is something about women in the armed forces that I am very confused about, so I will not put forward an opinion.

    If there is another big conflict and we have a draft- something that has been put in the news- or even if we just continue with the volunteer force, most of those women pushing for females to enter the armed forces will likely not be with them, even if they are within the combat age.


    1. “I respectfully disagree. The only people I know who support this are feminists”

      I still don’t know how we disagree because in this post, I stated that it is mainly due to the ‘Feminist Movement’ and a rabid desire to prove to be in every way, ‘equal to a man’. I don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. I am who I am and I know who I am. There are things a man can do that I can’t and I accept that. And there are things that I can do that a man can’t. Why some women have declared that it is their main focus or goal in life to prove that we are in every way equal in our abilities, is beyond me.

      Maybe, it is because I am old-fashioned, but I want to be treated like the lady and woman I am and I don’t think that I have to prove that I am tough by having my head shaved, a loaded gun placed in my hand and suited up in military gear. That doesn’t prove a damn thing. I cannot sling a man over my shoulders and haul him anywhere. And for those who can, what the hell does that prove? And again, why they feel the need to prove something, is quite beyond my comprehension.

      Thank you for your comment N.S.


  2. Reading back over my comment, I should have take out the first sentence. I do not think disagree is the right word. Maybe just a different opinion.


  3. Well Tubularsock has been anti-military from childhood. Never could figure out
    why one would do it. Still can’t figure it out except stupidity on the person willing to go off and play army on a fools errand.

    So now that woman have forced the issue, well just fucking STUPID!

    You have hit the target on this post Shelby ……………..


    1. Thank you Tubularsock! I try but alas, who is listening to me? Because these dumbasses are still signing up to head the fuck out to get fucked up as well as fuck shit up. This shit is ‘The Walking Dead’. I guess that is why they love looking at movies and TV shows about their ass because it is crystal clear that they are not even getting a clue despite watching shit about themselves.

      I make no bones about the fact that I am ‘anti-military’. Without a shadow of a doubt, I make it a well-known fact and I could care less what patriotic piece of shit will take exception to this. I wish they would.

      And once again, I thank you for your comment.


    1. Ain’t that the truth, Dr. Bramhall? You’ve said a mouthful, as usual. I don’t get it! I just don’t. Now, we want to add even more names to ‘Dead Soldiers Walls’ and then proceed to wave a flag back and forth on Veterans Day and Memorial Day. We never seem to figure out how NOT to add more names on those walls and it is all quite simple really. For some strange reason, people just refuse to think for themselves. They have got to jump on every bandwagon that comes along. If they’re not doing some ‘ice bucket’ challenge, then they’re pasting flags over their Facebook photos to show solidarity over this, that and something else. These shits over here are drones. They are mindless drones; hypnotized and some more shit and despite all hell, they will line up and do as told without fail. SIGH! I fucking despair OF us!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. It is much appreciated.


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